How to Take Screenshots of a PC VR App in Oculus Dash

Screenshots of a PC VR

Users who connect their Quest 2 headsets to their Windows desktops or laptops may access the Oculus Rift Store and play some amazing PC VR (virtual reality) games. When playing VR games, some gamers like to capture screenshots. However, the Oculus/trigger button solution does not allow users to capture screenshots from PC VR programs.

Oculus Dash is the home environment for founding PC VR apps in Quest 2 headsets. You can capture snapshots with two different tools in your home environment. First, you can use Oculus Dash to grab screenshots from PC VR apps in Quest 2.

How to Capture PC VR Game Snapshots With the Screenshot Tool in Oculus Dash

Oculus Dash includes a screenshot tool that can be accessed from the taskbar. However, because it’s concealed within the clock’s battery panel, that screenshot function will likely go unnoticed by many users. Nevertheless, you may use that tool to capture screenshots of PC VR games like this:

  1. To access Oculus Dash, connect your PC and Quest 2 headset.
  2. Next, on the taskbar of Oculus Dash, click the Library button.
    Screenshots of a PC VR
  3. Then, from your app library, select a game to run.
  4. Finally, create a screenshot position in your game.
  5. To get up the Oculus Dash interface without leaving the app, press the Oculus (O) button on the controller.
  6. Then, push the clock on the taskbar to bring up the battery and volume indication panels.
  7. Within the battery panel, select the Screenshot option.
    Screenshots of a PC VR
  8. The screenshot tool will grab the snapshot five seconds after you activate it. So bring up the game app as quickly as possible by selecting Return to capture a snapshot like the one below.

The five-second screenshot time limit is inconvenient, but it allows you enough time to return to the game app and capture the snapshot. However, after selecting to take a screenshot, you will only have a little time to set up a snapshot. As a result, it’s preferable to position yourself for a screenshot before starting the screen-capturing software.

How to Capture Oculus Home Screenshots

Oculus Home is one of the greatest Dash features for having fun in a customized virtual living room atmosphere. With the help of Oculus Home’s Camera tool, you can also capture photographs of your virtual living area. This is how you can use the screenshot tool to capture Oculus Home snapshots:

  1. First, on the taskbar of Oculus Dash, press the Home button.
  2. Then, on the left Quest 2 controller, press the Menu button to bring up the Oculus Home customization panel.n the left Quest 2 controller to bring up the Oculus Home customization window.
  3. To activate the screenshot tool, use the Camera button.
  4. You’ll now see a mirror where you may position your screenshot. Place the mirror in the desired position to capture the screenshot.
  5. Then, press the trigger button on your controller to take a screenshot similar to the one below.

Everything in the mirror will be included in the Oculus Home Camera screenshots. Unfortunately, this includes the reflection you’ll see in the mirror. However, you may erase your reflection from the screenshot by rotating the thumbstick left or right to flip the mirror.

You may also change the screenshot orientation between landscape and portrait. To adjust the aspect ratio of the shot, press the X button on the Oculus controller. Portrait photos have a resolution of 1200×1600 by default. Oculus Home landscape images have a resolution of 1600×1200.

Where to Find Your Captured Screenshots

In your Quest 2 headset, neither the PC VR app nor the Oculus Home screenshots are stored. Instead, screenshots captured in Oculus Dash are stored in the default folders on your linked PC. As a result, you’ll need to use File Explorer to find them on your linked PC. For example, you can find screenshots obtained by PC VR programs in the following folder:

C:\Users\[user folder]\Pictures\Screenshots

All screenshots of PC VR apps are saved with titles that include OculusScreenshot and random digits. As a result, you may also find them using that keyword. To activate the file search box, press the Windows key + S and select More > Photos. Then, in the search box, type OculusScreenshot to find the PC VR snapshots you’ve collected.

The Camera tool in Oculus Home stores screenshots in a different locations. Extend Windows File Explorer and navigate to the following directory path to find Oculus Home snapshots:

C:\Users\[user folder]\Documents\Oculus Home\Camera

Then, by double-clicking, you can open screenshots obtained in your default image viewer. Or, from the context menu, right-click an image and select Open to choose a different app. Finally, by selecting the Rename context menu option, you can modify the file names of the screenshots collected.

How to Edit Your Captured PC VR Screenshots in the Quest 2 Headset

Both your computer and the Quest 2 headset may be used to capture and edit PC VR screenshots using Windows programs. Connecting the Quest 2 to a PC allows you to use Windows editing programs like Photos within Oculus Dash. To do so, you must have the screenshot open in Photos on your linked PC. Taking screenshots of your PC VR in Dash should open the captured output in Photos (or a similar default image editor) on your computer.

With your headset on, you can edit taken screenshots in the Photos app by pressing the + Add Desktop Panel button on the far right of the Oculus Dash taskbar. This will bring up a list of desktop windows you may show in VR. To edit, choose Windows Photos and a screenshot file.

Screenshots of a PC VR

The screenshot will then appear in Photos within your Quest 2 headset. Selecting them with your Quest 2 controllers lets you edit that image with all Photos’ features. For example, in Photos, select the Edit Image option to access the app’s editing options.

Cropping is a great tool for altering screenshots from PC VR games. Screenshots obtained will have a vertical height of 1,536 pixels, which is quite large. By selecting the Photos’ Crop and rotation option, you can remove some of the top or bottom of a VR image. Then, dragging the square around the image, crop it to size.

Screenshots of a PC VR

Some captured VR Game screenshots may also appear dark. To fix this, go to Photos and select Adjustments. Then, to brighten the image, drag the Light bar’s slider to the right.

Use the Clarity editing option if the VR screenshot is a little blurry. In Photos, the Clarity bar is located directly below the Light choice. To improve image clarity, move the bar’s slider to the right.

When you’re through editing, select Save a copy. This saves an altered version of the screenshot without overwriting the original.

Capture PC VR Gaming Moments in the Quest 2 or Rift Headsets

Dash’s snapshot tool lets you capture screenshots of all your best PC VR gaming moments with the Meta Quest 2 or Oculus Rift headsets.

Taking screenshots is an excellent method to showcase your greatest PC VR gaming results on social media, websites, or blogs. Show off your best virtual living space designs by using Dash’s Oculus Home feature’s Camera tool to take a snapshot.

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