How To Fixed “https aka ms remoteconnect” Error Minecraft 

How To Fixed “https aka ms remoteconnect” Error Minecraft 

How To Fixed “https aka ms remoteconnect” Error Minecraft 

If you love playing Minecraft, then is one of the main problems you may face on the game. It will happen while logging in for the first time or using the same account on various consoles. This login issue occurs to confirm your device and the game data. There are also many different reasons for this error. So let’s discuss in information and the solution to fix this https aka ms remoteconnect error.

What is

Https aka ms remoteconnect is a commonly faced error on Minecraft PS4 Slim Bedrock Edition. It doesn’t mean the different editions are acceptable; but, Minecraft Bedrock has more errors than other editions. Also, some Minecraft players may encounter this bug for the first time while login into their device, which is so annoying and destroys the mood of playing the game.

The maximum common reason for this error is

  • Change of device/console
  • Error in Game data
  • Antivirus or firewall
  • Microsoft account

Change of device/console

Minecraft is free on almost all gaming devices like Xbox, PC, PS, Nintendo, etc. With a single login, you can cross-play Minecraft on any of the available devices. Because of that, it causes some errors while singing in, and sometimes it may even affect your game data that leads to a losing streak in your game.

Error in Game data

Before closing or exiting the game, make sure to save the game data. It may take some seconds to keep the data entirely on your device/console. If you stop the machine while preserving the data, it may result in some error on your detail that affects you while logging in for the next time.

Antivirus or Firewall

Sometimes the Antivirus or Firewall installed on the device may cause this error by not allowing you to access the Microsoft server. So try logging in after turning off any Antivirus and Firewall in your system and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Microsoft Account

Using a Microsoft account is additionally one of the reasons for this error

Many users may experience this mistake while signing up with a Microsoft account. The percentage of facing this error while using different gaming accounts are very minimal.

How to Fix

[1] Download and install the Minecraft edition on your PS/Xbox/Nintendo Switch console.

[2] Launch the Minecraft and click on Sign in with a Microsoft account.

[3] Make a note of the code that appears on your console.

[4] Presently, open any web browser on your PC and go to

[5] Enter the code and click on Next to proceed further.

[6] Log in with your Microsoft account or create the latest one.

[7] Once the code is confirmed, the game will be load on your console and then start playing.

How to Delete Corrupt and Unwanted Game Data on Minecraft

As said first, corrupt data can also be a reason for causing this remote to connect problem. So, delete the unwanted and corrupt data file periodically from your Minecraft storage.

[1] Launch Minecraft game on your console.

[2] Go to Settings and choose System settings from the menu.

[3] Choose Storage options.

[4] Presently, you can view and access all your Minecraft game data under Game Storage.

[5] Click on the Remove icon to delete all files or the corrupted and unwanted game data from the Minecraft storage.

We believe this article will give you an explicit penetration into the problem you encounter in the Minecraft game. Suppose you have fixed that error. Still, have any issues with Minecraft? Consider them here.


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