Top best free online fax services in 2021

Best free online fax services in 2021

Many offices still have fax machines, but the top online fax services providers have given physical devices a run for their cash with a cloud-based replacement in recent years. This entails sending an email to a fax machine at the ending of the fax number, which will print it out.

While fax technology may appear to be a little out of date to some, it provides security and the ability to send print communications directly to recipients, ensuring that they are read rather than neglected in someone’s email box and then printed.

As a result, faxes are all still alive in today’s business world. They remain an essential tool for many firms and other organizations – particularly for transactions requiring a signature, such as legal agreements or real-estate transactions.

We looked at the best online fax services in this post, analyzing their features and costs to determine which ones are best for your small company.

Best online fax services of 2021

1. SRFax

Best online fax services

SRFax is a cost-effective and efficient online fax services app, and effective way for any company to make and receive faxes over the internet. It’s one of the most significant overall online fax providers in terms of features and affordability.

You can make faxes online with SRFax, either through the site or by email to fax. In addition, the SRFax Printer Driver allows faxing a document from any programme simple. Although the driver is presently only available for Windows, Mac users can still use the SRFax Client to fax documents from other apps.

In addition, the SRFax Xfer app saves every fax you get to your computer, allowing you to view all documents quickly. If you want, you can store faxes online with SRFax’s unrestricted online storage. You can manually add individuals to your SRFax contacts or import a.csv file.

The site has a simple design, yet it is highly clear and straightforward to navigate. To keep your account safe, SRFax offers various sophisticated security features such as Single-Sign-On.

2. Faxburner

Best online fax services

Faxburner takes a ‘Mobile first’ approach, including iOS and Android apps that work on both mobile phones and tablets. Users can begin with a free account that includes a disposable fax number that will expire in 24 hours. After that, if you upgrade to a premium subscription with FaxBurner, you can maintain your fax number. A dedicated telephone line, or a physical fax machine, is entirely unnecessary.

The free version of FaxBurner comes you a one-time use fax number that dies after 24 hours. It also features a decent volume of inbound faxing at 25 pages and outgoing faxing at five pages. It also has email-to-fax and fax-to-email capabilities.

The Professional plan of Faxburner provides a variety of enhancements, including an endless fax number, a toll-free number, and email-to-fax and fax-to-email support, which are not available in the lesser plan. The monthly page limit increases to 500 pages total, which includes both incoming and outbound faxing.

The Premier plan includes all of the characteristics of the lower plans, plus an extra 2,000 total outbound and inbound fax pages per month.

Faxburner stands out of the competition by offering a usable free tier and less limiting, higher page limits in the paid tiers than their competitors. Their app adds to the functionality by allowing users to receive, sign, and send documents from a mobile device.

3. FaxBetter

Best online fax services

FaxBetter has a virtual interface that at times appears to be too simple, but it’s also an online fax platform that allows you to receive faxes for free, which no serious competitor has yet to offer.

Your dashboard keeps track of all of your sent and received faxes, and while you can’t insert faxes to categorize them, you can pick multiple documents to label or delete from your inbox. Searching your fax record also offers the option to look for content within a single document.

In general, though, FaxBetter is a service that is more useful than clever. It accomplishes the job well enough, although it lacks some of the more innovative features offered by competitors.

As a result, FaxBetter’s price plans reflect this, making it suitable for anyone who doesn’t require all of the features that other online fax providers provide and simply requires a simple yet reliable fax service.


Best online fax services

Fax.Plus is an online faxing service with a mobile-friendly UI and cross-platform flexibility. Despite the fact that it’s an online service, you may keep your existing fax number, and you can rest confident that it’s secure thanks to HIPAA and PCI compliance. The service is designed to be simple to use, and you can sign faxes with a single click.

A free tier allows you to transmit up to ten pages each month, but there’s no possibility to receive; thus, it’s only advised for light users and people. Paid plans give 100 pages for free, with each extra page costing $1 per page, albeit they do feature electronic signatures.

The Business tier is suitable for small groups of up to 5 people and can export faxing logs as CSV files. There’s also a team management admin panel and communication interaction with Slack. This plan includes up to 800 pages each month, with any further pages paid per page.

5. Faxage

Faxage is a feature-rich online fax platform that offers users to send and receive faxes. While not particularly inexpensive, this provider stands out for providing an unlimited number of users on each account as well as a robust set of administrative tools.

Every Faxage plan includes a range of advantages. To begin, any plan, including individual plans, allows you to add an available number of online accounts. This is a significant benefit for small firms.

Faxage also makes sending faxes a breeze. You can use your online account to create new faxes and attach files or photos from your pc. You can also send faxes straight from your email account. Users of Windows can also use the Faxage print driver to send faxes directly from most Microsoft Office programs.

Faxage’s API is available to all accounts, which is a big plus. You may add sending and receiving abilities into your current processes with this system. Faxage additionally prioritizes security beyond many of its peers, employing SSL and TLS for all faxes sent via the web-based interface, API, or email.

6. RingCentral Fax

While many of the top online faxing services are freestanding, RingCentral Fax may be used as a standalone service or as part of the company’s call center platform.

Because the RingCentral Fax provider is cloud-based, it only takes a few minutes to set up and can be accessed from any device via a website or mobile app.

The RingCentral best online Fax services may be modified to use the RingCentral call center platform is one of the major benefits of the RingCentral Fax services. This means you can take advantage of all the benefits of all-in-one and omnichannel communications, such as switching seamlessly between fax, telephone, email, sms, and social media texting to keep in touch with customers and business partners.

RingCentral’s call center is also a robust platform with various integrations, including Salesforce, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. As a result, it’s an immensely adaptable solution for your company.

There are two different pricing tiers for the fax service. The Fax 1500 plan includes cloud storage incorporation with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft and up to 1500 free faxes per month and per-fax charges after that.

Also, consider using one of these online fax providers

It was challenging to narrow down our list of the finest online fax providers, so here are some exciting mentions best online Fax services.

If having a mobile application and 24/7 assistance are vital to you, Metrofax is a great online fax provider. However, it does not emphasize security, and the functionality could be more vital.

If you appreciate integration to your cloud storage facilities, security, and privacy, Hellofax is a superb online fax service. However, plans are more expensive than those offered by HelloFax’s competitors.

Gotfreefax is unique in that it allows small businesses to set up prepaid accounts. While we’d like to see additional file formats supported, the fact that you may send up to 10 documents per fax is a plus.

If you just need to send papers on occasion, FaxZero is an excellent option for making n electronic fax. Even if you can’t use the free faxing option, the interface is relatively straightforward, and the services are inexpensive.

When purchasing an online fax service, there are a few things to keep in mind.

We’ve outlined five crucial considerations to consider while selecting the best online fax service for your needs.

1. Integration with cloud-based storage

These days, cloud storage is a crucial corporate tool. You may use this not just to archive current files but also to generate new ones using the service’s built-in word processing and spreadsheet programs.

As a result, seek an online faxing provider that can readily interact with these cloud technologies to improve your productivity and make document creation and faxing a breeze.

2. Support for multiple platforms

Most online fax providers offer mobile applications for use on a tablet or smartphone while on the go. Look for a service that also includes software for desktop platforms, because who likes to use their phone for business activity when they’re seated in front of their computer?

3. Documents are archived

Yes, we’re still waiting for the digital system that was promised decades ago but never delivered. However, with the digital storage of documents, we are slowly making progress. Instead of being on paper, faxed papers are instantly digitized with an online faxing service. Furthermore, some fax services include digital archiving, which means that as long as you continue with the supplier, all of your sent and receive faxes would be stored in an online database, providing you with a convenient storage solution.

4. Increased page limits

Some online faxing services have page restrictions, which is a considerable disadvantage. Make sure you have a good idea of your demands in this area and seek programs that count the monthly total rather than dividing it into send and receive sections.

In a nutshell, seek a plan with sufficient pages and a yellow page overage price. Look for a service that offers different rates, including an unlimited one, so your company doesn’t have to worry about outgrowing its fax service.

5. Fax phone numbers are available

The fax number is the forward-facing element of the fax service, while cloud faxing connects the fax to the internet. Better best online fax services give you more options for selecting a fax number, including local, toll-free, and even vanity options.

There may also be options for having an international number in a country you do business to give your company a more substantial local presence. Lastly, there should be a low-cost option for porting an existing fax number.


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