Best 13 Free Remote Desktop Software

Best 13 Free Remote Desktop Software

What is Remote Desktop Software?

Remote desktop software allows users to seamlessly connect to and interact with a computer in another location by a private network or the internet. Remote desktop software allows the user to see and control a connected PC or laptop as though they were sitting directly in the face of it. Remote desktop software is helpful for things like collaborative work, technical support, and demonstrations.

The main difference between remote desktop and screen sharing software is that screen sharing allows users to share their screens for presentations or web conferencing. On the other hand, remote desktop gives a full set of features for actual remote use, which is helpful in tech support calls or away-from-the-office computer use.

The main difference between remote desktop and VDI software is that with VDI, users can access their company’s network, verified by user identification and authentication. VDI allows the user’s computer to access network resources and servers from another remote location. Remote desktop software is less comprehensive and replicates the desktop experience. Remote desktops are used with support technicians and professionals who remotely configure data centers and other industrial applications.

There are two main categories of remote desktop software: operating-system-based and third-party solutions. The OS-based solution is provided with the same company that provides your business’ OS, which means it is baked right into the system. Third-party solutions equal ease of use: you download the program and have the program run, troubleshoot, and support the software for you.

To qualify for addition in the Remote Desktop category, a product needs:

  • Display this remote computer screen on your screen in real-time
  • Do own a keyboard and mouse to control the remote screen
  • Give user complete access to and control over the remote desktop
  • Provide connection either via an internal network or IP address

Here are the very best lists of free remote desktop software application tools, honest review to pick the top best free remote desktop software in 2020, check out now!

13 Best Free Remote Access Software Tools 2020 To form another location, control one computer system from another, there is a requirement for Remote desktop software. Remote desktop applications have various and differing features. For example, the process of taking over desktop or desktop software remotely is described as remote administration.

Best 13 Free Remote Desktop Software

Webex Support Center

Give real-time support and customer service to customers anywhere in the world. Decrease call times, get quicker resolutions and reduce overall costs. With Cisco Webex Support, you meet and exceed expectations.

Apple Remote Desktop

Apple Remote Desktop provides IT administrators to distribute software and remotely access computers across a network instantly.

Remote Utilities

Remote utilities needed the pairing of 2 remote computer systems together with the assistance of a “web ID.” The user can manage a sum of 10 PCs with the help of Remote energies. On the host side, the user is offered an Internet ID required by the client to connect.

On the customer side, the audience program is used to connect to the representative software application or, more specifically, the host. It is considered to be excellent remote access software.

Aero Admin

This is considered to be the most convenient of all programs free of charge remote access. The settings are practically minimal, and the working procedure is spontaneous and facile.

The user needs to open the portables program and share the ID qualifications and IP address on the host side. The user must go to the portable aero program and get in the host PC’s IP address and ID credentials on the customer side.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome remote desktop is quite popular complimentary remote desktop software as it is the extension of Google Chrome, the web internet browser, and has a good and extensive reach.

On the host side, the users need to install chrome remote desktop software and provide the authorization for remote access to the customer PC in the form of a created personal PIN. The user needs to sign on to the chrome remote desktop utilizing the earlier supplied qualifications on the customer side.

Zoho Assist

Support remote customers instantly through web-based, on-demand remote support sessions. Setup and manage remote computers easy with unattended remote access. Completely secure and reliable.

Parallels Desktop for Mac

Parallels Desktop for Mac is a desktop virtualization software that allows your employees to use Windows applications on a Mac without rebooting. Parallels Desktop for Mac automatically detects what you need to get started, so you’re up and going within minutes.

Windows Remote Desktop

This one is built into the Windows operating system, and there is no requirement for more material downloading. The user can allow the remote connections through specific windows through a small tab on the host side.

The user must open the pre-installed remote desktop control software and get in the host PC’s IP address on the customer side.


This one has the most varied features and supplies the ease of use and setup also. It is among the best freeware remote gain access to the software. On the host side, making a connection setup for a group audience is extremely easy, and the user can do it on MAC, windows in addition to Linux.

On the client-side, linking to the team audience is comfortable and supplies several methods and alternatives to the user. Detection and connection both could be performed in various ways when it concerns Teamviewer.

Any Desk

It is to be installed and runs like a regular and ordinary program. On the host side, the user needs to install Anydesk on the computer and tape-record the Anydesk- address and other alias and qualifications after a setup.

On the client-side, the user merely requires running this freeware remote access software application Anydesk on the PC and go into the Anydesk– address or alias established in the host PC earlier. This is a necessary and routine procedure; therefore is the application.

Remote PC

It is yet another complimentary remote desktop program which as simple as anything when it comes to usage. On the host side, after setting up RemotePC on the PC, you require to complete the Access ID and key, which later would be needed for sharing to making a remote connection.

On the customer side, there might be two possible methods of setting up the connection. The main alternative is to gain access to RemotePC and straight get in the access ID and key derived from the host PC. The 2nd method could be, utilizing RemotePC through IOS and Android app. RemotePC supports MAC and Windows.


This one is suitable for on-demand and instant support. On the host side, after the user has logged in successfully on the program which is required access and control, they can add other customers and users by their usernames or email addresses.

On the customer side, the user has to enter the ID and password of the Host computer system to connect with it through Screen successfully,

Lite Manager

This remote desktop software resembles Remote energies to a high level. On the host side, there could be various ways to make a connection. The user can make a connection through a username, IP address, or computer ID.

On the customer side, a program called Viewer is to be installed to connect to the host. And as per the previous one, this time, the user has to enter the computer ID originated from the installation made on the host computer system.

These were the first and many used free remote desktop software, and their installation makes the remote connection between PCs much more useful than ever. Their use is important too.


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