X Ways to Eat Cakes without Cheating on your Diet

X Ways to Eat Cakes without Cheating on your Diet

X Ways to Eat Cakes without Cheating on your Diet

“Stop,” says your brain as you swipe a piece of cake from a coworker’s lunch box. But the heart has its own way around things. That strong temptation needs a mountain of courage. Sadly, not everyone is smart enough.

Wouldn’t it be great if the sweet cravings disappeared with the pounds? Sticking to diet plans would have been so easy in that case. Thankfully, diet experts say that treating yourself to an occasional splurge makes it easy to stick to a healthy eating plan.

David NW. Grotto, the author of 101 Foods That Can Save Your Life, says:

“I think splurging on a diet is mandatory, not an option,”

Hence, you can sneak a few sweet chunks now and then. The key is choosing each morsel with a plan. Carolyn O’Neil suggests memorizing the calorie count of your favourite type and managing your consumption with portion control.

Satisfy your sweet tooth without cheating on the diet plan

The decision to include cakes and other treats can vary from person to person. The call of craving can be too hard to deny. Here are 6 ways to consume treats without cheating on your diet plan:

1. Beat the food guilt

Feeling bad or guilty about indulging in treats denies your pleasure. In addition, it leads to emotionally driven eating, which causes overeating and sets you up for a poor relationship with food.

Think of it this way – a single slip in food consumption will not harm your diet. But your response to eating a treat will let you lose control and fall off the wagon. Patricia Bannan, a nutrition expert in Los Angeles, addresses this issue faced by many. She asks people to dial down the critical voice in their heads. It is your overall health and lifestyle that matters, not a single indulgence.

So, don’t let a slight slip turn into a backslide. But when you slip, take note of it and try to learn from it. Then, you can anticipate these feelings in the future and get back into your diet plan to resist the urge.

2. Don’t go to the parties all-starving

If you know you are heading towards a birthday party or a happy hour, it is helpful to plan smartly. It would help if you devised a whole strategy of when and how to spend time with friends. If you are only going there to wolf down the delicious cake you know they ordered, that means trouble for the tummy.

You might end up eating a monstrous portion, leaving barely a few crumbs on the cake turntable.

Instead, munch on the diet food at home. Although there is no harm in taking a small piece of cake at the party, consuming significant portions because you are hungry isn’t a wise choice. And remember that water lowers your hunger. So drink a bottle or two before you leave for the party.

3. Make small changes

To avoid eating large portions of your favourite cakes, try minor versions regularly. This means removing distractions while you eat, chewing slowly, and paying attention to all the senses. When you eat mindfully, you will be surprised to find that you only need a couple of bites to feel satisfaction.

Researchers from the University of Toronto discovered that restricting food entirely makes it quite hard to stick to a plan. For instance, the removal of chocolate from a diet can lead to extreme cravings. A more effective approach is the one that allows you to satisfy your cravings in controlled portions.

4. Learn to play with the calories

According to George Blackburn, cutting 100 calories each day with minor substitutions can make a difference. But, unfortunately, these 100 calories can add up to 100 pounds a year. On the other hand, small changes in caloric intake can result in small but meaningful healthier weights.

And you know what the best part is? An occasional cheat meal or a treat can help to achieve your weight-loss goals faster. It boosts the metabolism by increasing leptin. It is an anti-starvation hormone sending hunger messages to the body.

When the body senses a calorie deficit, its leptin level drops. This prompts the metabolism to slow down and conserve energy. Tossing a calorie-rich cheat treat into the mix tricks your system. It starts thinking that the food is plentiful and it is now the time to burn through fat stores.

5. Try consuming healthier cakes

Experts believe that you should not shortchange yourself when it comes to eating what you crave. But at the same time, you should try to make it more nutritionally valuable.

Cheesecake is the perfect example of a dish you can lighten. You can use a dusting of cookie crumbs or graham cracker instead of crust made with six tablespoons of melted butter. Plus, you can use egg substitute, light cream cheese, and a little less sugar. Perk it up with a couple of healthy food options, and you are all set to gobble it down.

6. Surround yourself with witnesses

Let everyone know that you are changing your eating pattern. Permit them to remind you if you go overboard. Next time when you can’t stop yourself from digging into the chocolate cake, ask your sibling or a friend to give you a nudge.

Make sure you have people around you who support and help you achieve your desired weight. The last thing you need is someone who compels you to eat more.

Stress-eating is also a thing commonly found around us. Write down every single something that goes down your throat every day. This will give you proof of how you need to cut your diet. For instance, if you gobbled up a massive piece of chocolate cake after fighting with your spouse, you must find an alternate way to cope with the moods.

Parting thoughts

Going extremely harsh on yourself can bring profound negative influences in the future. So savour every moment you spend with your favourite cake. But make sure you go for sensible consumption.

Simultaneously, go for a rigorous exercise routine if you have gone overboard in sweet consumption. A little extra physical pressure will let your body lose the laze and get back to its regular pattern of food consumption.

We hope you figure out a way and celebrate every occasion without extreme levels of compromise.

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