How To Fix YouTube Green Screen In 2021

How To Fix YouTube Green Screen In 2021

How To Fix YouTube Green Screen

YouTube is one of the best standard popular video-sharing websites for users to watch and upload videos. You may often be hanging on YouTube to watch TV shows or enjoy music during your relaxation time. With great video support, YouTube can forever be your first choice to pass the time. Whether you are using a phone and computer, you can open YouTube to play the video you are watching on the green screen when playing a video.

But, when the daily routine of you, you must also find various YouTube playback errors. If you regularly watch YouTube videos on your Windows 8 or 8.1 computer, you have a high chance of meeting the YouTube green screen problem. Multiple reasons can cause YouTube’s green screen. In this article, we will provide you amazing useful techniques to fix the green screen on YouTube to get you out of the YouTube green screen issue quickly.

How To Fix YouTube Green Screen In 2021

Why is my screen green? Steps to fix YouTube green screen

Before you use other ways to deal with YouTube green screen, we recommend you playing the same video in a different browser and upgrade your browser to the newest version to check the browser. What’s more, you can try to clear cookies and cache to Fix YouTube Green Screen.

Steps to clear cookies and cache

Chrome: First Click the “Customize and control Google Chrome” icon > “Settings” > “Show Advanced Settings…” > “Clear Browsing Data” > “Empty the Cache/Delete Cookies”

Firefox: Next, Click Firefox “Menu” > “History” > “Clear Recent History” > “Details” > “Cache” > “Clear Now”

Safari: Click Safari “Menu” > “Empty Cache” > “Empty”

IE: Now Click “Gear” icon > “Safety” > “Delete Browsing History” > “Temporary Internet Files/ Preserve Favorites Website Data” > “Delete”

You can clear cookies and cache according to your internet explorer. Next, you can open the same video to check if the YouTube green screen has been solved.

Check Internet Explorer to fix YouTube green screen.

Sometimes you see YouTube green screen difficulty when playing online videos in YouTube under Internet Explorer. At this moment, you can try fixing this issue with the following steps:

Step 1. Open the Internet Explorer on your computer.

Step 2. Find and click “Settings.”

Step 3. Scroll down to “Internet” options and choose the “Advanced” tab.

How To Fix YouTube Green Screen

Step 4. Click “Accelerated graphics” and select the “Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering.”

Step 5. Click “OK/Apply” to save your changes and next restart your Internet Explorer.

After these complete settings, the green screen on YouTube should be fixed.

Fix YouTube green screen You Use professional software

Also, the YouTube green screen has been fixed now. You are yet not sure when the playback issue will come back again. And each time you find the YouTube green screen problem, you have to finish watching and try many ways to fix it. Perhaps the best way to enjoy your favorite YouTube videos is to download them first. Then in this part, we will honestly recommend the powerful YouTube Downloader to support you get online YouTube videos downloaded. Early, you should now free download and install it on your computer.

 Step 1. First Launch YouTube Downloader

After downloading this software, next install and open it on your PC/Mac.

Step 2. Paste URL

How To Fix YouTube Green Screen

Open the YouTube video page and copy with the site address. Following the YouTube downloading software, click “Paste Url.” This video address will be automatically pasted to the URL box.

Step 3. YouTube video Analyze

Click “Analyze” to analyze the YouTube video. Also, it will give several resolutions for you to choose from.

Step 4. Download YouTube video

Select your preferred resolution and then tab OK to download YouTube video to your computer.

Within this process, green screen youtube fix windows 10 you can handily download online YouTube videos. With the selection of the latest acceleration technology, it guarantees you a super-fast downloading speed. Furthermore, the best YouTube Video Downloader can help you convert the downloaded YouTube video to any successful video format so that the videos will support your media player.

The YouTube green screen problem faced by many people has come up with various reasons. You cannot make sure which way can fix the problem. If you are facing the YouTube green screen, you have to try each step one by one. Maybe the best method to stop it from happening while playing is to download the video first. Free download the YouTube Downloader and have a try.

Good Luck!


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