Zimbra Free Webmail best online email service Zimbra 

Zimbra Free Webmail best online email service Zimbra 

Zimbra Free is your solution if you want seamless, efficient, and free email. Everything you need to know about free webmail is right here.

Zimbra Free is a free online messaging service available to people who subscribe to it. The service is simple to use and has many valuable features. Here is a comprehensive instruction for using this webmail correctly.

Zimbra is a good option for individuals who seek a friendly interface and additional storage capacity. It existed long before RoundCube, another free webmail service. Free Zimbra aspires to provide you with complete independence since it is intuitive but accessible to everyone and because it is free.

What distinguishes this platform?

And how can you set up a Zimbra account without any followers? Zimbra free webmail is now available. Before we begin, it is vital to clarify what webmail is.

What is webmail?

Webmail is a computer interface that allows you to read, manage, and send electronic mail (email) from an Internet browser. A webmail service is accessible through a URL and may be considered software in the SAAS (Software As A Service) approach. A webmail interface is an interface that allows you to view, create, send, and receive emails straight from your computer browser.

The best advantage of webmail is that you may check your e-mails from any tablet, computer, or smartphone (let you have an internet connection). Furthermore, you have a mailbox of many gigabytes on the server and no longer fear losing your e-mails in the event of a computer accident.

The disadvantage is that advertisements often appear (unless you use an ad blocker).

  1. It’s free webmail.
  2. Free provides an online messaging platform called Zimbra.
  3. It is also webmail with a more fluid interface and access to various email management features.
  4. For Free subscribers with email addresses, the platform provides an alternate method.
  5. However, everyone may benefit from a free Zimbra mailbox.
  6. HTML and Ajax technologies are used to access the free Zimbra Free webmail.
  7. The Ajax version is more effective and quicker.
  8. You may check and send emails in a fun way using this type of interface.
  9. When generating Free emails, you can use a webmail service such as Zimbra or RoundCube.

IMP was formerly offered for free. The internet messaging service provided by the Free operator is open source. Zimbra works with all operating systems, including Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.


Zimbra Collaboration Package (ZCS) is a collaboration software suite owned and developed by Zimbra, Inc. that has an email server and a web client (formerly Telligent Systems).

Zimbra was created by Zimbra, Inc. and first launched in 2005. In September 2007, Yahoo! bought the firm, which was eventually sold to VMware on January 12, 2010. VMware sold it to Telligent Systems in July 2013, and the company changed its name to “Zimbra, Inc.” in September 2013.

Verint bought Zimbra, Inc. in August 2015, sold ZCS to Synacor, and rebranded the remaining assets as Telligent. According to Scott Dietzen, Zimbra’s former president and chief technology officer, the name Zimbra is inspired by the Talking Heads’ song I Zimbra.

Service Highlights, Highlights, and Benefits

Zimbra has several features that set it apart from other messaging and webmail services. It is not necessary to download email software to use Zimbra Free, and it is compatible with other popular clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.

You may use these programs to check your e-mails while not connected to the internet. You should be aware that this is possible if you use Zimbra. You may create an email account on any of these sites.

One of those best features is the ability to categorize emails by type, which may be quite beneficial for individuals who have many sorts or categories in their inbox and require an easy method to identify the location of particular messages at any moment; labels are also a fantastic addition!

These straightforward designations allow users to swiftly filter through massive volumes of data while limiting data loss. There are also two kinds of search tools to help you discover your emails: simple for a quick fix on a specific recipient/topic, and advanced for a more in-depth search.

Zimbra Free allows you to customize your messaging interface, and you may change the Zimbra visual theme anytime. It also includes online diaries, as do many webmail services. This simple tool may significantly assist you in enhancing your organization and is a true asset.

Zimbra Free has 1 GB of storage capacity that can be easily increased up to 10 gigabytes for free! To end it all off, you can set up an email account on Zimbra even if you don’t have a mobile or free internet connection. On Zimbra, you will be able to create an unlimited number of accounts. Indeed, Free has decided to offer the service both free and limitless.

How can I get into online messaging?

There are two ways to connect to Zimbra de Free: direct access via webmail and access using an email client.

Do you already have a free email account and want to use the Zimbra platform?

The technique is as follows:

Zimbra Free may be accessed directly. To use the Free webmail service, you must first connect to the Free Zimbra portal, which may be found at the following address: zimbra.free.fr.

Identify yourself in the dedicated connection area by using your email address “@free.fr” as your username rather than your phone number. Your password is the one you prefer when you register.

Once linked, you may access the “Management of my Mail accounts” area.

Then, select “Migrate to the new Free webmail.”

You must confirm your request to verify it.

Please be forbearing while your Zimbra account is updated throughout the migration process to the Zimbra webmail. In the interim, you may continue to manage your mailbox using Roundcube. 

Email software access

As previously stated, Zimbra Free may be accessed using email software. As a result, to set your area, you must undoubtedly install this software on your computer.

The rest is extremely simple to complete after installation. You have the option of using OutlookThunderbird, mailbird, or even mailspring. The rest is done automatically after the messaging software is installed.

Choose your nickname carefully, as this is the name that will display on all messages sent. Also, remember to keep your password safe. You will not be capable of logging in ahead until you have it. However, avoid exposing it to other individuals to avoid the risk of hacking.

How can I set up a free Zimbra account?

Anyone may use Free’s free webmail without a Freebox subscription. The same may be said for secondary accounts. Subscribing to Freebox allows you to create a Zimbra account.

To access Zimbra, go to your Freebox Subscriber Area and sign in using your username and password. Then choose “Managing my email accounts » and create your new mail space with Zimbra. If you are a new Free client who has just subscribed to one of their offers, account on Zimbra, which you can access at the following address: zimbra.free.fr.

To avoid the chance of hacking/phishing, your e-mail addresses must not have underscores (_) or hyphens (-), and do not count a dot at the back of the login. [email protected] type cannot be started. Your login must have between 3 and 20 characters, and your password must have between 8 and 16 characters.

You can make as multiple accounts as you like, but remember that once an e-mail account is created, it will be operational within roughly 2 hours.

Create a Zimbra account without joining Freebox. Of course, opening a Zimbra account without subscribing to Free is possible, but the procedure may be lengthy; in this case, Gmail is a quicker choice.

Open a browser on your phone and pc and go to: https://subscribe.free.fr/accesgratuit/. Enter your personal information in the relevant boxes and review the general terms of sale.

Once the data validation is complete, next click Continue to proceed to step 2. Follow the platform’s instructions until the account creation is completed.

You may have seen that it takes a long time to create a Zimbra email account without a Freebox subscription, and you must also wait for your account to be verified by mail. You receive your mail username and password to activate your Free Zimbra webmail, which you may edit and customize later.

Change your Free mailbox password.

Here are the steps to change your Zimbra login password:

Log in to your Webmail account.

Click the white hand to the right of your name at the top right of the Zimbra window.

Select Change Password from the drop-down option.

A new Change password dialogue box appears:

  1. Enter your new current password in the Old password area.
  2. Enter the preferred new password in the New Password area.
  3. Re-enter the password you supplied in field 2 in the Confirm field.
  4. Validate your password change by clicking the Change password button.
  5. A confirmation message is presented once the data has been confirmed.
  6. You can dismiss this window now that your password has been updated.

Recover a Lost Password

If you’ve forgotten your password and cannot access your Free Zimbra account, reset is simple. Navigate to https://subscribe.free.fr/login/ and choose “Change password.”. “

You must enter your email address. A message will then be delivered to your emergency mailbox, instructing you how to create a new password.

Make sub-accounts

Both Free subscribers and non-subscribers can set up a second Free email account. The user will receive their login after creating the primary account, which may be used to create one or more secondary mailboxes.

To do so, go to the Free connection area and connect with the identification. Finally, go to the “Create extra email accounts” section and follow the instructions. The secondary account, like the primary account, will be activated within an average of 2 hours of its establishment and must follow the name requirements outlined in the preceding section.

Increase the capacity of webmail from 1 GB to 10 GB. You may have seen that Free’s Zimbra messaging service is quite restricted, with only 1GB of storage space (messages received and sent, with attachments).

While a gigabyte was sufficient a few years ago, it is no longer so now. Don’t worry if your Zimbra mailbox at Free is filled; you can easily extend its size from 1 GB to 10 GB.

Of course, and it’s completely free!

Launch your chosen web browser and navigate the Free site to modify Zimbra’s storage capacity. At the top right of your home page, click Subscriber space.

Enter your email address, not your Free ID, on the new page that displays. Type the password for your e-mail address, then click Connection. On the following screen, labeled Management Interface: Mail, Web, in the left column, click the option Change Zimbra’s capacity to 10 GB. A page says that the migration procedure is underway and typically takes 48 hours.

Maximum attachment size in Zimbra

The maximum size of your attached files has been dramatically raised in recent months. Previously, they could only be 10 MB in principle (and even a little less in practice). This limit has been raised to 75 MB. A significant upgrade that users of Free’s messaging system had anticipated.

Attachments of up to 75 MB in size can be sent. The cumulative size cannot exceed this limit if you send several attachments. If you wish to send huge files in PJ, you should use a site like Wetransfer.

WeTransfer looks to be the most successful alternative, allowing you to upload the needed files in a few clicks without creating an account, then send an email notification to the person involved, who can download them to their computer.

How to Recover a Blocked Account or Recover Your Free Mailbox

Several Free messaging users at @free.fr frequently encountered dead ends. Because of a hacking attempt on your mailbox, their email clients return an error and refuse to send or receive emails. Do not worry in this case of blocking since you may recover your hacked mailbox by following this trick. The restricted connection page encourages Internet users to notify the service at [email protected].

We received a reaction from the abuse department within less than 10 hours. Our account was instantly established. It should be noted that free newsgroups can also be accessed (proxad.free.services.message). However, to maintain the security of your email account, you must change your password again.

Free Remind him of the method to follow in his email:

To access the administrative interface, click on https://subscribe.free.fr/login/. It would help if you connected using your mailbox’s identifiers, which are the email address and password.

You’ll find a link to “Change your password” under the “Manage your email accounts” section. We also welcome you to use this password alone to access your mailbox. Be informed that if you do not make this change immediately, the hacking will likely resume, and your mailbox will be suspended again. 

Track current issues and outages in Zimbra Free. Customers may occasionally have issues with Free’s phone, television, or Internet services, and online services such as Zimbra are no exception. You may use the following service to track current outages and day-to-day issues: https://www.totalbug.com/zimbra-free/.

This free tool displays current difficulties and outages on Zimbra Free. Of course, this is not a Free service but a collaborative service based on user reports in which you may participate.

The following are the most common issues that might arise when using Free’s Zimbra:

  • Inability to connect to or consult their email accounts
  • Mail quotas that are incorrect or irregular
  • Webmail no longer displays some folders or emails.
  • The message “This account does not utilize Zimbra webmail” is shown.

The mail message “Your identifiers have been sent to your e-mail address” is displayed. However, no message is received.

Inability to send or receive emails

The message “server unavailable” is shown.

Problems with an overflowing email box

Hacking of Zimbra email accounts

The most common issue with Zimbra Free is a blank page. When you try to fit your emails on Zimbra, you either get a blank page or can’t read them. This issue might be caused by wrong internet browser settings or an outdated version; therefore, upgrade your browser or try another browser.

Additionally, the problem affects POP and IMAP servers for receiving and SMTP servers for transmission. It’s most likely a problem with one or more Free mail servers. In this case, Free should implement a solution, so there is no need to set up your messaging software.

On Zimbra, you may filter out unsolicited emails. Spam is defined as unsolicited, irrelevant emails delivered in mass to a list of recipients.

These messages might be unwanted commercial messages or fraudulent messages, such as lottery scams, phishing scams, or computer viruses. Your Zimbra Free webmail has integrated blocklist and allowlist capability. As a result, you may choose which email addresses you want to block from your account.

You will require the following items:

Navigate to the Preferences menu and then to the Mail tab.

Then navigate to the Spam Options section.

Then enter the address you want to block and press Add.

Finally, click the Save button in the top left corner to save the changes.


Use the automated Anti Spam Filter option in your Zimbra Free box to increase security.

It’s a little-known feature, but Free provides anti-spam protection for free.

It is rather efficient.

All you want to do is enable it in your mailbox.

How can I recover lost emails?

If you deleted messages and subsequently emptied the trash via the Zimbra interface but wish to locate one or more of them, you can do so up to 15 days after emptying the trash.

Right-click in the Trash and select “Restore Deleted Objects.” A new window will allow you to select which messages to restore.

There are two ways to choose messages:

Contiguous message selection: hold down the “SHIFT” key while clicking on the first and final messages in the list. Non-contiguous message selection: Hold the “CTRL” key while selecting each message.

After choosing the messages, the “Restore to” button lets you specify the destination folder for the restored messages. Furthermore, suppose you use messaging software to consult your messaging (Thunderbird). In that case, the false bottom trash can is ineffective: if you empty the trash from the messaging software, these messages are permanently lost.

Zimbra Webmail for Alice

Alice ADSL is the ISP and trademark of Telecom Italia France in France. Since its founding in 2003, its subscribers have been able to log in to Alice Webmail Zimbra to see their email. Free to new customers since its acquisition by Illiad (Free) in 2008. In expansion, from launch day, the ISP delivers a complete spin-off offer through its own “triple play” box.

Webmail and related services can be accessed through clients such as aliceadsl, alicepro, aliceteam, liberty sure, and world online. You can choose between two email clients: Webmail and Zimbra. One is not good than the other; it is primarily a matter of preference, but ISPs encourage their users to use Zimbra. Contact Zimbra support for assistance with your account.

If you are still experiencing problems accessing your account or utilizing your Zimbra email features, please keep in mind that the Zimbra firm does not provide email assistance.

To contact Free assistance, go to this address: http://www.free.fr/assistance/2424.html. Alternatively, you may reach a Free adviser online or via videoconference by going to this address: https://assistance.free.fr/contact/#freebox. You will first want to log in with your Free account.

The pros and cons of Zimbra Free webmail

To begin, Zimbra provides the ability to check emails on various devices. You must log in to the site using a terminal to access it. This service lets you check your e-mails from other devices and your computer. The second feature is that it does not require any specific installation on the computer. It also does not need to be updated because everything is automated on Free’s servers.

Its main disadvantage is its limited storage capacity, which may limit the size of emails or attachments sent compared to competitors like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Voila Mail. However, the storage volume may vary according to the messaging operator, such as Alice Zimbra.

In last words, the best online courier service Zimbra Free is highly beneficial in terms of presentation and function. Zimbra is a free online email service that offers numerous benefits. 

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