Best “Real Money” Online Craps Sites Know About in 2023

Online Craps

Craps has been one of the most popular casino games since casinos were founded, and according to certain ideas, the game itself may have begun millennia before. Craps, of course, migrated online with the internet and the subsequent online casinos, retaining all of its appeal in physical casinos top online craps free.

Gamblers from all over the globe are now looking for the best Online Craps websites in the hopes of winning some real money, and the game may undoubtedly provide – if they are lucky enough for the dice to fall in their favor. The fact that craps primarily rely on chance makes it appealing to players since throwing the dice is all required to engage in the game. There is no need to know intricate card combinations as in poker, but it is more interesting than merely clicking a button or pulling a lever on slot machines online craps real money.

Craps fall halfway in the middle, being both thrilling and simple to play. And, as previously mentioned, there is the possibility to win a lot of money if you are lucky. However, the casino at which you play the game may also have a significant influence since each casino is unique, with its bonuses, payment options, and other features that can make your experience more joyful. If you are new to craps and want to learn how to play it, we have a beginner‘s guide to craps that will teach you all you need to know about the game. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a checklist of the top 7 best websites for playing Online Craps , which we’d like to give to you right now how to play craps online.

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A Guide to Playing Real Money Online Craps

Are Craps Games Played Online Rigged?

They are not. Every roll of the dice in online craps is processed by a random number generator (RNG), which is then certified by gaming regulators to ensure a fair return-to-player (RTP) percentage.

However, you must be certain that you are joining up with licenced online casinos in order to ensure a minimal house edge and fair betting odds.

To put your mind at rest, you should know that all of the online casinos we review are completely licenced.

Is it legal to play Craps for real money online?

Yes, playing online craps is just as legal as going to your favorite land-based casino and enjoying your favorite craps tables.

Craps players may enjoy their favorite online slots, play online craps, and make a pass line wager without worry of legal repercussions. Every online craps site we review has a current operational licence.

However, before you join up to play craps online, always verify your local laws.

Do the best online craps casinos have a low house edge?

When it comes to playing craps, we can tell you that the finest online craps bets have better odds. You’ll have to contend with a variety of house edges depending on which casinos you play real money craps at.

Cafe Casino’s online craps table, for example, offers a 1.41% pass line bet advantage, while a hard 4 and 10 has an 11.11% house edge.

Licenced real money online craps providers will often disclose their betting odds based on your come out roll. We recommend that you research each one before putting money down.

Are Random Number Generators Used in Craps Casinos?

They do, indeed. Any real money online craps game employs a RNG (random number generator) to decide the result of your wagers.

It should also be mentioned that the RNGs used by licenced casinos are frequently reviewed to ensure high return-to-player percentages and fair betting odds.

How Do I Choose the Best Craps Casino?

Bettors who want to play real money craps at an online casino are spoiled for options. Because hundreds of online craps sites sell their services to players without hesitation, it might be difficult to sort through the haystack in search of the needle.

Having stated that, we have some suggestions for gamers who are stuck in the decision-making process.

Make an account with Wild Casino or Bovada if you’re seeking for a range of online gambling possibilities.

If you’re primarily concerned in craps bonuses and a hefty reload match, you’ll enjoy or Cafe Casino more.

Choosing the Best Real Money Craps Websites

The following is how we chose the best online casinos for craps games:

Gaming Variety

We prioritized sites that can compete with and outperform land-based casinos in terms of delivering a wide range of online craps games – and much more.

Our top recommendations provide players with the opportunity to play real money craps, free craps games, hundreds of casino table games, high-quality online slots, and sports betting options. The top live casinos are also something we want to include.

Mobile Compatibility

Players who want to play real money craps online while on the move will discover that our top-rated sites provide complete mobile compatibility throughout their entire library of craps games.

We also gave sites with a native mobile app for their platform a better ranking.


While the bonuses available vary across casinos, players searching for online craps bonuses or a sizable deposit bonus are in luck. We also gave sites with the highest bonus caps and the lowest wagering requirements a better ranking.

Cash Deposits and Withdrawals

When you play craps for real money, you want to ensure you’re betting safely. As a result, we gave better rankings to sites with the most diverse set of banking alternatives.

All of our top recommendations allow cryptocurrency deposits in addition to credit card deposits. Aside from that, we prioritized sites having the quickest payment times.

7 Best “Real Money” Online Craps Sites

1. Ignition Casino

The first on our list is Ignition Casino, a well-known forum that launched in 2016, and it has spent the previous six years establishing an essentially faultless reputation. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission licenses the platform, has several security mechanisms, and over 200 games are offered to its players.

Ignition Casino presently only welcomes players from the United States and Australia, except those residing in the conditions of New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, and Nevada. All other countries are strictly prohibited. The casino is well-known for its fantastic welcome bonuses and promotions, as well as its many payment options, which include cryptocurrency.

2. Wild Casino

In third place is Wild Casino, a platform that admits players from the United States and Canada but is prohibited from accepting players from Australia and the United Kingdom. Wild Casino has served as a licensed platform since 2017, completely controlled by the Panama Gaming Commission, which assured that it was and still is a secure location to bet. The casino delivers access to a wide range of games, including slots, tables, video poker, and, of course, craps.

It also provides enticing bonuses and promotions, as well as a loyalty and VIP program. It is accessible via mobile and desktop, and it offers highly helpful and polite customer care by email and live chat at all times. Of course, there are several more aspects of the platform to be aware of, which is why we suggest reading our Wild Casino review before proceeding.

3. Cafe Casino

 Online Craps

Cafe Casino is one of those platforms that only arose recently but rose to prominence quickly owing to the high quality of their service. It launched in 2020, quickly securing a Curacao gambling license and providing a large game library. Unfortunately, there are no mobile live dealers and certain cashouts are subject to costs. Still, the platform supports cryptocurrencies and fiat money, offers a range of payment ways, a large Bitcoin bonus, and a VIP schedule for returning users.

Except players residing in the states of New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, and Nevada, Cafe Casino presently only allows players from the United States. All other countries are strictly prohibited. Its platform is also user-friendly, so if you want to learn more about it before you start playing, we suggest reading our Cafe Casino review first.

4. Bovada

Bovada casino is halfway down the list, and it presently only admits players from the United States, except those residing in the states of New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, and Nevada. All other countries are strictly prohibited.

Bovada is a well-known and renowned casino platform that helped fund our initial entry, Ignition Casino. The platform launched in 2011, and the Kahnawake Gambling Commission licensed it for the first five years. However, once the commission changed its stance, Bovada freely surrendered the license in protest since it did not agree with the modifications. However, the platform remained as dependable as ever, with amazing games, several payment ways, a sportsbook and a casino operating concurrently, and more.


 Online Craps

Slots. Lv is a 2013 platform that admits players from the United States and Canada, except those residing in the states of New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, New York, Nevada, and the province of Quebec. All other countries are strictly prohibited.

Slots. Lv boasts a Curacao license, a large game selection that includes craps, and a low minimum deposit of $10. The platform offers a substantial welcome gift to new players, has robust security, accepts crypto payments, and has over 400 games in total. Of course, there are other benefits, such as competent customer service, varied promotions, and more, that make it worthwhile to come. Read our study to learn more, and then collect your bonuses via the platform itself when you’re ready.

6. Super Slots

 Online Craps

Finally, the final platform on our list is Super Slots, which admits players from the United States and Canada. However, Australia and the United Kingdom are prohibited. Super Slots, as the name indicates, is a slot-themed casino, but it has hundreds of games, with slots only accounting for a small fraction of the overall game catalog.

Super Slots was launched in 2020 and is licensed by the Panama Gaming Control Board, which makes it compatible with US gaming rules as well. The platform accepts not only the most popular credit and debit cards but also a wide range of cryptocurrencies. It also features a massive welcome bonus but no VIP or loyalty programs, as well as sports betting or live poker tournaments.

Learn more about Super Slots in our platform review, or visit the website and register to get your bonus and begin playing Online Craps .

7. Bet Online

Best Online, toward the bottom of the list, admits players from the United States and Canada. Unfortunately, Australia and the United Kingdom are prohibited. Bet Online is operated by a privately owned online gambling corporation that was founded in 2004, giving it around 18 years of experience. It has a Panama City license and accepts a variety of payment options, including Mastercard, Visa, Discover card, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others.

The platform features hundreds of games, with 200 of them being slot games alone, while the remainder include sports betting and many more popular games like craps. Bet Online offers a fantastic welcome bonus as well as other promotions for those who utilize cryptocurrency on the platform, and long-term customers can also take advantage of a loyalty and VIP program.

Can You Play Craps for Real Money?

Can You Play Free Craps?

Yes, all of the casinos we suggest allow you to play craps for free. After that, you may practice playing until you’re ready to play for real money.

What Is the Shooter?

Players take turns rolling two dices, the person who is responsible for throwing the dice is called the “shooter”.

What Is the Pass Line Bet?

This is the most common type of bet, when a player places a Pass Line bet, the player is betting with the dice. The goal is that either a 7 or an 11 will be the “come out” roll (first number rolled). If this happens the player automatically doubles their money.

If a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 is rolled, this establishes a “point.” This gives the player a second chance at winning. The player needs to then shoot the dice and land the identical number in order to win and double their bet. If a 7 is rolled then the player loses in what is called a “sevens out”.

If the number rolled is a 2, 3, or 12 (called Craps), the player instantly loses the bet.

The house edge is 1.41%.

What Is the Don’t Pass Bet?

The Don’t Pass bet is essentially betting against the dice and this is the complete opposite of Pass Line bets.

The player is hoping for a for a 2, 3, or 12 to be rolled on the initial come out roll, if this happens the player automatically doubles their money.

If a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 is rolled, this establishes a “point.” This gives the player a second chance at winning. Unlike the “Pass Line Bet”, the player is hoping that the identical number will not be rolled again, if the identical number rolls the player loses. If the 7 comes up first the player automatically wins the bet.

The house edge is 1.41%.

What Are Place Bets?

Place bets is a player is betting that a specific number will be rolled before the 7 is rolled. The player can choose to roll a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10.

Number 4 or 10

Payouts: 9 to 5

House edge: 6.67%

Number 5 or 9

Payouts: 7 to 5

House edge: 4%

Number 6 or 8

Payouts: 7 to 6

House edge: 1.52%

What Are Field Bets?

These are bets when the player is hoping for the roll of 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12.

Number 3, 4, 9, 10 or 11

Payout: 1 to 1 (No money is won or lost).

Number 2

Payout: 2 to 1.

Number 12

Payout: 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 (depending on the casino).

Number 5, 6, 7, or 8

Player automatically loses bet.

Field bets offer the casino a 5.56% house edge.

What Are Hard Bets?

This is when the player bets that the two numbers that roll on the dices will be identical. For example: 3s on both dices, or 4s on both dices.

The only winning combinations can be: 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10.

Number 2:

Payout: 35 to 1

House Edge: 13.89%

Numbers 4 or 10

Payout: 8 to 1

House Edge: 11.11%,

Numbers 6 or 8

Payout 10 to 1

House Edge:  9.09%

What Is a Sevens Out?

This is simply rolling a seven after a point has previously been established. In some cases this may lose a bet “pass line bet” or may may win a bet “don’t pass bet”.

What Is Pressing Your Bet?

When a player wins they have the option of collecting their winnings, or they can keep the winnings on the table to further double the bet in what is called “pressing your bet”.

What Are Roll Bets?

Roll bets is when players bets on a single roll for a specific number.

Number 2 or 12:

Payouts: 30 to 1

House Edge: 13.89%

Number 3 or 11:

Payouts: 15 to 1

House Edge: 11.11%

Number 7: 

Payout is: 4 to 1

House Edge is:  11.11%.

What Is a Come Bet?

Players have the option of placing this bet after a point on the Pass Line has been rolled. The rules are then identical to a Pass Line Bet.

Numbers 4 or 10

Payout: 1:2

House Edge: 2.44%

Numbers 5 or 9

Payout: 2 to 3

House Edge: 3.23%

Numbers 6 or 8

Payout: 5 to 6

House Edge: 4%

House Edge: 1.41%

What Is a Don’t Come Bet?

Players have the option of placing this bet after a point on the Pass Line has been rolled. This is the reverse of a “Come Bet”, and is very similar to the “Don’t Pass Bet”.

Numbers 4 or 10

Payout: 1:2

House Edge: 2.44%

Numbers 5 or 9

Payout: 2 to 3

House Edge: 3.23%

Numbers 6 or 8

Payout: 5 to 6

House Edge: 4%

Mobile Craps Online

Yes, that’s right! From your phone or tablet, you may play real money craps online. So shooting dice from a portable device is the same as playing on your PC. You may use a touchscreen to move chips on the felt and roll the dice in mobile casinos.

Do I Need to Download a Craps App?

According to their criteria, you are unlikely to discover a real money craps app on the Google Play or App stores. Fortunately, you may play right in your web browser at our recommended casinos. Simply sign in and go to the table games area.


Online craps games, like the ones we mentioned above, have become incredibly popular in casinos throughout the globe. If you’re looking for a new place to play craps, or if you want to switch from physical to online casinos, or even if this is your first time and you didn’t know the rules before reading our craps for beginners guide — each of these platforms will be a good fit for you. The only question is which one you prefer.

FAQs about Craps games online

What is the meaning of the Come bet?

A come bet, like a pass line bet, offers some of the best odds. The come bet, on the other hand, may only be placed after a point has been established. When the shooter rolls a 4-6 or an 8-10, this occurs. You place your come bet, and the shooter keeps rolling. If a 2, 3, or 12 is rolled, you will lose the bet and win if a 7 or 11 is rolled. If the shooter rolls the point number, the round is over, but your come bet remains. This bet pays 1:1 and has a 1.41% house edge.

Craps vs blackjack: which is a better bet?

Not in terms of odds, since blackjack has the greatest odds of any casino games. Craps, on the other hand, is a more sociable game and is faster and simpler to learn. As a new player, playing craps online will be simpler (and maybe more enjoyable).

Is it necessary to download software in order to play craps online?

Absolutely not. With no download necessary, you may play craps immediately online via your browser. Any online casino for craps gaming will use cutting-edge security to secure your log in and personal information. You may download casino applications to your phone or tablet if you prefer to keep your online craps game on your device.

Is it possible to play craps online?

Yes, craps is highly popular online, and you should be able to find lots of games at most online casinos. Craps games online will feature faster-paced graphics-driven games and live dealer craps, which will broadcast the action in real time from a craps table with a dealer.

Is it possible to play craps for real money?

You won’t have any problem finding a table since playing online craps for real money is quite widespread. All of our suggested online craps casinos will provide real money craps games from a variety of well-known game suppliers.

Can I play online craps games on my smartphone?

You certainly can. Craps online works just as well on iPhone and Android smartphones, whether you prefer an app or a mobile casino. Check out our list of the best craps online casinos, which all get high marks for mobile compatibility and the quality of any applications they provide.

How do the payouts work in craps?

The best craps payout is 1:1, although it varies on the bets and casino. In general, the greatest craps payouts will come from easy-to-win bets like the Pass Line and Come bet, as well as the Don’t Pass Line and Don’t Come bet. Although the payouts are 1:1, it is possible to win. Place bets, hardways, and one roll bets provide bigger payouts. Keep in mind that, although the payout on these bets is appealing, they are more difficult to win.

What are the greatest online craps bets to place?

The Pass Line, Don’t Pass bar and Place 6 and Place 8 bets are the finest craps bets to make. The latter two provide inner table action and require the shooter to roll a 6 or 8 before rolling a 7. The payout ratio is 7:6. Make cautious not to confuse the Place 6 or 8 bet with the Big 6 and Big 8 bets, which carry a 1:1 payout.

What are the odds of winning?

In general, whether online or in person, the odds at a craps table favour the house by roughly 0.67%. That has nothing to do with rigging or influence, but rather with the general rules of averages and statistics. This is how the casino generates money, and a cautious craps player confronts some relatively favorable odds when compared to other games.

Is it possible that online craps games are rigged?

Craps is a game of pure chance, plain and simple. There is nothing you can do to influence the result of a roll, and online craps casinos, like in real life, have no influence over the dice. Make sure to play at a trustworthy online craps casino, such as the ones we have listed above, to ensure a fair game. These carefully chosen casinos use cutting-edge software with random number generators and have been recognized and audited by the most reputable organizations.

Is it possible to play craps for free?

Many online casinos provide free craps games so that you may learn the rules and get acquainted with their software before playing for real money. This is an excellent approach to get expertise when playing craps online. However, in order to win real money, you must play real-money craps games.

Where can I locate an online craps casino?

Check out our list of the best craps casinos. We analyzed all of the top online casinos for security, best craps game play, visuals, and payouts. We also rate free online craps casinos based on the greatest bonuses, which let you to play for longer with whatever amount of money you deposit.


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