Best 10 Windows PDF Converter Apps 2023

PDF Converter

PDF files have become an essential component of our digital lives. They are often used to exchange documents, forms, and other information. However, to make adjustments or extract vital data, we sometimes need to convert them to other formats, such as Microsoft Word or Excel. This is when PDF converter tools come in handy.

Having the proper tool on hand may help you save time and energy. However, with so many options accessible today, determining one is best suited to fulfill your requirements may be difficult. As a result, let’s look at the top PDF converters for Windows in 2023. We’ll review each app’s features, functionality, and more!

What are PDF Documents?

If you’ve created a text document in Word formats like RTF or DOCX, the way it displays on the screen might be affected by a variety of things. The document will appear differently than expected if the recipient does not have the required fonts loaded or is using a different program, like Libre Office or macOS Preview.

This is why PDF files were developed. Because of the PDF format, your text is turned to curves that look the same on every machine. However, since the text is viewed both as text and as an image, making changes to a PDF file requires fully reconstructing the file. The PDF format implies that the document’s content cannot be changed.

What is a PDF converter?

A PDF converter is a piece of software that can do this. As the name says, it converts all types of files to PDF, including DOC, XLS, and RTF. Some PDF converters can also convert PDFs to editable formats. You may use such apps to make changes to your CV or “pull” visuals from a closed PDF document. An online PDF converter operates in your browser, extracting content from data obtained when you submit files to the server.

You may also use an online flipbook generator to convert your PDF to HTML-5-based flipbooks while keeping your data safe on specially configured servers. On all operating systems, your PDF may be readily viewed in a browser. Aside from these capabilities, you may also include videos into your PDF file, as well as picture galleries and much more! It offers your PDF a new, more attractive appearance that may easily make it more engaging for the recipients of your converted document, like the one seen below.

What interactive capabilities should a decent PDF converter provide?

A decent online pdf converter does more than simply produce PDF files; it should also offer other functionality. Publuu allows you to convert PDF files and add multimedia features. Adding picture galleries or adding videos to your PDF might be examples of interactive components.

When you discover how interactive PDFs are displayed and replace your daily-sending papers. Including interactive components can ensure that your PDFs stand out in a sea of identical downloads and encourage your users to engage more.

What characteristics should a decent PDF converter have?

Continue reading to learn about the best PDF converters and the benefits and drawbacks of each so you can make an educated selection.

Here are some of the criteria we used to compile our list of the top PDF converter apps:

Multiple file formats for output: A high-quality free PDF converter should support a wide range of output and input file formats. This covers standard formats like Microsoft Office documents, pictures, text, and HTML, as well as uncommon formats like EPUB, MOBI, and DJVU. This guarantees that customers may convert PDF files to the format that most suits their requirements, as well as convert to PDF.

OCR capability: A important component of the PDF converter is OCR, or optical character recognition. Many free apps lack this capability. It enables you to scan photographs and convert them into editable papers. This is especially handy for scanned PDF files that have text stored as images, such as document scans. Libraries and archives should experiment with OCR features to convert PDFs.

Batch conversion: This function enables users to handle numerous PDF files at the same time, saving time and effort. This is especially beneficial for those who have a big quantity of PDF documents to convert, such as those dealing with bills. Often, free versions only enable you to convert up to 5 files at a time.

High conversion speed: The quicker the software, the more time saved. A fast online PDF converter allows users to convert PDF files quickly and effectively without having to wait long for the process to complete.

High-quality conversion guarantees that the original format of the PDF files is retained: This implies that the PDF file’s text, photos, and other features will be maintained, and the end product will appear just like the original. This is not always achievable, particularly when using online PDF converter tools!

User-friendliness: The simplicity of use of a free PDF converter is a significant characteristic. It relates to how readily users may explore and utilize the program without encountering any difficulties. A user-friendly PDF converter simplifies and simplifies the converting process, allowing users to do it swiftly and effectively.

Additional features: When converting files, several extras are important. Publuu, for example, allows you to integrate video material in their flipbook and handles the required file transfers. It’s also worth considering whether a PDF converter goes above and beyond to give you with a positive experience!

Points to Consider When Choosing a Tool to Convert PDF Files

Changing PDF documents to another format is necessary for various purposes. But, in any case, before jumping to the top of the apps, there are some essential things to take into consideration.

1. Formats.

First, consider the variety of formats that are supported. The majority of PDF converter tools provide conversion to common formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Check whether the needed formats are available before changing your files to less popular HTML or TXT.

2. Quality.

Even if the uploaded file was image-based or checked, the output should appear exactly like the original PDF and have no formatting or layout errors. Examine if the software supports high-quality OCR (optical character recognition) to guarantee the accuracy of the result.

3. Usage.

The best PDF converter for Windows should be simple to use and browse. The interface should be simple, enabling you to choose the source file and output format easily. Some tools also provide batch conversion, essential if you work with numerous documents simultaneously.

4. Speed.

Nobody likes to wait hours for a single file to convert. Look for PDF converters that can process the conversion swiftly and effectively.

5. Price.

Finally, consider the software cost. Some PDF converter apps provide free trial or sample editions, while others charge a one-time or subscription-based fee. Determine your budget and choose the tool that best matches it.

10 Tools for High-Quality PDF Documents Conversions

Here’s a table where you can find out which PDF converters we’ll be looking at and their price and free trial duration free download pdf converters.

Name Free Trial Price
CoolUtils 30 days License for $39.90
Adobe Acrobat DC seven days for Pro Pro subscription: annual for $19.99/mo, monthly for $29.99Standard subscription: annual for $12.99/mo, monthly for $22.99
TalkHelper unlimited trial, limited functionality One-user license for $29.95 ($49.95 with 500 OCR pages)
Foxit Editor 14 days yearly subscription for 12 – $79.00 (or $14.99/mo)PRO12 – $99.00 (or $16.99/mo)PRO+12 – $149.00
Icecream unlimited trial, limited functionality Perpetual license for $29.95Pro package for $115
Soda unlimited trial, limited functionality Annual subscription for Pro – $10/42/moStandard – $6.75/moBusiness – $16.67/mo
Wondershare PDFelement 14 days Yearly plan for $129Perpetual plan for $159
Lumin unlimited trial, limited functionality Starter for $9/moPro for $19/moBusiness for $199/mo
Nitro 14 days One-user license for $179.99 (eSign is separated for $9.99/mo)
Smallpdf 14 days Annual pro for $9/mo, monthly for $12

We’re sure you’ve spotted some intriguing options. Let’s take a closer look at each of them!

#1: TalkHelper

TalkHelper is a one-stop PDF converter solution. This comprehensive software with a straightforward user interface is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 and provides several benefits to its users. You may use it to change the PDF format to the following:

  • Word files (DOC/DOCX/ODT);
  • PowerPoint (PPT);
  • Excel (XLS/XLSX/ODS);
  • Hypertext (HTML);
  • eBook (EPub);
  • images (JPG/TIFF/PNG/GIF/BMP).

All of these formats may be converted to PDFs while retaining their original quality. Furthermore, the program has a partial conversion tool, which allows you to extract certain pages rather than processing the complete document. Splitting, merging, and batch converting PDF files are additional application functionality.

This PDF converter for Windows also includes excellent OCR technology that supports 46 languages. This essential tool makes it easy to transfer and change scanned or image-based PDFs to Word or Excel.

#2: CoolUtils

Our software program is at the top of our list of the best PDF converters for various factors. It batch transforms PDFs to over 25 other formats, including DOC (or DOCX), HTML, XLS,TIFF, EPS, PS, RTF, TXT, CSV, and images. The tool has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to process several files simultaneously while retaining the original document’s design, images, and text formatting.

Our finest PDF converter software is compatible with all versions of Windows. It may add pagination, a signature, and text or picture watermarks to the output header or footer, making it suitable for personal and professional usage. Furthermore, you may exclude images from the source files or receive the result with just images, split multi-page files, and combine multiple into a single TIFF image. Overall, dealing with PDFs becomes a snap with our high-quality solution!

#3: Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat DC is also one of the most popular PDF converter software for Windows, which is not unexpected given that the firm created the Portable Document Format in the first place. Newcomers can find the product interface needing to be clarified. However, once you’ve mastered the navigation, it’s quite simple. The recent version is suitable for Windows 10 and 11.

Adobe Acrobat can effortlessly convert PDF to Word and other file formats in addition to reading, saving, sharing, and editing PDF documents. The output content is unchanged and does not need to be re-edited. A merger, compressor, filling, and signing tool is also included. Furthermore, Adobe Acrobat DC conversion software has OCR, which simplifies the processing of scanned PDF files.

#4: Foxit Editor

Foxit has become as well-known as Adobe by supplying PDF editing software for years. Its current product, Foxit Editor, is regarded as the finest software for converting PDFs to Word documents. You may share the whole document or a specific portion by exporting it to Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, RTF, and images. You may also make a portfolio to share several files. The application has several editing tools, such as:

  • changing the layout;
  • modifying text font, size, or line spacing;
  • moving content across columns, paragraphs, and pages;
  • adding multimedia;
  • creating eSign.

Foxit’s organizing tools may be used to split and combine converted files and add watermarks, stamps, footers, and headers. Run OCR when dealing with paper docs or images to get searchable and editable content. On top of that, there is a possibility to allow document accessibility for those with impairments who access the content using assistive technology.

#5: Icecream

Icecream conversion tools may be your answer if you seek artistically designed PDF converter software for Windows. The app has a simple layout with two sections for converting PDF to Word and vice versa. Spreadsheets, eBooks, hypertext, and images are other accepted formats. However, they vary somewhat depending on the sort of conversion.

This effective Microsoft PDF converter has a batch processing capability for dealing with numerous files simultaneously. You can combine your docs in different formats into one. The Icecream PDF converter also includes optical character recognition. It suggests that you edit files that have been transformed, such as images or scanned documents.

There’s also PDFCandy, Icecream’s online PDF converter. Consider it if you’re looking for the greatest free PDF converter but want to avoid bothering with installation.

#6: Soda

Another option is Soda PDF, a flexible and lightweight PDF converter software. With its powerful features, you may convert PDF files to Word, PowerPoint, text, Excel and images and utilize batch conversion to process several documents simultaneously. The application also allows you to create PDFs from over 300 file formats.

The built-in optical character recognition tool aids in the conversion of scanned documents and images into editable and searchable files. It finds text fragments inside images automatically, but you may choose regions to check manually.

Soda PDF has tools for adding and deleting text content, adjusting its size, font, and color, and inserting, cutting, or cropping images. If necessary, you may e-sign and protect your files and create interactive PDF forms (invoices, surveys, and so on).

#7: Smallpdf

For lesser assignments, this is the finest PDF converter app. It comes in desktop and smartphone versions, a Google Chrome extension, the G Suite, and the Dropbox app.

Smallpdf includes 21 tools for organizing and converting files. Once you’ve downloaded this PDF converter software, you can easily convert Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and images (JPG and PNG) with a simple drag and drop. It is designed with simple editing features and offers quick viewing, editing, compressing, combining, and dividing experiences. You may also protect your docs inside the app, unlock them, and eSign them.

#8: Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement is a PDF converter software for Windows that provides a simple reading, organizing, editing, commenting, and conversion tool. It supports many picture file formats and can convert files from all Microsoft Office formats.

This application is available for most major Windows versions and has an easy-to-use toolbar with options for batch processing, fillable form creation, document merging, splitting, and compression. Its editing tools are similar to Word’s, with the ability to input text, shapes, or picture content, change the text’s font, size, and color, and include links or watermarks. This Microsoft PDF converter speeds up electronic contract signing, while OCR technology effortlessly detects the content of scanned files.

#9: Lumin

Lumin is a PDF converter app with OCR that works in the cloud. It’s connected with Google tools like Google Drive, Google Classroom, and Dropbox, so your work is protected.

This conversion software provides digital tools required for seamless working with bespoke documents. It’s simple to open your docs in a desktop program, browser, mobile, or tablet device and edit them without conversion, as well as convert Word, Excel, PPT, or JPG files. You can minimize file size, combine and split them, make fillable forms, and generate eSign. You may also mark up your papers with Lumin for more customized work.

#10: Nitro

Utilize Nitro conversion software for a more streamlined, intelligent, and productive experience with your docs. This PDF converter tool, trusted by over 60% of Fortune 500 companies, provides in-depth and accessible editing, creation, eSigning, and more. You can make, change, review, and convert to and from common file formats, all with professional, clutter-free navigation.

It’s one of the best PDF converters, ideally combining document conversion tools with professional, complicated usage. It is fully integrated with OCR and offers a variety of additional useful capabilities, such as sorting, merging, splitting, and safeguarding files. It speeds up the workflow by executing important activities with your docs intuitively and quickly.


This was our list of PDF converters to keep an eye on in 2023. They all provide users with the tools and functionality to do operations swiftly and easily with PDFs. Trials allow you to try out the app before buying a plan.

When choosing which PDF conversion software to work with, you can always utilize our list of items to consider. But our application is the best option. It provides the longest trial time to get acquainted with its functionality, supports many common file formats, performs conversions efficiently, and includes a unique command line to change files without a graphical interface.


How to download PDF converter software?

Go to their main page and find and click the “Download” option to download one of your favorite PDF converters. When asked, select a place on your computer for the download process. Once the download is complete, please find the file, double-click it to begin the installation, and follow the on-screen instructions.

How can I convert a PDF file for free?

Several free tools are accessible for this file format conversion, and they all offer comparable navigation and functionality. To convert PDF files for free, open the CoolUtils web tool. Here, you must select the document in one of the file formats supported by your computer. Next, choose the appropriate output format from the drop-down option and provide any other information as required. Wait a few seconds for the converted file to download.

What is the best PDF to Word converter software?

To find the finest software for converting PDF to Word, examine your needs and the criteria discussed in this article. Check whether the software also supports the DOC and DOCX file formats. CoolUtils’ greatest PDF converter app is a global and high-quality answer if you need more time to investigate.

What is the best free PDF converter?

There are several free PDF converters available. However, the ideal one depends on your requirements and tastes. A free online version of the versatile software program CoolUtils can convert PDF documents into 16 different formats in only a few clicks. You may select options such as picture DPI and page size for a more accurate result.


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