Everything You Need to Make Perfect Cookies

Perfect Cookies

Everything You Need to Make Perfect Cookies. Few things in life are as satisfying as retrieving a tray of hot cookies from the oven. And what makes baking cookies such a great experience is that your degree of ability doesn’t matter. There are peanut butter cookies recipes for everyone, from beginners to those who know their way around a kitchen. Making a batch of cookies is where many individuals, including me, begin their baking journey. I cooked the Toll House recipe so frequently before beginning my professional study and career in pastry that I memorized it sugar cookies.

It’s simple to bake chocolate chip cookies excellent cookies when you have the correct baking utensils on hand.

No matter how expensive my pastry equipment is, baking cookies frequently relies on multi-functional items that I would have in my kitchen otherwise. Of course, there are a few specialized products that I frequently employ. However, for the most part, you can bake cookies with year-round kitchen utensils that you might use for weekday dinner prep or baking other treats like bread. To cover all bases, here are the absolute must-have cookie-baking tools.

The Best Tools For Baking Cookies At Home

A Sturdy Set Of Measuring Tools


1. Bamboo Measuring Cups and Measuring Spoons


Most American home-use cookie recipes use volume measurements like cups and teaspoons. Get a robust set for yourself so that all your recipes are calibrated to them and hence more accurate. Look for anything with at least 1/4 teaspoon to one tablespoon and 1/4 cup to one cup quantities, as these will cover the fundamental math proportions.

Multipurpose Mixing Bowls

Perfect Cookies

2. Duralex Stackable 9-Piece Bowl Set


I have an entire cabinet dedicated to mixing bowls of varying sizes, but baking cookies; I like my glass set the best. The various sizes are ideal for mise en place (i.e., ingredient prep), and the clear sides let you see if everything is correctly blended. They also nest well for easy storage. If you need to chill a batch of dough, a stainless steel set with lids is also great, but avoid plastic if possible. They are frequently weak and will not last like other materials for crumble cookies.

A Balloon Whisk To Aerate


3. OXO Good Grips 11-Inch Balloon Whisk

$12 – $20

The directions “whisk to combine” are extremely common in recipes to help aerate or swiftly integrate ingredients like eggs. To tackle tasks, a medium-sized balloon whisk with stainless steel wires is the best versatile tool for best chocolate chip cookies. The rounded edges will glide over the sides of mixing bowls for ease and accuracy. A comfort grip handle is also useful if you have a lot of mixing because whisking can be exhausting.

Fine Mesh Strainers To Sift

Perfect Cookies

4. Cuisinart Fine Mesh Stainless Steel Strainers (Set Of 3)

$13$22SAVE $9 (41%)

While sifting is only sometimes necessary, I recommend it at least the first time you make the dish. Like the above, look for a fine mesh strainer set with small enough holes to sift correctly. They break up lumps, aerate and mix substances, and collect undesirable parts. The large filter will contain enough flour for a typical recipe (generally three cups), while the medium will suffice for a half-batch. The small one is great for sprinkling powdered sugar over completed desserts or capturing seeds while juicing a lemon.

A Powerful Stand Mixer To Do The Work For You


5. KitchenAid 3.5-Quart Artisan Mini Stand Mixer

$330$380SAVE $50 (13%)

The majority of cookie dough mixtures are nearly impossible to mix by hand. For a high-quality stand mixer that will do the work for you, look no further than KitchenAid. With 10-speed settings, you may cream butter and sugar on medium-high, absorb flour on low, and drop an entire bag of chocolate chips into the bowl without fear of damaging the motor. It’s great for almost any baking activity but especially useful with thick cookie dough.


Flexible Rubber Spatulas For Scraping

Perfect Cookies

6. Gir Silicone Spatula Set


Baking requires rubber spatulas. They should be flexible enough at the base to scrape down the sides of bowls to guarantee adequate mixing, and they should have strong enough handles to lift and carry mounds of dough to the next step. I have approximately 20 because I use them so frequently, but you’ll only need a couple to get started. This well-regarded Gir set includes a standard spatula for scraping and folding and a little spatula for smaller tasks.

A Cookie Scoop For Size Consistency


7. OXO Good Grips Medium Cookie Scoop

$16 – $30

Size consistency is key for even baking, and operating a cookie scoop is the easiest way to achieve it. It forms a small dome of dough for drop cookies like chocolate chip, allowing them to spread into more circular shapes. Scoops are especially useful for cookies that need to be rolled into balls, like snickerdoodles. Look for a handle with a comfortable grip to make it easier to tackle numerous hundreds with ease. If you can just afford one size, choose OXO’s medium, which is the most versatile.

A Rolling Pin That Measures Thickness

Perfect Cookies

8. Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin With Removable Rings

$20$25SAVE $5 (20%)

Many traditional crumbl cookies doughs, such as pinwheels and gingerbread, need rolling out. With a little care, a robust beech wood rolling pin will survive for years, if not decades. Even for seasoned bakers, determining what a 1/4-inch thickness looks like might be challenging. That’s why I like pins with removable discs on the ends to assist me in getting the correct thickness. You spend way less time guessing if your dough is even or whether your bake time is correct and much more time enjoying the results of your effort.

Festive Cookie Cutters For The Holidays


Williams Sonoma

9. Williams Sonoma ‘Twas the Night Holiday Cookie Cutter (26-Piece Set)


Whether you love sugar or gingerbread cookies, a festive set of cookie cutters is necessary. Choose metal cutters like steel or copper over plastic cutters since they offer a sharper edge for cleaner cuts through the dough. Look for a set with simple designs as well. The more intricate the cutter, the more easily the edges burn and break off. After cleaning the cutters, dry them promptly to prevent rust, and you’ll have them for many more holidays.

Sturdy Aluminum Sheet Pans

Perfect Cookies

10. Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Baker’s Half Sheet (2 Pack)

$24$25SAVE $1 (4%)

If your oven is standard size, use half-sheet pans instead of rimless cookie sheets or jelly roll pans. They feature a bigger surface area to bake more cookies and are especially useful for spreadable recipes. Aluminum heats and bakes uniformly, so there’s no need to worry about under or overbaking on the same sheet. Furthermore, once the holiday cookie-baking season is over, sheet pans can be used for various other cooking endeavors.

Parchment Paper For Nonstick Success


11. Smartake Parchment Paper Baking Sheets

$14$17SAVE $3 (18%)

Whether you have uncoated or nonstick sheet pans, it’s always a good idea to line them with parchment paper. It makes cleanup easier and adds nonstick protection. Skip the less adaptable silicone baking mats for something you’ll use in your kitchen after cookie season. I prefer individual sheets to rolls since they fit precisely on half-sheet pans without trimming and lay flat without curling up on the edges. Pro tip: Keep your parchment paper in its original package for simple storage and place it right inside a sheet pan.

Oven Mitts To Protect Your Hands


12. Cuisinart Silicone Oven Mitts


When it’s time to take cookies out of the oven, I prefer the insulated safety of a nice oven mitts. They have a strong grip on the edges of half-sheet pans, especially those with a silicone grip. Because it provides a better grip for my rather small hands, I like a set with the thumb pocket underneath the mitten half. However, depending on your preferences, there are other good solutions available. Just ensure you get two, so you have one for each hand.

A Thin But Sturdy Turner To Transfer Hot Cookies


13. KitchenAid Classic Slotted Turner

$8$10SAVE $2 (20%)

If you cook, you already have a turner or two. The best way to transfer cookies from a hot pan to a cooling rack is to use a slotted turner, but selecting the appropriate one is key. It should be thin enough at the tip to ease sliding beneath the cookie. A non-metal, heat-resistant turner will not melt or conduct heat from the hot pan, keeping your cookies and tools safe. In addition, a slotted turner circulates air around the cookie as it is raised, allowing it to stop baking and cool faster.

A Cooling Rack To Prevent Overbaking


14. Nordic Ware Oven Safe Nonstick Cooling Grid


Cookie recipes frequently specify how long cookies should be left on sheet pans after they come out of the oven. Always keep a cooling rack nearby to move them on if they overbake. The cookies are lifted just enough to allow air to circulate beneath them and allow them to cool fast. Choose a grid pattern to ensure nothing falls through, and look for one that is rectangular enough to fit within your sheet pan. That way, you’ll always know whatever you’re cooling will fit, and you can utilize it for other tasks like roasting.

A Set of Piping Tips For Fancier Decorating


15. Wilton Cookie Decorating Supplies Set

This is where things get fancy—and a little difficult. You’ll need basic piping tips and bags to make gingerbread faces or textured tree cookies. They’re great for royal icing and buttercream, and the tips are fine enough to create incredible detail. It takes time and experience; if you’re unsure, try piping on paper first. Plastic zip-top storage bags will work quickly if you run out of piping bags.

Storage Containers With Wide, Flat Bottoms


16. Rubbermaid Meal Prep Premier Food Storage Containers (10-Piece Set)


Use reusable storage containers if you keep your cookies, bring them to a gathering, or store them before further distribution. They are superior to zip-top bags because they lay flat and avoid breaking while keeping the cookies fresh. I like the broad bottoms of my Rubbermaid set since they enable excellent cookie surface storage. Still, any decent-quality set that serves a variety of tasks in your area would suffice.

Tip: If your cookies can be stacked, reuse the parchment paper you used to bake between the layers.


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