How do I Fix An Error Steam Content File Locked?

How do I Fix An Error Steam Content File Locked?

How do I Fix An Error Steam Content File Locked?

Steam Content file locked? is a standard error encountered by the users while updating certain games on Steam?

Several users reported they are receiving the Steam Content File Locked? error message on their Windows screen.

Many people may find this kind of thing: If you update Dota 2 or Counter-strike on steam, an error report pops up on the steam list page: content file locked, view the Error Steam Content File Locked guide for more information.

What is Content File Locked Mean on Steam?

The error prompt usually leads to that when you are interrupted halfway while updating a particular game, and this updated installation package cannot be downloaded to your local disk to make the automatic update.

How do I Fix Steam Content File Locked While Updating Games?

This steam error content file locked is a common game error. When your Csgo, Dota 2, Garry’s mod, paladins, smite and different games show as content file locked errors while updating them on steam, you can fix it according to the following method.

Usually talking, when you encounter many similar problems, you can solve them by restarting the computer, uninstalling or reinstalling steam. However, this will consume a lot of your time, including the steam and game installation packages take up a many of disk space. Then follow the next solutions at first.

Solution 1. Reset Winsock Directory

This is the simplest way of testing with only three steps, and many people are solving it with this solution. When you are updating the steam, but it happens to the content file locked error in the game list page, now you can try to reset winsock directory.

1. Type this cmd in the search box; in the result, right-click this Command Prompt and choose Run as Administrator.

2. In the command window, type this next command: netsh winsock reset and atpress Enter button.

After the command end, you will receive the information that the winsock reset successfully.

3. Restart the computer.

Solution 2. Check the Antivirus

If your computer has avg, avast, McAfee, or other anti-virus software installed, this may cause your game to develop a locked content file. Suppose you turn on this anti-virus software and download and update new game packages. In that case, your computer’s protection program may think of these packages as possible viruses and threaten your computer security. To unlock the content file, you want to disable this antivirus software temporarily.

Method 1. Disable, close, or shut down your antivirus software on your computer.

Method 2. Reboot your computer and launch Steam again.

Method 3. Choose Library > Properties to open the properties window.

Method 4. Locate at the LOCAL FILES tab, and next then click the VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES. Steam will start the scan and check the game in a few minutes.

After all the above Methods are completed, you can try to update mordhau, Stellaris, Dota 2, CSGo, and other games over, the steam content file locked error will disappear.

Solution 3. Move Steam Install Folder and Game Files

If solution no two cannot unlock the content file, you can try solution no 3 to transfer the steam installation folder and game files.

1. Relaunch steam.

2. Continue to: Settings > Downloads Steam Library Folders.

3. Choose ADD LIBRARY FOLDER and choose a new location where you want the Steam located. This way will be used to install new games and updated installation packages. Plus now you can move the saved files to the new location.

4. Exit the Steam client.

5. Proceed to your Steam directory. The default way is C: \Program Files \Steam.

6. Remove all the files and folders except SteamApps and UserData folders. Plus, don’t delete exe.

7. Delete all folders and paste them to the new location you had set above.

8. Launch Steam and re-login this.

When the Steam content file locked, errors keep popping up too if you do this method, follow the next steps.

1. Close your Steam.

2. Browse this new location where you put your Steam files.

3. Relocate this ‘SteamApps’ folder from that directory to your desktop.

4. Uninstall Steam. This will delete all old settings for your Steam.

5. Download and install Steam again to the first location that you chose.

6. Move the SteamApps folder to the new Steam directory. That will copy all of your game content, your saved games, and settings.

7. Launch Steam and enter your credentials. Check the integrity of Steam game files and you will be able to play.

Solution 4. Repair Corrupt Files

These corrupt files may cause content files locked on steam. Also, you may fix it with this method.

1. Exit Steam if you had opened it. Also, navigate to the Steam directory.

2. Find the Logs folder, also click on Txt.

3. Drop down to the bottom also search the text file to see if there are any errors. Exit this text file.

4. Navigate to the root folder.

5. Restart Steam and go to the downloads folder. Here you will see that Steam will be asking for an update for the game. Update the required files, and you’ll be able to go.

Solution 5. Run as Administrator

Sometimes, when the game finishes downloading in the steam application and pops up with the content file locked error, this may be because of the account permission problem. You can run your game so as Dota 2, CSGo, or different games with Administrator permission.

1. While on the desktop, right-click your game and select Properties.

2. In the Properties window, locate the Compatibility tab.

3. Under the Compatibility tab, verify the box of Run this program as an administrator.

4. Click Apply and OK.

Run steam and verify if the content file locked issue stores popping up.

When you have an error (Content file locked) while updating CSGo, Garry’s Mod, or different games, try to observe the above solutions to fix it.


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