Download Tabletop RPG Notes App for Android in 2023

The best tabletop RPGs are the result of meticulous planning. Players and Dungeon Masters can fully immerse themselves in the experience by using apps like RPG Notes to keep track of their adventures and characters.

Learn how RPG Notes may help you plan your next adventure with simple but effective planning tools. You are also free to explore the RPG games app and learn about all the features that can help you fine-tune your campaigns.

What Is RPG Notes?

RPG Notes is an excellent and reasonably priced addition to the top note-taking apps for Android that are dedicated to storytelling. Of course, even writers could use it to plan stories and characters for their books, but let’s punch with role-playing tabletop rpg games and how the app helps them.

If you’re the DM making a campaign, you can utilize RPG Notes (Google Play Store) to jot down every detail. Then, as a player, you can keep track of your character’s information and growth, as well as the essential facts of the adventure as they emerge.

It’s more effortless to stay on top of the story and connect with it with RPG Notes, which increases the campaign’s entertainment factor for everyone participating.

1. Plan a Whole Campaign


Tap the + icon to create a new campaign and complete the form. At this early stage, you must provide a name, remarks, a hero, and preferred colors for your new drive. You can edit all of these options once you’ve created it and add more comprehensive Story notes and extra elements.

Launching the campaign and hitting the familiar + icon may generate these categories. Name and customize them to serve various functions, such as files holding NPCs, places, quests, and miscellaneous stuff from your plot.

You may also use the file icon on your campaign’s dashboard to access preset category templates. You can also include your templates by picking a category you created and hitting a slightly different file icon.

Getting your templates in order might help you plan different adventures much faster. RPG Notes even has a home page archive where you may save campaigns to remember or utilize later.

2. Keep Track of an Active Campaign’s Progress

RPG Notes App

You may be familiar with computer role-playing games and how they operate. Tabletop games are as enjoyable, but they require a more intricate blend of imagination and actual movements, whether you’re rolling dice or calculating the outcome of a character’s decision.

RPG Notes can assist you in keeping track of everything. You can rapidly consult your campaign’s plans and alter specific parts by clicking the pen or + icon while playing.

Here’s another tool that can be useful if you need more time and your players have landed their characters in different map regions.

RPG Notes allows you to associate each character—or any object in your campaign—with a specific location and add details to place for the next session. Navigate to a particular object, tap the Connections tab, and connect any pieces you believe are pertinent.

Even everything on your phone simplifies campaign management and allows you to use your space more productively rather than taking up a room with a laptop or printed notes.

3. Create Detailed Profiles for Your Player Characters

If you enjoy playing tabletop RPG, you’ll amass a collection of characters and pages of notes about them. Instead, use this app to manage each character you play cleanly.

The simplest method is to create a campaign, generate a category—or file—to keep your character’s attributes, and add a new entity with a name, icon, color, and style for your unique persona. It will show in the file, which you can open and edit as needed.

In addition to a full description, you can include individual notes, tags, links, and even images. Starting with a sheet of paper containing the character’s stats, you can take a photo, upload it, and resume playing while taking notes on the app.

4. Embellish Your Notes With Icons and Pictures

The RPG Notes app is one of the online tabletop RPG software and tools available for next-level experiences.

Simply being able to take images and use various distinct icons allows you to personalize your adventures with pals. You can also import images from Google or upload your own.

To use these tools, open any campaign object, such as a character, city, or quest item. The Images field is the final choice on your customization list. But how do these qualities help your tabletop RPG?

You can wrap up your characters and customize their profiles by adding your faces. Create a gallery to quickly filter through your spells if you have too many to remember. Do you have to remember specific rules? Take and upload a snapshot of a relevant web page. The options are limitless.

5. Export and Import Your Notes

Another helpful feature of RPG Notes is the ability to export and import your files, whether for backup purposes or to use on a different device.

To download all movement files from your app, including images, templates, fashions, and more, tap the three-dot icon on the app’s main page and choose Export from the menu. If you select a typical campaign, you can ship it separately.

Install RPG Notes on another tablet or phone and share the exported files with it using email, Google Drive, WhatsApp, Slack, or another compatible app to import files.

Then, you or your friend can import campaigns and all their data from the same menu—duplicates of the original files. This ensures that all players are on the same page.

Turn Your Phone Into the Best RPG Helper

It is a must-have app for tabletop RPG players since it lets you personalize each adventure and remember everything about your campaigns.

It’s an essential and free tool best rpg games with much to offer, one of many smartphone apps to consider for D&D games and beyond. So investigate your options and configure your phone for the best possible support, which is critical for serious players and DMs.

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