How To Google Maps Marketing In 2021

How To Google Maps Marketing In 2021

How To Google Maps Marketing In 2021

Google Maps is more significant than just, well, a Map. It’s a point that can highlight your business and make it right to your users. Also so, it’s about making their business available at any time, day or night, creating leads and sales.

Then, how do you make the most out of your Google Maps? And how do you get your business front and center to your viewers?

In this post, we break down the importance of Google Maps Marketing and how you can maximize its potential to make more online contacts and sales for your business.

What is Google Maps Marketing, and Why Is It So Important? 

Google Maps Marketing is the optimization from your business page on Google Maps.

Simply like traditional SEO tactics, you propose to rank higher in Maps searches, so you can produce more traffic and leads.

If you think that 76% of Local Google searches directly translate into sales, you can view why Google Maps Marketing is so important. Businesses that rank higher on Maps searches, especially those searching around the local area, tend to get more interest from clients.

Therefore, if you wish to make the most of your SEO, you should also rank near the first page of Google at the top on Maps.

That wants you to optimize your Maps business features. We’ll describe how to do that here:

How To Optimize My Google Maps Marketing 

Create and Set-Up A Google My Business Profile

A Google My Business (GMB) profile is related to a Facebook Business Page in that it promotes your business to your audience. Also importantly, it lets Google know that you’re an official business seeing to reach your viewers.

It’s relatively easy to create one, and it’s also free. Once you start building one, it’s essential to provide the correct information on the profile. Make sure you:

  • Fill in all the details about your business (NAP details, website link, store location, etc.). Guarantee that it is compatible with the rest of your contact information.
  • Make sure to choose the correct category for your business.
  • Check your account with Google. You can do this via email, phone, or traditional mail.
  • Optimize it with keywords that you want to rank for. Include these keywords in your bio, name (if possible), plus custom-URL.
  • Add high-quality images and optimize them for keywords).

You might have made other GMBs in history, so it’s essential to have only one (there is one exception here). You can claim one that you made in the past by checking details with Google. Or you create a new one and eliminate it. It is finally down to you.

The just exception is if you have multiple locations as a business. Therefore, it’s best to create a GMB for any site, securing the features are correct each time.

Nizhnevartovsk, Russia – June 12, 2013: Man hand operating iPhone 5 with Google Maps App outdoors. iPhone is a product of Apple Inc. Google Maps is an extensive web mapping service application and technology presented by Google.

Join Your Business to Google Maps 

Once you have a GMB profile, that’s time to add your business to Google Maps itself.

You can readily add your details to an exact location on the Map within some steps:

  1. Explore for your business name on Google Maps
  2. If your name doesn’t look, you’ll see an option for “add a missing place.”
  3. Click on it, and also you’ll be required for details about your business (make sure the facts are the similarities to your GMB profile)
  4. You will then have to claim the listing by checking that you’re the official business owner.

As you can notice, it’s a much simple process. You can do this both before or after you create a GMB profile. But make sure you do it ASAP!

Daily Post 

Like your Facebook Business Page and your website, it’s important to consistently post on your GMB profile. Daily posting like this sends signals to Google that you proactively manage your listing, which it considers when ranking. The more action you take and the interactions you get, the more likely Google will recognize your business as a vital source of information.

And so, when posting daily, encourage users to respond to posts – and then respond to them. This can help create more engagement and interactivity on your GMB profile.

See Reviews from Customers 

Google loves customer feedback. Therefore it shouldn’t shock that they rank businesses higher if they have a list of positive or genuine reviews and rankings.

Your GMB is automatically open to discussions, so it’s essential to ensure that you respond to reviews – both positive and negative – and enable your customer to interact back with you. Replying to reviews encourages more of them and decreases the damage of negative reviews. It also explains how committed you are to supporting your customers.

The rankings and review also place an added expectation that you will deliver quality service and products to your customers. Assure that you always provide the best service and products feasible, as displayed in your Google reviews and rankings!

Embed a GMB Profile & Google Map at Your Website

Google likes zero more than having links across your website, as this improves the authority of a page. Such is rightfully required by creating links to your GMB profile and Google Maps listing.

This is an easy method to do.

Linked to your GMB profile on your site with a small icon. You can also add it to your own social media profiles, before-mentioned as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

As for the Maps, you can embed the Map to the bottom of your website or your home or contact us pages. Click on “Share” in your listing and choose the “Embed a map” tab. Next, copy and paste the link to your website.

These links can support build authority to your GMB and Google Maps listing, assisting you in ranking higher on Google Maps.

Final Words

While the method for optimizing your GMB and Google Maps might be easy, it’s essential to do it right at the initial time as you will minimize difficulties in the future. Assure that:

  • Your details are consistent across the Listing, Profile, and your website
  • Respond to customers often and encourage feedback
  • Post daily on your GMB
  • Share the links to your Profile plus Maps listing

We hope that this information supports you in learning Google Maps and makes your business rank first!


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