Guidelines for taking your health and wellness business to new heights on Instagram

Guidelines for taking your health and wellness business to new heights on Instagram

Guidelines for taking your health and wellness business to new heights on Instagram

One of the most important strategies for any business is to create the highest impacting first impression for any new client or customer when introducing the business. It is valid for all physical as well as online businesses. The first impression created about the business decides the extent of engagement.  Creating a favorable first impression builds an instant attraction for the business, which gradually turns into trusted relationships that go a long way for business betterment.

Guidelines for taking your health and wellness business to new heights on Instagram

The first impression matters most

Since the potential customer views your brand for the first time, you must take all measures to show its brightest side that creates a feeling of goodness about the brand that the customer feels trustworthy.  For Instagram, the bio is the most critical feature that helps to make the all-important first impression in just 3-6 seconds. An impressive bio nudges the customer to view the content or click on the website.

Gather likes and comments

Once you can create the best first impression, it paves the way for engagement as viewers would like to know more about the brand and explore the content for more information. If the content satisfies them, they acknowledge the interaction through likes and comments. The number of likes and comments gathered organically directly points to the popularity of the content, which attracts more viewers. However, the organic process of gathering likes and comments is time taking and facilitates the campaign to gather instant traction. Therefore, it is better to buy likes and comments that boost popularity instantly.

But all this can happen only if you have done the base work correctly, starting from choosing the user name to creating an interesting bio and going ahead to make your URL stand out from the crowd.

The task is not at all difficult if you follow the guidelines given here.

Indicative user name

Customers would try to get some clue about your business by looking at the user name to understand what they can expect from the account.  Choose a name that reflects your brand or business, depending on your marketing strategy.  The name must be easy to understand and directly hint at the type of business. Use only alphabets for the name, which must be identical to the name you use across other social media and online platforms to facilitate brand recognition. You can add some variation by using dot, underscore, additional letters, or some middle initial but maintain consistency across the platforms.

Use a brand image

If you have a brand logo, use it as an anchor in your bio, and the logo design must be such that it captures the spirit of the business. For example, viewers should easily understand that the account belongs to a health and wellness business by looking at the logo. Instead of a logo, you can use some image, including your photo that becomes the brand’s face. If you are using an image, include some brand-relevant prop within the frame that makes it easy to recognize the type of business. Using your image helps personalize the brand as people can see the person behind the brand, enhancing trust.

Make the bio interesting

Having established a visual brand element, it is now time to provide more insights about the brand to establish how it is different from others and provide value to customers.  Choose highly expressive words to describe the business and brand and convey the maximum useful information in the short space of 33 words. Choose keywords usually used for searching your business like nutritionist, wellness coach, health coach, raw food, vegetarian, supplements, etc. Use emojis by searching the explore tab to grab the attention of viewers.

Infuse your personality in the bio

Besides making the bio descriptive in how one introduces the business to strangers, you must make your bio memorable by infusing some elements of your personality into it. It should be much more than rudimentary information and have subtle humane touches that give a feel of the brand’s personality. This is essential to start a relationship with viewers who can view the brand as a live entity.

Include a CTA in the bio

Leave a link in the bio that drives viewers to take some action so that you are sure that they move in the right direction. The CTA gives direction to viewers about the next step you want them to take for meaningful engagement. For example, you can ask them to click on a link, grab the opportunity or download something.

Track your URL

You can leave only one link in the Instagram bio, and there is no other place for it. So be sensitive to the performance of the link by monitoring it closely so that you can use the insights like the number of clicks received to make changes to the URL for making it more attractive.

The more attention you pay to the details better will be your Instagram success.


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