How To Microsoft Teams Error caa70004 Fix

How To Microsoft Teams Error caa70004 Fix

How To Microsoft Teams Error caa70004 Fix

Microsoft Teams may throw all kinds of errors from time to time. When something unexpected occurs, the service stops working and displays an error caa70004 message.

In today’s example, we’re concentrating on error caa70004 and how you can fix it. This error happens typically when Teams fails to sign you in or when the app freezes and crashes. Interestingly enough, error caa70004 often happens post resetting your Office or Microsoft account password.

How To Microsoft Teams Error caa70004 Fix

Log out and Clear the Cache

Multiple users managed to fix error caa70004 by signing out and clearing the cache. Please pay notice to the order of the steps you want to follow. First, you want to log out, clear the cache, and log back in.

Here’s a detailed analysis of the methods to follow:

  1. Click on your profile picture and choose Sign out (the last option on the list).
  2. Next, launch the File Explorer also type %appdata%\Microsoft\teams.
  3. Once you’re in the Teams folder, of the following folders, clear the cache one by one:

How To Microsoft Teams Error caa70004

    • \%appdata%\Microsoft\teams\application cache\cache.
    • \%appdata%\Microsoft\teams\blob_storage.
    • \%appdata%\Microsoft\teams\databases.
    • \%appdata%\Microsoft\teams\GPUcache.
    • \%appdata%\Microsoft\teams\IndexedDB.
    • \%appdata%\Microsoft\teams\Local Storage.
    • \%appdata%\Microsoft\teams\tmp.

4. Restart your PC. Relaunch Teams and sign back in. Verify if error caa70004 is left.

Enable TLS in Internet Options

If the TLS is switched off, let the setting check if this fast solution fixed the problem.

  1. Type ‘internet options‘ into the Windows Search bar.
  2. Choose Internet Options and click on the Advanced tab.
  3. Next, expand the Security section.
  4. Make sure TLS 1.1 also TLS 1.2 are permitted. Check the two boxes if necessary.
  5. How To Microsoft Teams Error caa70004
  6. Hit OK also relaunch Teams.

Reset Internet Options

Different users suggested that resetting your Internet settings may iron out the error.

  1. Right-click on this Teams icon in the taskbar also select Quit.
  2. Next, go to Internet Options → Advanced → Reset.
  3. How To Microsoft Teams Error caa70004
  4. Shut the window and restart Teams. Check if the error is gone.

Close Other Programs

Any of the apps and programs you’re running in the background may trigger Teams error caa70004. For example, many users who used Cisco products or VPNs confirmed they wanted to disconnect from Cisco’s VPN to log in to Teams.

If you’re using Cisco or other related programs, log out from your account. The best approach is to end all the background programs. You can utilize the Task Manager to do that. Move to the Processes tab, choose the program you want to complete, and click on End task.

How To Microsoft Teams Error caa70004

Before relaunch Teams and try to log in. If the login is successful, you can next re-connect to Cisco or other software solutions.

Different users confirmed they fixed the difficulty with briefly turning off their antivirus and firewall. Then, disable your security software, log in to Teams, and re-enabled your antivirus and firewall protection.

Reinstall the ADAL or Live ID Packages

Teams error caa70004 may also show the authentication lost because of missing package information about the Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) about Live ID. Reinstalling those packages should fix the problem.

  1. Launch PowerShell with admin rights.
  2. If error caa70004 is hitting a work account, reinstall the ADAL package with running the command:
    • if (-not (Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.AAD.BrokerPlugin)) { Add-AppxPackage -Register “$env:windir\SystemApps\Microsoft.AAD.BrokerPlugin_cw5n1h2txyewy\Appxmanifest.xml” -DisableDevelopmentMode -ForceApplicationShutdown } Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.AAD.BrokerPlugin
  1. On this other hand, when error caa70004 is affecting a personal account, run this following command to reinstall this Live ID package:
    • if (-not (Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.Windows.CloudExperienceHost)) { Add-AppxPackage -Register “$env:windir\SystemApps\Microsoft.Windows.CloudExperienceHost_cw5n1h2txyewy\Appxmanifest.xml” -DisableDevelopmentMode -ForceApplicationShutdown } Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.Windows.CloudExperienceHost
  1. After you run some of these commands, a progress show will appear on the screen displaying information about the package installation process.
  2. If the process is over, restart your PC, launch Teams, and try to log in.

Add Office 365 Account to the Users’ List of Resources

  1. Click on this Start menu and then click on the User account (or the silhouette icon). Either go to Settings → Accounts.
  2. Choose Change account settings.
  3. Next, click on Access work or school (left-hand pane).
  4. Click this + Connect option. Utilize your Office 365 credentials to log in.
  5. The new account should be open on the screen. Try to open Teams again.
  6. I mentioned, enter your email address. You should now be ready to log in without authenticating yourself again.

If the error continues, try clearing your Windows Credentials. For detailed guidance, open this troubleshooting guide and move to the Clear this Windows Credential Manager section.

If zero worked, uninstall and reinstall your Teams app. Permit us to know if you managed to fix Error caa70004 this issue.


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