How to Send a Fax From Gmail | Cocofax

How to Send a Fax From Gmail | Cocofax

How to Send a Fax From Gmail | Cocofax

Although email is by far the most commonly used communication medium worldwide, owing to its privacy and safety advantages, there are many experts who favor faxing.

Many government agencies, in fact, only approve documents sent by fax. That being said, nobody really wants a fax machine that uses up about half of the room in the workspace in the modern age when everything is growing portable and wireless. This is why so many people are turning to online faxing especially CocoFax.


Can I send Fax From Gmail?

Well, it is clear that Gmail does not have a built-in fax-to-email feature, this does not imply that we can not use a third-party service for the task. You can connect a fax number to Gmail in a few moments by using an electronic fax service. It provides a Google fax number that enables you to send or receive faxes with nothing more than your email address and
serves as a 24/7 wireless landline.

CocoFax: All you Need to Send Fax From Gmail

CocoFax is an online fax service provider with years of expertise in the sector of technology.

It allows the customers to send a fax from Gmail all around the world as a one-in-all internet fax service. It helps you to fax with convenience from Gmail, working seamlessly with all the Google products.

How to Send a Fax From Gmail | Cocofax

When it comes to the pricing of CocoFax, it is affordable, enabling you to fax without stressing the pocket. You can use an annual rate to save big or pay monthly as you go. One of the benefits of using CocoFax is that it works in an end to end encrypted environment does not allow anyone to access your confidential documents.

Sending a fax via email is quite convenient from CocoFax because the quality is completely exceptional. CocoFax includes advanced features like fax broadcasting, planning, incorporation of cloud services, and even a smartphone app for both iOS and non-iOS devices. You can also use your smartphone device to access the fax services, and the site is simple to operate.

When it comes to customer support, CocoFax is very supportive, something online fax novices would certainly appreciate.

How to Send From Gmail?

As you can see below, how to fax the provider helps you to send a fax online the way you write an email. To send a fax from Gmail, simply type the fax number of the receiver in the email format and add the file that you’d like to fax.

Notice that if you don’t yet have a fax account, this won’t work at all, since emails and faxes work with various technologies. Providers like CocoFax has good fax server emails that make the transition possible. ​

Get a Fax Profile Online

Sign up for CocoFax by visiting the official site and create a free fax number. This fax number can be later on used for sending and receiving internet faxes through your Gmail.

Create a new message with an email

To create a new email, open Gmail and tap on the Compose button.
Insert the email address of the person you are sending a fax to?
Enter the fax number of your recipient, accompanied by
For instance: [email protected]

How to Send a Fax From Gmail | Cocofax

Insert File

Add your fax file the way you insert an email attachment.
To add a document from your device (or anywhere you keep your files), select the paper clip icon, upload files from Google Drive, press the drive icon.

Design a cover page

To create a cover page for the fax, please write a message in the body of the email. You may even choose from a set of formats for cover pages.

Send the fax

It is time to submit your fax after you have added your fax paper and finished your cover sheet. Click on the send button, to send the fax. Youll receives an email verifying that your fax was sent as the recipient receives the fax. You may then be satisfied that your fax has been sent effectively.

Benefits of Sending Faxes via Gmail

Sending a Gmail fax doesn’t seem to be difficult. For smaller firms that want to reduce the time span and resources, they expend on conventional fax machines, faxing via CocoFax is the ideal solution. You can simply integrate it into the company’s official system.

CocoFax allows you to move to a digital one and keep using your existing fax number even though you presently have a committed fax line in place. Many people are adopting this technology as it offers users tremendous advantages. Keep on reading to grasp the advantages of using fax from Gmail.

No Fax Machine Needed

When you are using CocoFax to send faxes, you will not have to spend extra money on purchasing a fax machine. You only have to have an active Gmail account and a fax number from CocoFax, as stated earlier.


Another benefit of using Gmail to send faxes is that, compared to the conventional faxing process, it is completely cheaper. You do not have to purchase a fax machine, paper, toners, and other equipment for faxing. All you really need to send and receive your faxes is to sign up with CocoFax and subscribe.


Gmail is more flexible than the traditional route for sending faxes. You must be near a fax machine when it comes to the traditional way of sending faxes. That being said, with email technology, as long as you have your laptop, you may send and receive faxes from your comfort zone.

Take Away

In modern times, faxing has become very popular because it is simpler, quicker, and cheaper. This has played a major role in getting rid of the various issues faced by people with fax machines. Moreover, the use of paper in the business sector has been greatly decreased by this service. It has also built a time-saving technical and social setting.

You can send various files to a fax picture format instantly with Gmail faxing, which a traditional faxing process can not do. You also can keep exchanging faxes that are quickly converted by Gmail to a fax file. Literally, the whole process is inexpensive, simple, and quicker than the conventional method of faxing.


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