Latest 2023: 50 Best Free YouTube Video Downloader

Latest 2023: 50 Best Free YouTube Video Downloader

Latest 2023: 50 Best Free YouTube Video Downloader. As one of the internet’s most popular video-sharing services, YouTube is a massive storehouse of varied and fascinating content. While online streaming is handy, there may be instances when users prefer to enjoy their favorite videos offline, such as while traveling or when internet availability is restricted. Here’s where YouTube video downloaders come in. YouTube video downloaders are software apps or online devices that allow users to download videos from YouTube to their devices, allowing them to view them whenever they want, even if they do not have an internet connection.

These downloaders have grown more popular in the digital age, but their use raises major questions about legality, safety, and responsible content consumption. In this investigation, we will dig into the realm of YouTube video downloaders, evaluating their advantages, disadvantages, and ethical implications.


Quick Fact Check

  • 2.6 billion users use youtube worldwide counting men and women representation.

  • 20.1% of global active users are aged between 25-34 years.

  • The average time spent on YouTube is 23.9 hours monthly worldwide.

25 (Trending) Best YouTube Video Downloader

  1. ITubeGo (for Window, Mac and android)
  2. ByClick Downloader (for Windows)
  3. HitPaw Video Downloader (for Windows and Mac)
  4. SSYoutube (Best youtube video downloader online)
  5. (online video downloader)
  6. Y2mate (online downloader)
  7. keepVid (youtube video download online)
  8. SnapDownloader (for windows, Mac)
  9. 4k Download (for windows, android)
  10. YTD video downloader (for windows)
  11. Viddly (for windows)
  12. YT Saver (for windows, mac)
  13. NewPipe (for android)
  14. Tubemate (for android)
  15. VidMate (for android)
  16. Snaptube (for android)
  17. SaveSub (youtube video downloader online)
  18. ClipGrab (for windows)
  19. Gihosoft (for windows, Mac)
  20. Winx youtube downloader (for windows)
  21. Freemake video downloader (for windows, Mac)
  22. Airy youtube downloader (for windows, Mac)
  23. aTube Catcher (for windows)
  24. Fastest Tube (chrome extension)
  25. DetUrl (online downloader)

These tools have been categorized into following main classes based upon the platform availability. 


YouTube Video Downloader

  • Best YouTube Video Downloader for Windows 

Names of Tools/Softwares Features
YTD video downloader Safe and Secure.
Viddly One click downloading.
ClipGrab High quality video downloader
Winx youtube downloader Download youtube video and shorts
aTube High quality video downloader for windows
ByClick Easy to use and free to download.


  • Best YouTube Video Downloader for Android

Names of Tools/Softwares Features
NewPipe Free open source youtube downloader.
Tubemate Massive Reviews
VidMate Popular youtube downloader
Snaptube Download youtube videos in original quality.


  • Best YouTube Video Downloader for Windows & Mac Both

Name of Tools/Softwares Features
SnapDownloader Easy to use.
YT saver Fast downloading.
Gihosoft Backup downloads
Freemake video downloader One click downloader
Airy youtube downloader High quality video downloader for windows/ Mac


  • YouTube Video Downloader for All Platforms

Name of Tools/Softwares Features
ITubeGo Youtube video download up to 8k resolutions.
HitPaw Video Downloader Download youtube videos fast and safe.


  • Best Online YouTube Video Downloader

Name of Tools/Softwares Features
SSYoutube Youtube video downloader online. Don’t need to sign up.
Y2mate Fast and secure.
keepVid Convert it to youtube video download mp3.
SaveSub Download youtube shorts and video


Best Online YouTube Video Downloaders

  • Y2 Mate YouTube Downloader (Best Video Downloader) :

Bid farewell to the unease of installing extra tools for Youtube video downloading! 

So far, the greatest online means for downloading YouTube videos is Y2 Mate YouTube Downloader.

Its user-friendly interface, which is simple to use and does not need any kind of registration or installation, makes it a distinctive and top pick among users. The final result (downloaded video) from a specified range of formats and resolutions may be obtained from most worldwide sites without being restricted by any watermark.


Pros Cons
User friendly interface Less update
No watermark on your downloaded video Too many ads on website


  • SSYoutube :

Tired of looking for the perfect software to download videos from YouTube?

A free solution, Youtube video downloader is an easy and large-scale software that allows you to download video with only one click.

The ss in the title refers to the prefix, which is the addition you must make to the URL of a certain video on YouTube, and you will have a video ready to retrieve in no time. Yes! Without the need for any installation or extensions on your device!

So, if you want to avoid complying with YouTube’s procedural errands, get the green light and enjoy limitless video downloads using Ssdownloader.


Pros Cons
Offline viewing Not affiliated with youtube
Offers a variety of resolutions including 1080 to 4k.
  • :

Want to summon as many videos as you want for free? quickly transports even large YouTube videos in MP4 format, such as video playlists, channels, TV programs, sports games, and so on. Furthermore, it notifies users of frequently updated supported sources and platforms.

Despite this, it restricts the downloading format to the uploaded (original) one.


Pros Cons
Compatible with all popular browsers Does not offer various formats
Automatic download
  • KeepVid :

Are you looking for an All-in-One online video toolkit?

KeepVid is a free online web application that performs a variety of operations on YouTube videos, including an online video converter, online video editor, online video compressor, and many more features.

Allowing limitless access to downloading YouTube videos saves computer RAM from being overburdened by reducing the size of videos downloaded online.


Pros Cons
No Registration needed Limited feature
High Speed Less update


  • DetUrl :

How to download YouTube videos for fair rights use?

DetUrl is a meta site that connects you to various worlds of downloading tools without tying you down to any one software.

It includes converting MP4 format to MP3 and has no negative effects on resolution, although the website’s commercial traffic buffers it.

Pros Cons
No sign up Less update
No watermark on your downloaded video Too many ads on website


Best YouTube Video Downloader (Windows and Mac)

You can download the YouTube video directly on your Windows and Mac machine by simply installing the following applications.

  • SnapDownloader :

Compatible with: Windows >7 & macOS > 10.10

Cutting online videos is no longer a hussle!

SnapDownloader is a cross-platform online downloader that allows online YouTube video downloading to 8k resolution and can extract audio and music from downloaded visuals without affecting their quality. Furthermore, a proxy configuration has been pre-configured to avoid geo-restrictions or prohibited content to ensure uninterrupted video downloading.

It also caters to users with a restricted internet connection by providing the Schedule Downloads option, which allows videos to be downloaded at a predetermined day and time.


Pros Cons
Scheduled Downloads Installation Needed
Audio Extraction
In-built Video trimmer


  • Gihosoft :

Are you concerned about losing your downloaded YouTube videos if your device becomes corrupted? Gihosoft is a YouTube video-downloading software on Windows and Mac operating systems. It includes a backup option for all of your downloaded videos and data recovery recommendations in the event of a data loss.

In addition to converting video formats from WebM to others, it offers a framework for integrating subtitles or closed caption files. It integrates files into a new playback entity without sacrificing speed or other functionalities by including either soft-code type or burning in.


Pros Cons
Conversion to Subtitles Limited trial operations
Recovery Options Offers in-app purchases.
30-Day Money Back

Best YouTube Video Downloader (Android)

  • NewPipe :

Are you irritated by YouTube ads and erroneous permissions while downloading videos? NewPipe is an Android-based software that allows users to choose what they want to retain by blocking Google APIs. Furthermore, users can download audio, video, or captions in whatever format and resolution they wish.

Because the app is lightweight and runs in the background, it is resistant to battery conservation. All of these benefits, however, are conditional on subscription, which also results in playlist creation.


Pros Cons
Rich-featured Subscription needed
Privacy Friendly
Portable to Phone
  • ITubeGo :

Need to have a Youtube downloader that also serves as an editor?

ITubeGo is a software program for Windows, Mac, and Android that also functions as a converter and searches for audio and videos. It enables users to alter videos in several formats, including MP4, MVA, and interconvert MP3 versions.

Its relationship with 10000+ websites allows users to download content, including channels, podcasts, and subtitles, up to 8K in numerous resolutions. Not only that, but it also allows bulk files and video cutting.

Not only that, but ITubeGo’s automated identification mechanism prevents the copying of specific links from numerous sites and makes a cup of tea for everyone who uses it, significantly reducing data usage.


Pros Cons
Support downloading both audio and video files from youtube Limited features and quality available in the free version.
Download in all format
Include built-in convertor


Best Free YouTube Video Downloader (Chrome Extension)

If you don’t want to comply with the side steps required for YouTube video downloading, you better opt to download the YouTube Video directly from chrome extension.

  • Fast tube :

Wish youtube video downloading go side by side surfing?

Fast Tube is a Chrome extension that allows you to download YouTube videos not only in excellent quality but also 300% quicker than other downloaders. It also has a robust file manager and makes video access quite straightforward.

What makes it most appealing is the ease with which it retrieves videos. Fast tube pulls videos of different durations with only two clicks by tapping the play button and displaying the download request in the app.


Pros Cons
Available as extension Installation required
Quality and Speedy Videos
Compatible to all windows


How To Download YouTube Videos Using Online Softwares?

  • The best way to download the youtube video is to pick up anyone from the above mentioned website.
  • Open YouTube
  • Search a video you need to download
  • Copy link/URL
  • Paste your link
  • Choose a format you desire your download exist in
  • Click on download button
  • That’s it.

We are providing you with an extended list of 50 YouTube video downloaders in multiple responses.

  1. 4K Video Downloader
  2. ClipGrab
  3. YTD Video Downloader
  4. aTube Catcher
  5. Freemake Video Downloader
  6. WinX YouTube Downloader
  7. Any Video Converter
  8. Free YouTube Download
  9. YouTube-dl (A command-line tool for advanced users)
  10. OnlineVideoConverter
  12. Y2mate
  13. KeepVid
  14. VidPaw
  15. TubeMate (For Android devices)
  16. Snaptube (For Android devices)
  17. NewPipe (For Android devices – An open-source YouTube client)
  18. Videoder (For Android devices)
  19. VidMate (For Android devices)
  20. InsTube (For Android devices)
  1. iTubeGo YouTube Downloader (Available as a desktop application and an online tool)
  2. Gihosoft TubeGet
  3. MediaHuman YouTube Downloader
  5. Fetchy (An online YouTube downloader)
  6. SaveVid
  8. YouTubNow
  9. BitDownloader
  10. FLVto
  12. 2conv
  13. Online Video Cutter
  14. VideoProc
  15. ByClick Downloader
  17. Deturl
  18. Offliberty
  19. YTOffline
  20. YouTubeInMP4
  21. QDownloader
  22. YouTubeLoader
  23. VideoGrabber
  24. Kaboompics
  26. YT Cutter
  27. Video DownloadHelper (Browser extension)
  28. FastestTube (Browser extension)
  29. Video Downloader Professional (Browser extension)
  30. YouTube Video Downloader (Browser extension)

Please keep in mind that the functionality and availability of these YouTube video downloaders may vary over time. Before using third-party programs to download YouTube videos, always check your country’s terms of service and legality. Furthermore, some downloaders may have restrictions, ads, or other threats, so proceed with care and prioritize your online safety.

FAQs :

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about YouTube video downloaders:

Is it legal to download YouTube videos using a video downloader?

The legality of downloading YouTube videos using a video downloader varies according to your area and YouTube’s terms of service. Downloading copyrighted content without permission is often against YouTube’s terms of assistance and may violate copyright laws. On the other hand, some YouTube videos may be covered under creative commons or public domain licenses, allowing them to be freely downloaded and utilized. Before downloading videos, always check the terms of service and the copyright status.

Are YouTube video downloaders safe to use?

While many YouTube video downloaders are secure and genuine, others may include hidden spyware or possibly hazardous features. Only utilize reputable and well-known video downloaders from reputable sources to safeguard your safety. Be careful when utilizing less-known or free downloaders since they may include ads or request extra rights.

Can I use YouTube video downloaders on mobile devices?

There are YouTube video downloaders for mobile devices, particularly Android smartphones. These applications are available on the Google Play Store or as direct downloads from their official websites. However, owing to app store restrictions and copyright concerns, YouTube video downloaders for iOS devices may not be accessible on the Apple App Store.

Do I need to install software to download YouTube videos?

While some YouTube video downloaders need installation on your computer or mobile device, other online video downloaders function straight via your web browser. Online video downloaders often demand you to merely submit the video URL and choose the download format.

What formats can I download YouTube videos in?

Most YouTube video downloaders support a variety of download formats, including MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV, and others. Because devices and media players extensively support it, MP4 is the most regularly utilized format.

Can I download YouTube videos in high quality?

Many video downloaders enable you to save YouTube videos in various resolutions, including HD (High Definition) and even 4K, if the video is available in that resolution on YouTube.

Can I download entire YouTube playlists or channels?

Downloading whole playlists or channels is possible with several YouTube video downloaders. This is great for backing up your favorite content or watching it offline. Check to see whether the video downloader you choose has this capability.

Are there any alternatives to YouTube video downloaders?

Suppose you wish to watch YouTube videos offline. In that case, the YouTube app for mobile devices has a function called “Offline Viewing” that enables you to download videos for temporary offline viewing inside the YouTube app itself. These downloaded videos, however, are not available outside of the app.

Remember to respect content producers’ copyrights and use YouTube video downloaders carefully. Always check YouTube’s and the video downloading tool’s terms of service to verify you are by their standards.

Conclusion :

Finally, YouTube video downloaders are useful tools for downloading and storing YouTube videos for offline viewing. However, users should follow all applicable legal and safety regulations. While some video downloaders are reputable and provide a variety of formats and quality choices, others may pose hazards or violate copyright laws if used to download copyrighted content without permission. Responsible use includes:

  • Utilizing reputable downloaders.
  • Respecting the copyrights of content producers.
  • Being aware of the terms of service issued by YouTube and video downloading software.

Users may make the most of these technologies to watch YouTube videos offline while remaining inside legal limitations by emphasizing safety, legality, and ethical use.

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