What is IYF TV? Asian video streaming all about

What is IYF TV? Asian video streaming all about

This post will go through IYF TV, a website that has a vast collection of Asian movies, dramas, and documentaries. Asian movies and dramas, particularly those from China, Korea, and Japan, are becoming more popular across the globe. Millions of people admire them for their distinct and exotic sentiments, as well as their moving tales. There are relatively few places in Europe and America where you may watch Chinese, Korean, and Japanese movies and dramas. Fewer than half of the Asian movie websites have an appropriate quantity and quality.

Most Asian movie websites on the internet seldom contain the most recent dramas and movies, which is unfortunate if you like watching new Chinese dramas.

What is IYF TV all about?

IYF TV is an Asian video streaming website that offers a large selection of movies, dramas, documentaries, variety programs, and other videos. Although it is a new website, it is not inferior to others in terms of content quality and quantity. The website has over 10,000 movies, over 10,000 TV dramas, over 1800 variety programs, over 3000 cartoons, and over 1300 documentaries. This website ranks high among Asian movie websites in terms of content quantity. Continue reading about IFVOD TV.

The IYF TV is available in two modes: free and premium, each with perks and cons.

Free mode


In free mode, you may watch all of IYF TV’s movies and dramas for free. It is the website’s default mode. You do not need to register an account or submit any personal or financial information to utilize this mode.


However, the free mode is ad-supported, so you must cope with obnoxious adverts that appear on occasion. Video quality is another downside of free mode. You can’t download anything from the website in free mode, and you can only watch movies and dramas in 480P or lower quality.

Mode Premium.


IYF TV’s Premium mode is free of bothersome advertisements. It enables you to watch your favorite movie in ultrahigh quality, such as 2k and 4k. You may download any 4k movie or series to watch offline. You may use Premium mode to request movies, dramas, and variety programs that are not already accessible on the website. So, if you want to watch a drama or a movie that isn’t accessible on IYFTV, you may request it in premium mode and the website will obtain it for you.


To get access to the premium mode, you must pay a membership fee based on the plan you choose. You must register an account and give financial details. The following premium packages are available from IYF TV.

  1. Gold VIP: 15 euros for a 30-day bundle.
  2. Gold VIP: 69 euros for a 180-day plan.
  3. Extreme VIP: A one-year subscription costs 119 euros.

How can I search for movies, dramas, and documentaries on IYF TV?

IYF TV has an extremely sophisticated navigation system on their website. Its video catalog includes movies, TV dramas, variety programs, cartoons, physical education videos, documentary videos, gaming videos, movies, daily life videos, music videos, Fashion videos, and Technology videos.

All of the aforementioned are primary categories, with genres or subcategories inside each. Each primary category contains numerous genres; this provides an ideal way to quickly locate precisely what you’re looking for. The following is a list of genres found in each primary category.

As genres and subcategories, it includes comedy, love, action, crime, science fiction, fantasy, adventure, disaster, terror, thriller, plot, war, singing and dance, classic, suspense, animation, homosexuality, and an internet movie.

TV Dramas: Idol, love, Romance, ancient costume, history, fantasy, spy war, adventure, city, science fiction, military, Comedy, martial arts, rivers and lakes, crime, youth, family war, suspense, pass through, palace, myth, Trade war, gangster, action, thriller, plot homosexual, fantasy, and skits are all genres in this main category.
Reality programs, drafts, Network synthesis, talk shows, amusing, sports, emotions, interviews, concerts, parties, and others are subcategories of this primary category.
Blood, fighting, aviation warfare, girl, sports, science fiction, magic, humorous reasoning, adventure, love, campus, cure, instant noodles, pass through, supernatural, danmei, theatrical version, and other genres are included.
Physical education: This broad category includes subcategories such as Olympics, comprehensive, basketball, and football.
Documentary covers subcategories such as culture, exploration, military, decryption, technology, history, figure, nature, and others.
Game: This primary category contains gaming videos, with subcategories such as Gaming, online games, stand-alone, host, and mobile games.
News: This category contains news videos, with subcategories such as world news, China News, Chinese information, finance, and military.
Life: This category includes videos on ordinary life; its subcategories include amusing, daily, food, animals, beautiful flowers, travel, knowledge, constellations, marriage, and catching the sea.
Music: This category contains all of the music videos on www IYF TV. Music information, MV, self-made, dance, song, and on-site are its subcategories.
Fashion: This category contains all of IYFTV’s fashion videos. Makeup, fitness, show, picture, and wardrobe are some of its subcategories.
Technology: This primary category contains videos on technology; its subcategories include digital, automobile, computer, cell phone, and arms.

IYF TV offers other navigation options in addition to main and subcategories. They are listed below.

1. Region (origin): A movie, TV series, or documentary’s origin is represented by its region. Every movie or drama on this website has a story behind it. If you wish to watch movies, dramas, or documentaries from a certain region or nation, choose that region and all the videos from that region will be available. The following areas have content on IYF TV.

    1. Taiwan
    2. Japan
    3. U.K
    4. Thailand
    5. South Korea
    6. mainland (China)
    7. Hong Kong
    8. Europe and America

2. Language: Language is an important factor in movies and dramas. No matter how fantastic the movie is, if you can’t comprehend the language, it’s tasteless to you. IYF TV enables language-based navigation. Simply choose the language you understand, and you will only see movies and dramas in that language. The following language categories are available on this website:


Cantonese, English, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, and Thai are some of the languages spoken in Hong Kong.

3. Year: It organizes all movies, dramas, and documentaries by the year they were released. It is especially crucial if you are looking for movies or dramas from a certain year or time period. The following time slots are available on IYF TV:

In this year

Earlier this year, the 90s were replaced by the 80s.

4. Quality: It denotes the level of video quality. All movies, dramas, and videos are not of the same quality; some are of greater quality than others. If you only want to watch movies with a specified video quality, you may utilize this function. The video quality on IYF TV is as follows:

  • 4K 2K 1080P 720P

5. Status: It denotes the current state of a TV show or drama. There are only two status choices for finished and continuing dramas, respectively:

Loading of Complete Works

How can I watch movies on IYF TV online?

IYF TV makes watching movies incredibly easy, with no surprises as you can find on other comparable services. You may watch movies on IYFTV by following the instructions below.

  • Visit “www.Ify.tv.”
  • Find the movie, TV program, or documentary you want to watch by using the site’s quick and extensive navigation system.
  • When you’ve found the movie you want, click it, and it’ll start on a separate page. Learn more about Jerkay.

What is the procedure for downloading movies from IYF TV?

It’s just as easy to download movies and drama episodes from IYF TV as it is to watch them online.

Mode Premium

  • Click the movie you wish to download.
  • It’ll start playing on a separate page. You’ll find a download button, as well as long sides for the thumbs up, thumbs down, share, and rating buttons, below the video player. Your download will start as soon as you click it. Watch more M4uHD movies.

Mode Liberté

IYF TV’s free mode does not enable you to download movies, dramas, or anything else. If you still want to download your favorite movie in free mode, you must use downloading software. The internet download manager comes highly recommended.

  • On your computer, download and install the internet download manager.
  • In the settings, enable the Internet download manager addon.
  • Now go to iyf.tv, find the movie you want to download, and click on it.
  • The movie will start playing on a separate page. IDM will give you a download choice; click it.
  • After that, you must choose the download location and click the’start download’ button, and your movie will begin to download.

Is it legal to watch IYF TV?

IYF TV distributes free Asian movies, which is very difficult for a legal website to do. While some legal websites provide free movies, they are limited in number. It is only possible to provide a film for free if you have purchased the rights from the original owner or are the original owner.

As a result, distributing free and legal movies is only feasible in limited numbers. You cannot lawfully provide 20,000+ movies, dramas, and documentaries for free. IYF TV can only provide such a large number of free movies and dramas by illegally duplicating them without the permission of the original owner. As a result, it’s an illegal and pirated website.

IYF TV is an illegal and pirated website; such websites are infamous for posing a variety of risks. The following are some potential hazards that we believe you should be aware of.

Adverts: This website’s free mode is ad-supported, which means you’ll have to cope with a lot of obnoxious adverts. Ads on pirated websites are not just unpleasant; they may also be hazardous. IYFTVs are offered by subpar and dubious ad networks since reputable and safe ad networks, such as Google AdSense, do not partner with illegal websites. Ads from shady ad networks are known for distributing malware and leading viewers to fraudulent websites.
Financial details: To use the premium version of IYF TV, you must first create an account and provide your payment card information. Iyf.tv is a new website, having been registered just over six months ago. Although there are no bad reviews or fraud accusations, it is still difficult to trust. Giving your financial information to someone on an untrustworthy website is risky.
Legal issues: As previously stated, IYF TV is a pirated website that is prohibited in many jurisdictions. Although getting penalized for accessing a pirated website is very unusual, it does occur on occasion. If your country has severe anti-piracy legislation, you might face harsh consequences. If you are unfortunate, you may be fined significantly or perhaps imprisoned. Find out more about GoMovies.

How can I keep safe when watching IYF TV?

Although IYF TV is hazardous, it has not reached the point where it cannot be used safely. It is generally safe to use as long as a few conventional precautions are taken. You should bear in mind the safety precautions.

To prevent advertisements, use an ad-blocker. Most advertising on websites may be removed using an ad-blocker. If at all possible, avoid touching the remaining advertising. If you are led to an irrelevant website, exit immediately. Ads are quite safe as long as they are not touched.
If possible, avoid using the premium mode since you can watch all of the movies online even in free mode. However, if you have already made up your mind to utilize premium mode, you should pay using a spare card that only has the minimal amount of money necessary to subscribe to your chosen package. Use a VPN to remain anonymous, so that even if IYF TV is illegal in your country, no one can find you using it. Learn more about 1Movieshd.

IYF TV Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the creator of Iyf.tv?

The identity of the website’s proprietor is unknown. However, according to the website, it was made by an overseas Chinese. Find out more about flixhq.

Where do IYF TV’s movies, dramas, and documentaries originate from?

Users may contribute movies, dramas, and other videos to IYF TV. Users upload the majority of the movies, dramas, documentaries, and variety programs to the website.

Is there any anything on the website that is unsuitable for children?

Yes, some of the videos on the website are unsuitable for youngsters. Users may post videos to the website with little to no restrictions on what they can upload. Also see aFilmywap.

Why am I unable to access IYF TV?

There are two possibilities for why you are unable to open IYF TV. The website is being maintained, and you should try again in 30 minutes. In your location, the website is geo-blocked.

What should I do if IYF TV is not available in my area?

Don’t worry if IYF TV is blocked in your location; you may unblock it by using a VPN and an antivirus.

Last Thoughts

If you like Chinese dramas and movies, IYF TV is a wonderful option. We recommend only utilizing free mode if you can since you won’t have to give the website any financial information. To keep safe when using this website or any of its peers, take the following measures.

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