5 Apps That Changed Our Lives Forever

5 Apps That Changed Our Lives Forever

Most of us know that we aren’t living up to our true potential. Reaching our optimal requires changing habits and taking leaps of faith.

The universe has taken a 360-degree flip. Unimaginable things are now happening all around us. For example, could people in the 80s ever imagine that people living seven seas apart could have conversations with each other without any charges?

So, yes, this is what we call a complete switch of scenario.

And all of it has become possible due to tech advancements. It has created tools that can give us the push we need on our bad days. Not only this, but you can access some of the top-rated apps in the digital marketplace and use them to modify your life.

Mobile Apps Stats – Let’s sneak a peek!

According to eMarketer, about 90% of mobile internet time is spent on apps. Meanwhile, Statista shows that currently, there are 2.9 million apps available in the Google Play Store.

5 Apps That Changed Our Lives Forever

On the other side, about 4.4 million apps were available in the Apple App Store (as of July 2020).

5 Apps That Changed Our Lives ForeverGiven all these figures, it is vital to acknowledge that the digital marketplace expands exponentially. There are millions of apps out there waiting to be explored and change our lives.

5 Apps that Changed our Lives Forever

Before you set on a mission to spot these apps in the stores, consider looking at the ones widely used. Some apps we are using nowadays introduced an entirely innovative concept once upon a time.

Their creativity embedded with functionality has dramatically changed the lives of the users. Following are five of them:

1. Facebook

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms. It dominates the social sphere as it enables people to connect.

Some other portals, like MySpace, also tried doing the same. But it is Facebook that broke all records. It enhances people’s ability to connect with their fellows and form positive relationships worldwide.

You can also use this platform to bounce ideas and shape how you think. Having multiple friends helps you perceive different opinions and structure your understanding.

According to Data Reportal, Facebook had 2.910 billion active users in October 2021. The total number of people using Facebook increased by 15 million in the three months leading up to October 2021.

From tying messages to pigeons’ feet to talking with people living oceans apart to this day when they are a few clicks away – communication has traveled a long distance.

2. Uber

This app probably doesn’t need any introduction. Although the app went through some questionable lawsuits earlier, no one can doubt its convenience and value.

It is a platform where people who drive or deliver can connect with riders or restaurants. You can request the app for a ride. When a nearby driver accepts your requests, they will reach your designated spot and pick you up from there.

The app also provides information about the driver, such as his/her first name, vehicle type, and the car’s license plate number. This information helps you to find the drivers on a busy street.

When you reach your destination and exit the vehicle, the trip ends. The app will calculate your fare and charge to your chosen payment method.

3. TED

This initial stands for technology, education, and design.

Most of us need that push on days when we are down. A pep talk by a pro or a motivational speech is what we need to buck ourselves up. TED Talks became the talk of the town for their unique take on debate and discussions.

It is a global event that attracts some of the finest leaders, like Bill Gates and Tony Robbins. These speakers share heartfelt accounts, funny narratives, literary knowledge, and eye-opening insights on the stage.

With the TED app on our phones, there is no need to glue yourself to the television for hours. You can search for a topic or a speaker and listen to their accounts. The best part is there is no need to pay a hefty amount for the subscription.

Considering how this app has talks to help you in different phases of life, it can easily qualify as an app that everyone should have on their phones this year.

4. Netflix

The world has quickly shifted its entertainment paradigms. Netflix has defined a new pathway to keep people entertained and remove their boredom.

Essentially, the app is a storehouse of content. It brings a variety of movies, documentaries, and TV series to your fingertips. You can choose your favorites and have enriched cinematic experiences at home. According to Business Wire, around 27% of American households canceled their paid subscription in 2021.

This feature has crumbled the video rental business. It doesn’t limit customers to a schedule or get interrupted by the commercials. The cable companies and TV networks are also offering on-demand services, but it’s too late as many entities like Netflix, such as Disney and Amazon, work along the same lines as Netflix.

5. Instagram

Instagram is yet another application that has redefined our social gatherings. It is mainly responsible for the professional career upsurge of the influencer industry. In fact, influencer was an utterly unknown phenomenon until Instagram popped into the market.

The application has also launched online shops and business accounts. This allows the companies to access their back-end analytics and examine their outcomes. Along with these, the short-lived Instagram stories and messages that disappear provide more space for the users to express their opinions and chunks of their lives.

Moreover, just like AirG App Reviews tell us that its apps are scam-free and completely functional, Instagram also claims the same features. Its confidentiality and the fool-proof algorithm have compelled people to share their lives and channel their feelings through this portal.

In light of these features, we can safely state that the last decade has witnessed Instagram becoming one of the primary lenses through which we view our lives.

Parting Notes

The app world keeps growing with each passing day. There are hundreds out there that could change our lives and help us control them. The question is, are you eager to make these modifications? Do you wish to socialize in new ways or make your days more productive?

If you are willing to make some serious developments in your life, now is the time to start!

And don’t forget to tell us which app you will download first?




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