Top 10 Ad Networks for publishers in 2023

Ad Networks for publishers

Top 10 Ad Networks for publishers in 2023. Publishers and marketers may connect via the Ad Network. It links websites that want to run ads with businesses that want their ads to be shown on other websites. Its role is to make it simpler for the two parties to do business and pay each other. It gathers advertising space that meets the demands of marketers, bundles it, and sells it to advertisers.

Ad networks provide a variety of ways to pay for their services.

CPM (Cost Per Mille), CPV (Cost Per View), CPC (Cost Per Click), and vCPM (Viewable CPM) are a few examples.

What is Ad Network?

Consider an ad network to be a middleman responsible for connecting the correct impression to the right buyer in a basic inventory selling transaction. It collaborates with publishers (supply-side) and advertisers (demand-side) to assist them achieve their ad campaign objectives.

As the inventory exchange cycle becomes more intricate, the function of ad networks begins to shift. Ad networks sometimes sell inventory directly to publishers and other times acquire inventory from SSPs or ad exchanges and resell it for a higher profit.

Most publishers are recognized to specialize in one type of advertisement format. As a result, publishers wishing to profit via a certain format might investigate ad networks. There are CPM ad networks, such as Criteo, that are recognized to give the best CPM rate, and then there are video ad networks, such as Unruly, that serve publishers with the best video content.

How Important Are Ad Networks?

Furthermore, ad networks are known to operate effectively to sell residual ad inventory. Ad networks essentially gather residual inventory from different publishers, segment it based on demographics, and sell the segmented impressions to advertisers searching for comparable impressions.

This ensures that the publishers’ inventory reaches the appropriate advertiser on time. It is increasingly obvious that ad networks are critical for publishers.

Why it’s important to choose the best ad network:

  • Because they connect publishers to marketers on their behalf, advertising networks make it easy for publishers to concentrate on other things.
  • Cost-per-click (CPC) payments and the sale of unused ad space make speed and cost-effectiveness feasible.
  • Ad networks help authors improve their campaigns and ad spots by giving authors tailored assistance.
  • It helps limit the audience based on age, region, income, etc.
  • Also It lets more people view the ads, allowing them to be sold to more people at the greatest cost.
  • It attracts more genuine visitors, allowing publishers to purchase ad space at the best possible price.

What Are the Different Kinds of Ad Networks?

The following are some of the most common types of ad networks:

Premium Ads Network: This type of ad network provides inventory from well-known publishers.
Vertical advertising: Networks are topic-specific advertising networks. Technology ad networks, car ad networks, business ad networks, fashion ad networks, and so on.
Inventory-certain Ad Networks: They specialize in a certain type of inventory (for example, mobile, video, or native).
Affiliate Advertising Network: The revenue sharing, CPC, or CPA pricing model is commonly used.

How Do You Pick the Best Ad Network?

It is simple to locate the best ad networks. There’s just one problem: there are far too many options. The jargon that circulates in the ad tech sector doesn’t help things either.

  • What is programmatic purchasing?
  • Should you go with CPC or CPM?
  • Should you use traditional IAB units or newer, more inventive types?

Some of these questions may seem intimidating if you haven’t taken the time to delve in and understand how the online ad tech ecosystem works, so it may appear that choosing a network for your website will be a difficult endeavour, but it doesn’t have to be.

Finally, there are a few things to consider while determining the best ad network:

The size of the advertising network.
The network’s ad quality.
The range of ad formats is accessible.
Terms of compensation and payment.
The fundamental technique.

Want to learn more about how to choose the best ad network? We’ve put everything in one blog post:

When Choosing an Ad Network, Here Are 5 Things to Keep in Mind. V. What is the best advertising platform (which ad networks are the best)?

We’ve produced a list of the best ad networks to assist publishers choose the best one for them:

Types Of Ad Networks

Most ad networks are one of three types:

Vertical ad network: This type of network displays advertisements in real-time. They know where their ads are printed or shown. These networks are inexpensive and help high-quality visitors reach premium websites. ROS (Run of Site) advertising is offered, and pricing is based on an income share.

Blind ad network: The sponsors have no idea where their ads will appear in these networks. Because they allow you to acquire leftover merchandise in huge numbers, these networks are less expensive than others. It includes ads for RON (Run on Network).

Targeted ad network: This ad network uses user information to target a specific audience, making the purchase more lucrative. These are also known as next-generation ad networks.

Top 10 List Of Ad Networks For Publishers

#1) Google AdSense

Ad Network


Google AdSense is a platform that lets website owners make extra money by selling surplus space on their sites to advertisements. It gives you two options: auto advertisements and ads that adjust to your requirements.

Auto ads help make excellent content, bring in more money, and are designed for mobile devices. Therefore, you must switch between mobile and desktop mode. Responsive ads quickly modify ad size based on whether it is seen on a tablet, smartphone, or desktop, which may help you make more money.

Take the next three steps:

  • Make a Google account.
  • Could you give it a phone number and an address?
  • Connect it to AdSense.


  • Allows you to make money from empty space on your site.
  • Advertisers will fight for the ad space, meaning your site’s ads will be more relevant.
  • Optimizes mobile or PC ads to be seen quickly and clicked on.
  • Saves time by automatically showing ads that are made to fit the style of your site.
  • It gives you the best ads for your space that pay the most and are right for your group.
  • It gives you the power to change how ads look.


  • It gives travel information.
  • Pays bills without any trouble.
  • You don’t need to change the code whenever there are new ads.


  • There is neither a free sample, a free plan, or a free version.
  • Analytics is a little hard to set up.

Eligibility: You can sign up for its account even if you don’t get a certain amount of traffic. You must also be 18 years old, have a working Gmail account, and have a website.

Approval Process: Easy.

Terms of payment: It has a Net 30 payment time. It means that the payment would come 30 days after the billing month. It has a $100 minimum payment requirement.

Revenue Share: Different goods get a different revenue share because their costs differ. It gives 68% of the revenue from showing ads, 51% from searches, etc.

CPM: For broad groups, its CPM is between $1 and $3, and its RPM is between $5 and $10.

Verdict: Google Adsense is the best because of how easy it is to get approved, how easy it is to pay, and more. It has a minimum payment limit of $100, which is a lot when compared to other things.

Website: Google AdSense

#2) AdThrive

Ad Network

AdThrive is a platform that gives you smart ad management solutions tailored to your business’s requirements and guaranteed to give you greater RPMs. It all started in 2003. For publishers, there are three options: “Growth,” “Engagement,” and “Revenue.”

Adthrive works effectively for customer technology, food, leisure, sports, travel, and other industries. Giving publishers tailored ad strategies, clever solutions, and help from an award-winning staff often raises publishers’ income by 75%.


  • To bring in more money, custom ad styles are offered.
  • There are dashboards for info on revenue and performance.
  • It makes it possible to receive national brand campaigns.
  • Reduce the number of people who leave your site quickly by using core web vitals solutions, site speed plugins, and JavaScript skills.
  • SEO options are offered to improve RPM reporting, traffic source, and keyword strategies.
  • Among the other benefits are ways to make money from videos, advanced AI, and so on.


  • Great grade of ad.
  • Higher RPM when compared.
  • Simple dashboards with information about sales and success.
  • Helpful customer service.


  • High minimum needs for traffic.
  • Payment is made after 45 days, which is a long time.

Eligibility: It needs at least 100,000 monthly pageviews, mostly from the US, and Google Analytics already loaded.

Approval Process: Hard

Terms of payment: Payment is due on time Net 45. Every 15th of the month, it is done. It can be paid for with ACH, eCheck, PayPal, a paper cheque or a Global Wire Transfer. It has a $25 minimum payment requirement.

Revenue Share: 75% of its ad income goes straight to publishers, and the other 25% is used to pay for ad serving fees, costs, and mistakes.

CPM: Its average RPM ranges between $13-and $15.

Verdict: AdThrive is suggested because it has a low minimum payment threshold of just $25. It means that you need a $25 income balance in order to be paid the extra amount.

Website: AdThrive

#3) Mediavine

Ad Network


Mediavine is an advertising solution that helps people develop long-term enterprises by handling ads. The costs, fees, and procedures are all entirely transparent. It can help you with your ad control requirements, large or small. It entails creating content cards, sharing on social media, and using the WordPress framework, among other things.

Mediavine helps a writer or advertiser with all they do, such as posting ads, making the site quicker and better for SEO, creating unique content, and so on. More than 8,600 people make material for it, operating for 16 years.


  • Offers ads that don’t slow down your content because they aren’t heavy.
  • With the video forward feature, users can quickly share videos with others.
  • Works only with premium ad units to keep the level of ads in check.
  • A private Facebook group to make it easy to connect with people in their neighborhood.
  • The data-driven website lets you easily check your RPM, top posts, videos, and more.
  • Places ads in a way that makes them more likely to be seen and keeps up with better ad standards.


  • The ads are always useful and of good quality.
  • It is a trusted ad partner because it is clear about everything.
  • There are several ways to pay, including PayPal, local ACH, international ACH, and more.


  • There are only a few ways to report.
  • Branding at the bottom of the ads is strange.

Eligibility: You need between 60,000 and 80,000 page hits per month to be eligible. It’s better if your visitors come from places like the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom.

Approval Process: Hard.

Payout Terms: Payouts are made on a Net 65 plan, which means you get paid every fifth after two months from the month you made money. It has a minimum payout cap of $25.

Revenue Share: When Mediavine pays for the ads, 75% of the revenue goes to the publication, and the other 25% stays with Mediavine. If the partner pays for the costs, Mediavine would give publishers 80% of the income and keep the other 20% for itself.

CPM: Its average RPM ranges between $13 and-15.

Verdict: Mediavine is recommended because it offers services like quality ads, multiple payment methods, a dashboard that is driven by data, and more. Some people said that there were not enough ways to report.

Website: Mediavine

#4) Ezoic

Ad Network


Ezoic is an award-winning ad network that guarantees customers the most money and the finest user experience (UX). Without needing a credit card, it lets you test all its features for free. It includes SEO tools, extensive security measures, tools for growing an audience via video and other media, and more.

Ezoic works for sites with less than 10,000 users and those with more than that number. It works even if you need to balance your income, review content, boost web core vitals, or grow your video audience.


  • Aids in growing sales, traffic, and success.
  • Visitors will have a better time there.
  • It allows you to make the final choices about how to make money.
  • Offers new ideas based on facts about UX, revenue, and more.
  • Fits websites of all sizes and styles.
  • Other services include revenue, SEO and analytics, user experience and site speed, and more.


  • They have both a free version and a free sample.
  • Offers methods that are fully automated and based on science.
  • Making newsletters every week can help bring in more money.


  • There are no consulting and merging services.
  • It takes some getting used to.

Eligibility: It only takes 30 seconds to set up an account, and you need at least 10,000 page views per month to be eligible. The Access Now program allows sites with less than 10,000 hits to sign up.

Approval Process: Easy.

Terms of payment: It offers a Net 30 payment plan. After the money is made, you would get paid every 30 days.

Its payment methods include:

Direct bank transfer (Payoneer)



Revenue Share: It gives all of the money made from ads at the bottom of the page to the people who put them there.

CPM: The average money made per 1000 views is between $12 and $18.

Verdict: The bottom line is that Ezoic is the best for scientific and automated answers. It doesn’t offer counseling or integration services, which are things it needs to do in the future to work better.

Website: Ezoic

#5) Monumetric

Ad Networks for publishers


Monumetric is an ad management tool that helps advertisers make money from traffic most efficiently while still giving consumers a positive experience. It gives you complete control over your site and lets you make all final choices.

To help authors with ads, it was founded in 2012.

It helps any publisher with any blog, content, platform, or network. Leaderboard, skyscraper, center rectangle, in-screen, half-page, and pre-roll and post-roll video ads are just a few examples of the many ad sizes.


  • Always develop new ideas and improve their tools to come up with the best bids.
  • Offers the best advertising tactics based on data.
  • It helps you make money by giving you people who know how to make money from websites.
  • Metrics that are linked to the reports can be seen on custom dashboards.
  • Keeps track of earnings on the go and records how often each ad unit was seen.
  • There are different ways to make money on YouTube, like the Propel, Ascend, Stratos, and Apollo programs.


  • Offers a wide range of ad units, such as Desktop display ads, Mobile-optimized ad units, Inline video ads, and many more.
  • We’ll put ads on your site for you so you can focus on making content.


  • There are high standards for minimum traffic, such as 10,000 page views per month.
  • Setup costs are high, such as $99 or having more than 80,000 page hits per month.

Eligibility: To be eligible, it needs to get at least 10,000 page views per month. Based on the amount of data, it has four programs:

  • (10k–80k page views per month) Propel
  • (From 80,000 to 500,000 page views per month)
  • Stratos (500k–10m page views per month)
  • Apollo (more than 10 million page views per month)

Process of approval: Moderate.

Terms of payment: It has a Net60 payment plan. You would get your money 60 days after you made it. It has an application fee of $99.

Revenue Share: It takes 15–30% of the money it makes as a commission and gives the rest to the publishers.

CPM: The average amount of money made for every 1000 page views is between $5 and $16.

Verdict: Monumetric is suggested for strategies based on data, specialized staff, a wide range of ad units, and more. It also helps companies place their ads.

Website: Monumetric



Bing and Yahoo run, a platform focusing on appropriate advertising networks. It gives digital publishers various ways to make money and increase their income. This ensures that RPM works well, that the panel is easy to use, that creatives can be altered, and that other features are available.


  • Experts were given to help with making money online and advertising to build long-term worth.
  • Optimization of ROI, speed, and low delay are all included.
  • Features like real-time reporting, data security, constant innovation, and more are included.
  • It helps put ads in the right places, get the best results, and handle data.
  • Offers dedicated account control and precise targeting at the page level.
  • Ensures that page load times aren’t affected too much.


  • There are no costs to join.
  • Helps customers in a good way.
  • It gives a strong dashboard for reporting on how well websites are doing.


  • Tier-1 countries must be sending most of the traffic.
  • Payments can only be made in US dollars.

Eligibility: It does not require a certain amount of traffic to be eligible. The site must have English material and traffic from tier 1 countries to get approved. Content should be changed often, and nothing should be anything that breaks copyright. There shouldn’t be any secret links in the links.

Approval process: Hard.

Payment terms: It has a Net 30 payment plan. You would get paid once every 30 days; the smallest amount you could get paid is $100. Wire transfer or PayPal are the ways to pay for it.

Revenue Share: It’s unclear how much earnings it needs to give to the publishers.

CPM: It gives $5 for every 1,000 times it is seen (RPM).

Verdict: The services that offers, such as optimizing return on investment (ROI), data processing, reports, and more, make it a good choice. It doesn’t pay out in any other currency than US Dollars.


#7) PropellerAds

Ad Networks for publishers


PropellerAds is a platform that allows marketers, agencies, ad networks, and affiliates to manage ads for conversion-focused campaigns. It includes advanced services such as automated ad optimization, fraud prevention, a self-service platform, and more.

There are:

  • With AI-powered ad optimization technology, income is maximized while the number of people who see the ads is high.
  • Full transparency for publishers by letting them see thorough reports on their income.
  • You can use a multilingual dashboard to handle things in your own language.
  • Powerful tools include customized ad formats, success in making money, and more.
  • Frauds can be found in real time, and many ways exist to stop them.
  • Affiliate marketing tools that help with re-targeting and optimization.


  • No minimum amount of movement is needed.
  • $5 is an easy amount to pay.
  • Offers a quick payment plan, which is Net 07.


  • It brings in less money for websites that aren’t in English.
  • Sites that do not meet quality standards will get a smaller CPM.

Eligibility: No minimum flow is needed to qualify. You must have a website that is online and has a domain name.

Approval process: Easy.

Payout terms: The minimum payout amount for producers is $5. It works on a “Net 30” schedule, which means that the producers get paid after one month of making money.

Revenue Share: Publishers keep 80% of the money they make, and PropellerAds keeps the rest.

CPM: Ranges from $1 to $3 for countries in the top tier, and less for lower tiers.

Verdict: The best tools for targeting, redirecting, and optimizing are on PropellerAds. To get better CPM, the sites must meet certain quality guidelines.

Website: PropellerAds

#8) Index Exchange


Index Exchange is a tool for managing digital ads that helps with programmatic ad advertising. It produces money from many sources, such as video, mobile, and so on, and it builds premium worldwide demand via the top DSPs in the business.

It gives a standard quality exchange with a secure and transparent supply chain and several ad dressability options to make the audience more relevant. Other services include data and analytics, integration and help, and more.


  • With a method to omnichannel exchange, it works with all screen formats.
  • The quality of the exchange is ensured by the quality of the goods and ads, as well as by security and preventing fraud.
  • Provides an automated ad exchange to make sure the exchange works well.
  • You can choose which addressability options to use.
  • It gives easy access to performance data, reporting UI, API, and client audit logs.
  • It puts you in touch with a trade market to buy and sell what you need.


  • You can use it for free.
  • It works with all formats on all screens.
  • Gives you help and integration on your terms.


  • It’s tough to get approved in this process.

Approval Process: Hard.

Verdict: Index exchange is recommended for its features like cross-device support, top-rated brands, predictive optimization, and more. It has nearly 20 years of experience in ad technology.

Website: Index Exchange

#9) PubWise

Ad Networks for publishers

PubWise is a game-changing end-to-end programmatic ad platform that helps publishers and marketers make the most money imaginable. It gives authors all they need for header bidding and reporting. It is incredibly efficient, and diligent tuning maintains the number high to improve performance over time.

Wrapping solutions, header-bidding management, pre-bid bid adaptor, radical observability, and other services are also available.


  • Header as a service helps with pre-bid handling.
  • You can improve speed by using header bidding management.
  • There is a Prebid adapter that makes it easy to get to important demand.
  • Allows you to use Google AdX.
  • There are direct sales features and automated sales features.
  • Other services include optimization, data, flexibility, better control, etc.


  • You can try it out for free.
  • Offers direct help around the clock.
  • It is possible to track conversions, optimize ads, and control content.


  • The display could be made better.

Payout terms:  It pays out on the 10th of every month after it makes money.

Verdict: PubWise is a good choice for programmatic advertising, header bidding, and revenue reporting processes. Some users think the panel could be better because it lacks features and functions.

Website: PubWise

#10) PubMatic


Pubmatic is an ad-serving network providing quality, cross-screen video, a media buying center, and other services. Publishers may make more money from their websites by implementing it.

Giving you tools for managing and accessing Prebid.js makes header bidding simpler. It gives you private markets to maintain control and manage your audience and Real-Time Bidding (RTB) technology to ensure competition.

Ad quality tools, community encore, an identity hub, inventory quality, Openwrap OTT, and other services are available.


  • Make sure ads are good and keeps your stock safe.
  • Real-time buying technology is available to make it easier to connect with top sources of demand.
  • Offers a private open market, has unique demand, etc.
  • Omnichannel revenue can be made better with open-source technology.
  • There are also services like A/B testing, figuring out who someone is, and more.


  • RTB stands for “real-time bidding.”
  • Its tools and ability to do analysis are very helpful.
  • Pubmatic is promoted in a lot of different places.


  • Some mobile DSPs are not fully linked.
  • The publisher must own the website or deal directly with the owner to be eligible.

Terms of payment: Publishers are paid on a Net90 schedule, and a minimum of $200 in income is needed to get paid.

Verdict: The best things about PubMatic are its features, such as bidding in real-time, quality ads, a secret marketplace, and so on. Some users say that customer service was not helpful and that they couldn’t get help when they needed it.

Website: PubMatic


Based on our results, we compared and contrasted various major ad networks for publishers and concluded that, although they all aim to boost income for their publisher customers, they all have different demands, payment terms, and services to provide.

Publift, Adcash, and other companies fit within the “quality ad providers category.” Among the ad exchanges specializing in premium placements are Mediavine, AdPushup, BuySellAds, and others.

Questions and Answers:

1. What is an Ad Network?

Ad networks are well-known for effectively selling remnant ad inventory. Ad networks essentially gather remnant inventory from different publishers, segment it based on demographics, and sell the segmented impressions to advertisers searching for comparable impressions.

2. Which advertising network pays the most?

  • AdSense
  • BuySellAds
  • Adcash
  • Propeller Ads

3. Why do publishers use ad networks?

Publishers collaborate with Ad Networks to identify ways to sell inventory that they are unable to sell directly. Unsold inventory leads in revenue loss for the publisher.


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