Biggest SEO Trends to know in 2021

Biggest SEO trends to know in 2021

Biggest SEO trends to know in 2021

It may have taken us some years as marketers to realize just how important
and relevant Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is, but once we did, there has
been no going back. Each and every analysis of the world of digital existence
and marketing has shown us the SEO is here to stay and rule.

With this idea in mind, it becomes more than crucial for you as a marketer or
on the receiving end of the marketing to see what the latest trends in the
world of SEO is. As the year 2020 draws to a close with more online
content created, viewed, and accessed than ever before in a year, let us look
at what the biggest SEO trends will be for 2021.

Before we dive in you must understand that there are not one but two things
to note here. While the primary remains the actual trend, we cannot ignore to
mention what that trend will translate to for the marketer. That then becomes
the secondary information: what does the direction mean.

● User Experience (UX) has the spotlight

User experience rather than the content and form online saw itself
becoming more important over the past few years. With more
and more users added to the online world at an astounding rate and with
their need and enthusiasm peaking, 2021 is looking to open with UX
still keeping the spotlight on itself. The marketer cannot imagine
avoiding this as the central pin in all that is planned.

What this translates to for a marketer will be making the content
availability faster. Along with this, they will have to ensure the content
is friendly and adaptive to all devices and formats while also ensuring
the user is not troubled by the kind of pop-ups that refuse to close and
leave the person no option but to close the content.

● Semantics are key

Semantic means the relationship words have with one another and how
that is impacted by the context. If you think about it, isn’t that what
everyone seems to want from Google. As 2021 begins, users are
continuing to demand and want to fine-tune the semantics searches
with the right words and context provided, no user wants to face
unrelated search answers that are of no help to them.

We now come to how marketers can ensure this. There are four rules to
be followed here in the right way:

o The content you develop must answer the questions asked by
your users
o The writing has to be for the people, not the algorithms
o Structured data must be must as and when needed
o Internal linking of information on websites is a must

● Google my business crucial

Local SEO is going to become heavily dependent on Google My
Business as 2021 dawns and continues. As a marketer, you know the
value of visibility and trustworthiness of a business online. Google My
The business lends these both to your clients and to you.
What this would require from you as a marketer is very

o Make a Google my business profile for yourself and the clients
o Keep the account relevant and updated with pictures and
answering questions
o Make and keep updated a business website and share the updates
on the page too

● videos will flood the SERP

Any and every search today shows up videos at the primary search
results. This trend is only going to go up in 2021. Being relevant in
videos are soon becoming and will continue to grow as an SEO trend.

As a marketer, this would need to translate into converting text and
audio content into short videos. Not just that, the trend also clearly
highlights the importance of YouTube algorithms, and making your
videos shine in them is important too for them to shine in SEO.

● Zero click searches become crucial

One of the newest trends to have emerged and which has made its
presence felt in that of zero-click searches. What it means is that
users and viewers on search engines do not seem interested in opening
links to find peripheral information. All SEO will have to keep this in
mind to stay relevant as this is one of the biggest emerging trends for

The way to go about this will include ensuring the content is optimized
for connected sources such as YouTube, Google My Business, and
Google Search (all Google products). This optimization will
automatically translate to effective SEO for zero-click searching.

● The impact of the virus

The pandemic hitting saw Google take bold strong steps when it came
to content on searches. From reviews on businesses to what websites
were on top, it all became crisper and more categorical. As the virus
seems here to stay and even otherwise, this impact on Google is hardly
reversible now and thus becomes a key trend for 2021.

For marketers, this simply means being more mindful of the SEO
algorithm changes and keeping up with them to be relevant and to do


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