How to Fix Roblox Voice Chat Is Not Working?

How to Fix Roblox Voice Chat Is Not Working?

Is Roblox voice chat not working? Using your microphone, you may talk to other Roblox players in any supported game using the Roblox voice chat function. The problem is that numerous things may go wrong and for Roblox voice chat (VC) to stop working.

Below, we’ll discuss what to do if Roblox VC stops working, as well as the workarounds that will almost certainly restore voice chat functionality.

Check these quick fixes.

Usually, the spatial voice chat function stops working for a clear cause. Before we get into the in-depth troubleshooting solutions, check out these short remedies.

Reboot your computer. Random glitches may cause your microphone output to cease working. Try rebooting Roblox and your computer to fix this issue.
Reconnect the audio device. If you use an external microphone, headset, or webcam to chat in-game, try detaching and reconnecting them. This may fix unforeseen issues and allow Roblox to identify your device.
Unplug all other audio devices. If you’re utilizing several microphones (for example, a webcam and a microphone), try disconnecting those that aren’t in use. This ensures that your PC will try to utilize the appropriate device.
Close Other Apps. Close any other voice chat apps, such as Discord, Microsoft Teams, or Skype, that might interfere with your microphone. To do so, right-click on their icon in the Icon Tray and select Quit.

Verify your age. Only users above the age of 13 can utilize Roblox’s voice chat function. If your stated age in-game is under 14, you will be unable to utilize voice chat.

How to Fix Roblox Voice Chat Is Not Working?

2. Ensure that your audio device works.

If your voice chat abruptly stops working, there might be an issue with your audio device. To check whether or not this is the case on a Windows PC, perform the following how to enable voice chat in roblox:

  1. To open Settings, use the Windows key + I.
  2. Select System > Sounds.
  3. Select your audio input device.
  4. Talk into your microphone and monitor the volume levels under “Test your microphone.” You may need to select Test in the input settings.

If you can see recorded volume, your microphone is working properly. If not, something is wrong. You may troubleshoot device difficulties further by connecting it to another device, such as your phone or laptop. If it doesn’t function on certain devices, you may need to get a new microphone.

On Xbox, start a new game or create a Party to check. Try using your microphone. If no one can hear you or your profile icon does not light up when you talk, there is an issue with your microphone.

Try filming yourself using the camera app on Android to check it. If you can’t hear anything, your microphone might be deactivated or faulty.

3. Set the audio device as the default input device.

Windows may sometimes try to collect audio in the wrong location by setting another gadget as your usual input. To fix this how to get roblox voice chat, you may make your device the default input device in Windows audio settings:

  1. To open the Settings page, use the Windows key + I.
  2. Select System > Sounds.
  3. In the top-right corner of the window, choose the Sound Control Panel.
  4. In the Recording tab, right-click your audio device and select Set as Default.
  5. Select the Playback tab to do the same actions for your output device.

4. Check the Roblox settings.

Another reason your microphone may not be working is if you have wrong Roblox game settings. To check this how to get voice chat on roblox:

  • Open Roblox and choose the experience you want to play.
  • Select the Discover icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

Choose Settings.

Make sure your device is listed beside Input Device and Output Device.

  • Double-check that the Volume is set to a high enough level; you may do this by tapping the Plus icon.
  • Leave the settings menu and take a look at your character. If you notice a crossed-out microphone over your head, you have been silenced. To unmute yourself, just click this icon once.

5. Reinstall Roblox.

If nothing else works, try reinstalling the Roblox application. This may remove the problem that is causing your microphone to not function in online games.

To reinstall Roblox on Windows:

Type “Add or Remove Apps” in the Start Menu, then select the first option.
Find and select Roblox from the list of apps. Select Uninstall.

  • Visit the Roblox website and download the Roblox launcher.
  • To reinstall Roblox, double-click the installer and follow the steps in the tutorial. Alternatively, you may get Roblox from the Microsoft Store.

To reinstall Roblox on your mobile device:

Press and hold the Roblox app, then select Uninstall or Remove, depending on your device.
From the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, download Roblox.

Note: Your final choice is to contact the Roblox support staff to see if they can assist you fix your issue. Head to their customer service website to report the problem to Roblox.

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The social element of Roblox is one of the key reasons why players like it. If your microphone suddenly stops working, you’ll have to type everything you say, which takes the pleasure out of real-time games. Hopefully, this tutorial has helped you fix Roblox voice chat and allow you to chat freely again.


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