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Xbox One Controller Not Working? Fix It

Xbox One Controller Not Working? Fix It

Is your Xbox One controller not working, or are you having problems with an Xbox Series X|S controller? This is an annoying problem that many Xbox owners face. While wireless…

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The Greatest Chrome Extensions to Enhance Roblox

Roblox is a great game, but it could be even better. Unfortunately, numerous features are missing from the game that the creators may never add. Fortunately, Chrome extensions allow you…

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Fall Guys

Fixing Fall Guys Connection Errors on Windows

Online games like Fall Guys suffer greatly from connection errors. They not only ruin the gaming mood, but they also prevent you from continuing your ranked hot streak. Fortunately, fixing…

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PlayStation VR2

PlayStation VR2 Review: A Near-Generational VR Advance

Sony PlayStation VR2 PlayStation VR2 Review: A Near-Generational VR Advance. The PlayStationVR2 represents a technological leap forward in VR headsets, with an effortless setup, inside-out tracking, improved controllers, advanced haptics,…

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Download Tabletop RPG Notes App for Android in 2023

The best tabletop RPGs are the result of meticulous planning. Players and Dungeon Masters can fully immerse themselves in the experience by using apps like RPG Notes to keep track…

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Razer Synapse

Razer Synapse Not Detecting Razer Devices in Windows 10/11

It is the official software for customizing Razer devices such as keyboards and mice. However, Synapse does not always detect linked Razer devices. As a result, users cannot configure their…

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Racing Wheels

The Most Effective Sim Racing Wheels

The Most Effective Sim Racing Wheels. If you enjoy racing sims and games, you’ll realize that an average game controller only sometimes suffices. Instead, it would help if you bought…

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Screenshots of a PC VR

How to Take Screenshots of a PC VR App in Oculus Dash

Users who connect their Quest 2 headsets to their Windows desktops or laptops may access the Oculus Rift Store and play some amazing PC VR (virtual reality) games. When playing…

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Snake Game

Snake Game using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

A snake game is a traditional programming exercise that can help you improve your programming and problem-solving abilities. The game may be created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in a…

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Install iPhone Emulators

4 Easy Ways to Install iPhone Emulator

Install iPhone Emulator. Mobile games are enjoyable but fall short of the standards set by iconic Game Boy, Nintendo 64, and PlayStation releases. We’re discussing Super Mario 64, The Legend…

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