Top 10 Games for High School Students

Top 10 Games for High School Students

Top 10 Games for High School Students

Children gain the maximum knowledge while playing. They develop concentration, leadership skills, strength, coordination, and many more qualities while playing. The mental and physical health of a child is developed phenomenally when he/she gets involved in games, be it indoor or outdoor.

The saying, “All study and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.” is 100% true. To play is a child’s basic necessity. Now that we know that games are really important in a child’s routine, we should also know the best games that are available to develop their skills. All games have different development areas. Thus choosing the best for your child is very important.

Today, there are millions of games available for high school students. These include indoor, outdoor, digital games, etc. So choosing the right games for your child is very important, especially for high school children who are more vulnerable and prone to getting attracted to the negative aspects than any other age group.

There are various games available online and people have been creative enough to personalize these games according to the age group and the subjects. To do so, many have taken computer science assignment help with their writing and coding work and have come up with brilliant game ideas and prototype.

However, herein, we have listed out the 10 best games for high school students that will help them in their physical and mental development. This list is a mix of indoor, outdoor and digital games.

Top 10 Games for High School Students

#1. Puzzles

Puzzles are a fun game for all ages. The feeling of triumph that comes after completing a puzzle cannot be compared with anything else. For high school, students can be given puzzles of more than 70 pieces.

The time spent on making puzzles encourages the brain to work harder. Solving puzzles teaches the mind to concentrate and sets the brain cells to work in a way that boosts problem-solving.

Puzzles can be of various types. The puzzle-piece game is one thing, but you can also create math puzzles, logical puzzles, brainteasers, and so on. Puzzles are fun, time-consuming, and great for enrichment.

#2. Basketball

Whether they have basketball skills or no, students must try playing this game. It builds up teamwork and is the best for hand-eye co-ordination. Basically, every sport makes you physically active, but basketball is a game for students who are less interested in sports.

This game can be played for fun while inculcating all the positiveness of sports. Every high school student must play basketball, and they can later decide whether they want to pursue that sport or not.

Basketball is the best game to start with, but a student must compulsorily inculcate at least one sport in his/her curriculum. There is an infinite number of benefits that a game of sports can add to one’s life- physically and mentally.

#3. Pictionary

This age-old game is a hit among all students anytime and every time. This game can be made fun of in exciting ways. It can be used to teach concepts to the students and later on it can be played again to check their understanding of the concepts.

The game also helps students to work as a team. They will understand things in different ways and will be able to enhance their research skills, thinking skills, communication skills, and many more.

The best part of this game is that everyone can take part and it can be customized according to any subject. All you need is a marker, board, specific concepts and that’s all.

#4. Draw Swords

This game has proven to be the best fun game in high school.  A student places a closed book in front of him/her and the teacher has to tell a certain word, sentence, picture, or anything relatable. The student has to find that thing in the book in a stipulated time.

Students race against each other and thus increase their co-ordination skills. This also is a very useful eye and brain exercise. Moreover, this activity helps the students to develop their gross motor skills.

#5. Tongue Twisters

Assign tongue twisters to high school children and they will have so much fun. You can give them a set of tongue twisters to practice or tell them to find some of their own. Then they can divide into teams and challenge each other to say the twisters fluently.

This game is hilariously funny but develops speech and brain coordination to the next level. The person listens carefully thus encourages listening skills and if they research on their own, their research skills are also developed. Thus, the children have fun while developing their various skills.

#6. Monopoly

Monopoly is one game that makes you future-ready. Trade and sale, managing assets, saving money, taking risks, money-management, and everything can be learned to be ready for the future. This game can be played according to the present rules, or the teacher can make her own rules and let the students play accordingly.

This board game is educational and super fun. The best part of this game is that that it can have multiple winners as some students may have savings, some may have assets and some may be good traders. Every time dice rolls there is a situation in front of the players. Thus, this game lets the teacher test how students will react in situations under different circumstances.

#7. Online Stimulation Games

We are talking about online games like Farmville, township, and likewise games. In these games, students have to take care of crops, animals, towns, people and manage everything on time. If they do not log-in and do the tasks on time, the crops may get spoilt, animals may become weak, and towns may get disrupted.

So, students can be given tasks to complete and kept a track of their activities. This game lets students take on responsibilities and manage their time accordingly. And if they are keen and happy with the work they are doing, you never know that they can turn out to be great farmers or mayors!

#8. Jenga

This game has gained popularity among adults and children in no time. There have been variations that people have come up with while playing the game. If played in high school, this game will help build concentration in students brilliantly.

Plus, the students will be disciplined and get their research skills working on how not to let the blocks fall. They will have to work out their ways and be very stable while using their hands. Let students play this game while taking turns or let them play in teams, to have a fun activity.

#9. Treasure Hunt

This game can be played until the students get exhausted. It can be played on and off the field. Students can be told to search for concepts in the books or around the campus. The game can be customized according to different subjects.

The best part is that students are familiar with the game and hence, explaining will not take a lot of time. This game involves students physically and mentally.

#10. Charades

This guessing game goes way beyond guessing movies. Charades or dumb charades can be used as a fun game in class to let the thinking skills get active. Like other games, this game also can be customized as required by letting the children explain concepts or asking questions to the fellow students.

The guesses made by students let them have fun and at the same time tests their understanding of the subject. You have to explain the rules and set some limitations for the actions that students can do. These limitations are sure to add to the fun.

To conclude,

Learning can be made fun of by using vivid games in class. This emphasizes the use of different skills of students so that they get to know their weak points and strong points. Games can be customized according to the subjects and students can be evaluated by them.

Top 10 Games for High School Students simple games such as spin the wheel, chits in a fishbowl should be inculcated in the curriculum too. It is proved scientifically that students learn more when they are taught interactively. They also understand the concepts in a better way.

The games that we have listed above have proved to be fun in high school. High school children are students who have to be handled carefully. They need activities which can keep up their interests. You cannot just teach them subject traditionally. They tend to lose focus very easily.

The teenage life has to be given space and while channelizing their energy in the right direction. This can be done by a combination of games and studies. You can come up with great ideas to elevate their concentration levels, and students will be eager to attend the classes when there is so much fun involved.

Such games will also help the non-active students to participate in the class activities. Moreover, when everybody gets involved, new friends are made, personality develops, and most importantly students learn to work as a team.

Thus, teaching in a fun way is a win-win situation for both students and teachers!


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