Bisecthosting Review: VPS Minecraft Server Hosting

Bisecthosting Review: VPS Minecraft Server Hosting

Bisecthosting is a group dedicated to hosting Minecraft video game servers. A Minecraft server lets you develop your world and play it as an online user with different players. Hosting a video game on the same computer, you will play it on can be tricky except for an active maker. For this reason, using a laptop to host can be more harmful than a desktop, as it will get too hot also fast.

Bisecthosting Review: VPS Minecraft Server Hosting

In this article, you can learn about Bisecthosting. 

Here are the details:

Therefore, if you’ve decided to create a hosting, we recommend that you choose a server committed to Minecraft. These are the cases with BisectHosting, which will officiate as a big hard disk for your video game. It will provide you a domain or IP that you can utilize to identify it.

In the following post, we will show you all the functions we suggest you consider when hiring a Minecraft host. You will have the ability to see the BisectHosting server’s advantages and disadvantages, its cost and promotions, and far more.

BisectHosting Plans and Offers

BisectHosting Plans and Offers

Why Choose BisectHosting in 2020

The choice of hosting servers for Minecraft can be frustrating. If you don’t have a real computer and networking skills, it can be confusing in concept. That’s why you need to know your need and wants before choosing Minecraft hosting. BisectHosting is among the most highly ranked servers among Minecraft’s online user reviews. The most regular user of this Hosting is the one who has currently had an unsatisfactory experience on others. And they find in BisectHosting an exceptional service at a shocking cost.

All Minecraft hosting needs to have a panel that will be the tool for its control and management. BisectHosting has the Multicraft panel in all its packages. This is among the most used and achieved for Minecraft hosting. Its interface will be easy to use.

Without a doubt, when working with a Minecraft hosting service, it is incredibly crucial to take into account the quality of the technical assistance. Particularly if you do not have a clear concept of how to use a server for Minecraft, BisectHosting has the best attention to assist you at all times.

BisectHosting Analysis and Features

The following area will make it easier for you to choose and match the BisectHosting service to your requirements and desires and make a comparison between other servers focused on Minecraft.

It will offer you a complete picture of the service users and what to pay more attention to when making your selection. Also, we suggest that you go to the viewpoints about BisectHosting listed below.


When producing your own Minecraft virtual space, it is essential to determine it. This will allows you to share it and summon gamers online and keep in mind your IP to join when they seem to like it.

By default, the IP is typically an extensive mix of numbers. The domain or name you offer your virtual room must be simple to bear in mind. The domain services are independent of the hosting service. For this, there is a business that offers the benefit of domain generation.

In the matter of BisectHosting, all plans have a complimentary tailored subdomain. However, you can access a dedicated domain for an extra price.

Alleviate of use

Opinions on making use of BisectHosting could not be better. It’s users highlight the eases with which they can solve any trouble that may occur. These features are essential, whether you are a new Minecraft hosting user or a regular user. Having a steady virtual or Minecraft game room is necessary. A Minecraft BisectHosting rooms with lag is doomed to vanish, as players would suffer many downtimes and would not be able to play efficiently.

The choice of your bundles is likewise straightforward. You will be directed by their assistance to pick the very best one for you. And no doubt in their numerous plans, you will find the right one. Once you have chosen and confirmed your Minecraft hosting plan, it’s time to set it up and manage it. For this, BisectHosting provides you the most pre-owned panel for Minecraft, Multicraft. It has a well developed and easy to use interface.


In the Hosting for Minecraft, it is essential to be able to publish your maps. By doing this, you can have the Minecraft map with the functions you want in your hosting. It is more important to have all the files that modify them, likewise referred to as mods.

For this, there are Mods, modifiers of Minecraft originals features. You or other users can develop these. Modifying the world with brand-new material, textures, obstructs, characters, or tools to produce.

These Mods are likewise provided in plans. BisectHosting offers a free setup of your Modpacks in the premium plans. It includes an automated installer contained in Multicraft’s cPanel.

You will also be complimentary to select and modify your selection over time. You can become Spigot, which is a modifier for Minecraft server software applications, or you can switch to a Modpack without any difficulties.


The database will be the thing that contains the organized details of your electronic files of the game. These include the advancement and activity of all the functions of your server. It will be where your information will be saved in an orderly and classified way. The database readily available to BisectHosting is widely known and popular MySQL. This will be required for using particular add-ons. It will likewise be used to store gamers’ data, environments, users, and so on.

This is also a database administrator. And it is included from the most standard plans for totally free in BisectHosting. MySQL management will be connected to the hosting cPanel, in this case to Multicraft. You will have the ability to integrate existing information or develop your database from scratch.


In some cases, you will require to transfer files to and from your Minecraft server. This exchange of info should be allowed by your server. BisectHosting has entirely complimentary FTP access.

FTP is a file transfer protocol. It is the most commonly utilized treatment for its effectiveness in transferring material. Various companies offer this service. They will assist in the administration of your add-ons and files.

Bisect Hostings supports any FTP; your favorite will be supported. According to users’ opinions, among the easiest to use is FileZilla. This is related to your hosting user, and you must share the password you have utilized in Multicrafts cPanel.


While Minecraft does not feature high-definition graphics, it has an unlimited generator of worlds, so your gameplay journey will be continuous. This imaginative capability requires platforms to maintain it. While these graphics are not large, they are used with a change of elements and ultimately Mods. For the treatment of these contents to be effective and satisfactory, reducing the lag is essential for adequate storage.

The speed of your memory will assist your server load its content quicker. For this, BisectHosting uses endless storage with SSD NVMe memory. This ensures an efficiency six times higher than a typical SSD.

SSL Certificate

This is another type used in the field of traditional website hosting. If you’re starting in this world and you’re looking for this in Minecraft’s server hosting, you might get a little lost.

The SSL certificate refers to the security offered to the exchange of data using its file encryption. This is what is known by seeing HTTPS protocols. On Minecraft server hosts, you won’t find this service.

BisectHosting will offer you with complimentary DDoS hazard defense to stop potential attacks.


It’s likely that looking for the references, you have been taken with this principle. This terminology is usually applied to standard hosting servers. Those that serve to store whatever is related to a website. It is a service that offers the possibility of hosting more than one site. In the Hosting dedicated to Minecraft as it holds of BisectHosting, this concept can be utilized analogously with the world.

The creation of several worlds is possible by using a plugin such as Multiverse. All of these may have various types, seeds, and custom-made generators. Users will be able to move in between various portals, worlds, and areas. And you can handle and schedule tickets for whoever you desire in each one.

Use for Minecraft

For all the functions described up until now– and for lots of others you can find at Bisect Hosting’s website— we can say that this is a too recommended hosting for Minecraft.

In the strategies they provide both in their primary and exceptional services, you will find the one that is up to your requirement and desire. You will be able to contracts for a meager price hosting for your Minecraft server.

Users who are already using it today highlights in their opinions the excellent client support service they offer. In their views, you can see their experiences in other companies and the satisfying surprise when using this one.

Quality of Support

At this point, BisectHosting sticks out with terrific success from the rest of Minecraft server hosting. Without a doubt, the quality of its assistance is its most valued function amongst user reviews. Not just do they have a consistent schedule, every day 24 hr a day. However, without the need to purchase tickets, you will have personalized attention to your queries.

If you remain in a rush, you will have the possibility to utilize the tickets. According to the viewpoints, they respond in an average of fewer than thirty minutes and with technical knowledge of outstanding excellence.

What services does BisectHosting offer?

What services does BisectHosting offer?

All strategies provided by BisectHosting classic have the following services:

  • – Instant configuration in all bundles
  • – Free MySQL
  • – DDoS security
  • – Free sub-domain
  • – Full FTP access
  • – Unlimited space with SSD NMR
  • – 24/7 Assistance
  • – Multicraft panel

Also, BisectHosting’s premium services are added:

  • – Endless complimentary slots
  • – Daily backups
  • – Free Modpack setup and updates
  • – Free devoted IP
  • – Budget features included
  • – More locations offered

Overall, all these services ensure a smooth and satisfying gaming experience for you and all players in a Minecraft hosting space. With Bisect, you have provided hours of fun playing this game with your pals or, if you choose, producing a room with a world that can be accessed by endless players.

This depends on you and your choices. As we will see later on, you will have to pick a kind of strategy that fits the number of players you will want to have in the room. A room for 50 gamers is not like a room for 1.00. Both kinds of spaces are ensured in Bisect’s Minecraft hosting.

Why Pick BisectHosting for Minecraft?

There are many features to examine when taking a hosting for your Minecraft server. Throughout this short article, we’ve looked at the features of BisectHosting. The most critical assurances you can have when you work with a hosting service are the users’ viewpoints. You will believe that BisectHosting is among the very best Minecraft hosting servers today when you read them.

Added to the excellent service provided by the technical client assistance are the countless variety of strategies prepared. With their help, discovering a package that meets your requirements will be a quick and easy task. As if that were inadequate, you will find that the rate for which they operate is genuinely among the least expensive considering the relation with the service’s quality.

And whether you want to have lodging to play online with buddies or a big virtual Minecraft room, ease of use is a crucial point. BisectHosting does the panel with the most user-friendly interface design, Multicraft.

You’ll be working with a stable, reliable, and robust server hosting for Minecraft.

How to Install BisectHosting.

Installing a Minecraft server, no matter which supplier you pick, is a task that needs a certain level of knowledge of computer tools. If this is your first approach to Minecraft hosting, you will require more than just a couple of products.

You will have to install some software, download the Minecraft server, and run it. As it can be difficult, it is best to learn after choosing what hosting you desire. Although there is generally a general guide:

  • – You need to take control of Bisect’s services.
  • – Know what requirements you require for the serve Minecraft task are.
  • – You should buy the necessary plan that fits your needs.
  • – Identify the DNS of the domain to the server.
  • – Utilize the tools in the Multicraft panel to set up the map.
  • – After that, you need to configure the server for the administrators.
  • – Lastly, you must access the game using the server for Minecraft.

If your selection has been Bisect Hosting, this should not stress you. Your bundles come with a preconfiguration. All you must do is take the strategy that matches your finest and register for it. However, if you have any doubts, they can clear them up.

After that, it is decisive to have technical support, which is the most vital point of Bisect Hosting. Under your patient tutoring, you will not discover a problem that has no option.

They will assist you in the installation of the hosting and the setup of the panel used by Multicraft. You will also have the assistance, totally complimentary, in the design of the modifier you wish to have.

Prices and Promotion of BisectHosting

So far, we have noticed that BisectHosting has, in concept, two categories of service: standard and premium. In turn, these have a large number of strategies each.

Costs of BisectHosting.

The specificity of the service provided by BisectHosting, that’s why it has a comprehensive list of plans. The basic service plans’ functions can be compared with those of other business specialized in Minecraft server hosting.

The premium services packages, on the other hand, stand apart from these with features that will make your servers different from the others. You will have all the available places, everyday backups, unlimited slots, and more.

Each plan’s cost, within each classification, varies according to the amount of RAM selected and the time taken to contract. In the standard service, the most affordable 1GB of RAM strategy has a cost of ₤ 2.70 monthly. In the premium, the same plans are priced at ₤ 7.20 per month.

BisectHosting promos

In Bisect Hosting, you will discover the promos when you contract for longer than a month. You will have the ability to select between quarterly, half-yearly, or annual contracts, the cheapest ones.

However, even if you contract for an extended period, they have cancellation policies with which you can go back within the stipulated period. If you select the premium service, the more RAM your agreement, the lower the cost per gigabyte you pay cheap vps hosting providers.

BisectHosting Payment Approaches

The payment techniques that BisectHosting has:

  • – Credit/Debit Card
  • – PayPal.
  • – Paysafecard.
  • – Gift card.

In the forums about servers hosting for Minecraft, the best opinions are taken, with a considerable benefit, by Bisect Hosting.

Among the most repeated viewpoints, we can discover the evaluation of the attention’s immediacy with live assistance. And as if that were not enough, with real people, no automatic system responses. The more amateur users, in their viewpoints, emphasize the clarity with which they obtained reply and guidance on the path of setup and issue resolving. And no matter the number of, always with resolution patience to make whatever go well.

Likewise, the fantastic deal in its price about the service of quality. It is a great bulk that advises changing to BisectHosting services.

” I had never tried Minecraft hosting up until Bisect. I’m delighted because I can finally play Minecraft online with my friends.”.

” If you do not know which hosting provider to choose for your Minecraft video games, I suggest Bisect. Mainly because of its excellent technical service and terrific speed”.

” For those of you who are new to Minecraft hosting, Bisect is the best thing to do. It’s easy to use and has low-cost plans.

Conclusion about BisectHosting.

So far, we could learn about the substantial quantity of advantages and suggestions by user opinions that BisectHosting has. Its variety in the plans formerly configured for you is an excellent ally when choosing which to employ as hosting for your Minecraft server. Also, you can choose between different agreement durations to access their promotions.

We can view it as a downside that it has few locations to select compared to other Hosting. However, it is perfect that you can pick in between any of them in the premium bundles. BisectHosting’s specialization in server hosting for Minecraft is indisputable. The users’ opinions, added to the price they offer, make it one of the best choices.


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