PowerPoint Export to Video Not Working Error Fix

PowerPoint Export to Video Not Working Error Fix

PowerPoint Export to Video Not Working Error Fix

If PowerPoint cannot convert or export videos, these 4 points will help you get everything done more immediately. Move forward and reference this troubleshooting example if the PowerPoint export to video error happens with a single display.

Within this guide, you will read how to fix PowerPoint export to video not working error instantly. Therefore, without more ado, let’s get started!

How to Fix PowerPoint Not Exporting Videos

Quick Fixes:

1. Work on converting your presentation into a video by using a different computer.

 2. Update Office to guarantee you are running the latest version.

One thing that should be noted is that PowerPoint 2016 for Mac does not support saving performances in a video format. There are no issues at all. The feature is supported in PowerPoint 2011, 2019, and Microsoft 365.

Now, let’s discuss if we can fix the PowerPoint export to video error.

PowerPoint Export to Video Not Working Error Fix

Optimize and Compress Media

That may fix the problem for you: Choose File and click “Save.” Use them by going to the Files tab, then clicking on Optimize Media, and taking Compress Media.

This would best if you kept in mind that compressing the media file may decrease superfluous audio content quality. To determine if you can export videos after having optimized the media file.

Repair Office

PowerPoint Export to Video Not Working Error Fix

Fixing Office helps you improve any potential issues. In the Control Panel, choose “Uninstall a program,” choose the category and click “Remove a program.”

If you choose Office or Microsoft 365, click on the “Change,” you will be prompted to select a different mailbox provider. Choose the Scan and Repair command to check and fix misconfigured Office quickly.

Can you export PowerPoint presentations? Contact Sony if the problem doesn’t go away. If the difficulty continues, then launch the Sony Online Repair option.

Disable Background Programs

PowerPoint Export to Video Not Working Error Fix


If different programs or processes are running in the background that stops video export, you can resolve the issue by disabling all of them. Your antivirus software included.

If you’re running Windows 10, launch the Task Manager and then choose “nonexistent programs.” Click to close the taskbar.

After you eliminated all the unnecessary programs, attempt to export yours again.

Disable your Add-ins

The following method is to disable all your add-ins and ensure that the video export setting still works afterward. To launch PowerPoint in Safe Mode, hold down the [CTRL] key and double-click on the PowerPoint, and then click “OK to open.”

If you are running into a problem, try exporting videos to CSV carefully to notice if you experience it. Alternatively, if you faced no issues, you can go to the File menu, select Options, also click the Add-Ins.

Disable all COM add-ins (programs), and then restart PowerPoint. If you can’t save your PowerPoint presentations as videos, then you can use a screen recorder to finish the task.

In the following comments section let us know if you could do the PowerPoint export to video not working error with comfort.


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