Top Apps for the Best Prank Phone Calls

Top Apps for the Best Prank Phone Calls

Top Apps for the Best Prank Phone Calls

Everybody loves a good prank, and while playing standard practical jokes like a knock, knock
ginger has lost its popularity in recent years, prank calling continues to come on strong.

There was also a time when people simply didn’t prank call anymore, due to horrible first
attempts leading to legal trouble and users carelessly exposing their Caller IDs. In other words,
the risks involved weren’t worth it.

However, since the arrival of prank apps, prank calling has made a remarkable comeback.
Prank apps enable users to pull off some fantastic pranks directly from their smartphones,
offering a multitude of unique features from a variety of apps.

Below is a list of prank calling apps that have been tried and tested, saving you the trouble of
downloading the bad ones. Let’s start!


This prank phone call app delivers the very best prank calls on the planet, featuring the same
legendary characters from their sensational youtube channel OwnagePranks.

Once launched, you will have access to over 100 prerecorded calls, set to play once your friend
answers their phone automatically. Every prank script presents a distinct scenario – an irritated
pickup driver arriving at your location too early or a pizza delivery man insisting you’ve made a
huge order.

Quickly browse through their exciting selection of prank scripts to find what you’re looking for,
top performers include Stay Away From My Boyfriend, and You Hit My Car To further simplify things for users, pranks are also segregated into different prank categories. Groups include Dating and Love, Workplace, and Family.

Main Features

● Various accents offered in scripts
● Well over 100 prerecordings containing different prank scenarios applicable for everyday
● Users are allocated a unique Caller ID for each call, maintaining anonymity

Fake Incoming Call Prank

Playing prank calls never gets boring, but being the recipient of one can be all too familiar, and it
doesn’t take long to realize whos making the call.

If you’ve become the main suspect for being a prank caller, the Fake Incoming Call Prank is a
fantastic way of still tricking your friends and family with a prank call.

This app lets users schedule fake incoming calls, so instead of performing them, youll be one
receiving to fool others around you. After answering, the prank scenario you fabricate will be
entirely up to you!

Fake Incoming Call Prank is excellent for everyday scenarios, particularly when you want to
make a quick escape without suspicion. For example, if you’ve gone to a party and things aren’t going as well as expected, quickly arrange an incoming call and pretend you need to leave.


● Customize fake caller – include a caller name, number, and picture.
● Use an existing Default Picture already provided, choose any picture from the gallery.
● Make instant calls, or receive a fake call after 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5
minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, or 20 minutes.
● Add a fake voice during every fake call.

Call Voice Changer

For pranksters who enjoy pulling off great prank calls, perhaps the only thing holding you back
is how you sound. If you have a stubborn accent that’s overly recognizable, it may be time to try the Call Voice Changer app!

This app’s primary function lets users transform their voice to any sound effect offered, keeping
you anonymous throughout the call and making pranks that much more dynamic and

High-quality sounds enable a person’s voice pitch to be changed instantly, making you sound
creepy and dark with its low option or funny and squeaky with its high option. Furthermore, youll
also have access to various background sound effects, such as gongs, sirens, and cars

Although Call Voice Changers’ selection for voice transformations arent as vast as other similar apps, it more than makes up for it by letting users switch voices during a phone call. Most voice changers, in contrast, require a prerecording to be made initially before any sound
changes can be made, making real-time prank calls impossible.

Main Features

● Adjust how you sound during live calls, making it appear multiple personalities are on the
● Include fun background sound effects like sirens and gongs
● Effortlessly switch from one voice to another with a simple click
● No prerecording necessary to start applying sound effects


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