Why Joining a Bowling Club Is a Great Idea

Why Joining a Bowling Club Is a Great Idea

Why Joining a Bowling Club Is a Great Idea

Tenpin bowling is a sport and pastime that has been very popular in Australia for many years. It’s an activity that dates as far back as 3200 BC in one form or another. Little wonder that it’s enjoyed by multiple millions of people across the globe.

Joining a tenpin bowling club has its distinct advantages, just like joining any other sporting club does. You engage in physical activity, get to mingle with other like-minded people, make new friends, develop new skills and have some fun in the process. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why joining a bowling club is a great idea.

Improve Your Game

There’s nothing quite like some healthy competition to improve your game. One key advantage of being a part of a tenpin bowling club is you can compete against a variety of different players with varying skill levels. This makes you focus and work harder to learn just how to beat them.

Mingling with other players and interacting with them will also teach you new skills. As an example, if there is an area of your game you are struggling with, one of your tenpin friends might be able to pinpoint what the problem is and help you to correct it, taking your game to the next level. Likewise, just studying the techniques of other better players will help you improve.

Make Some Awesome New Friends

Being involved in an activity such as tenpin bowling means you’ll be interacting with other people who share the same interest or passion for the sport that you do. This is a fantastic ice breaker that can lead to forging lasting friendships. At the very least, you’ll have a group of people to get together with to indulge your love of tenpin bowling.

You might discover that some of your new friends also share other common interests with you, so you can get together with them on other occasions as well.

Get Fit With Tenpin Bowling

While tenpin bowling might not sound as vigorous as some other sports out there, it’ll still get you fit, and any physical activity is far more beneficial to your overall health than sitting at home on the couch being stagnant.

Combine your tenpin bowling efforts with other forms of exercise and you’ll be on your way to physical fitness, fat burning, and general good health.

You Never Have To Find People To Play With

The cool thing when you’re part of a tenpin bowling club is you’ll never be stuck looking for people to play against. Every time the group plans to get together, you know you’ll have people to compete against.

Along with organized tenpin bowling schedules for the club, you can always arrange to play against your friends from the club at any other time throughout the week. You’ll never be hard up for competitors ever again, as there will always be somebody willing to go bowling with you.

It’s a Great Sport for Young and Old

People of all ages can enjoy being a part of tenpin bowling. You’re never really too old to send that bowling ball successfully down the alley. While other sports tend to be age-restricted in the sense of being competitive, tenpin bowling is something that can be enjoyed well into a person’s twilight years. In fact, some of Australia’s most competitive players are seniors.

Never let your age put you off joining your local tenpin bowling club if you love the sport.

Join Tournaments for Extra Competition

Bowling clubs will often compete against other bowling clubs to raise the level of healthy competition and to keep the game interesting. There might even be prizes up for grabs. When you’re part of a bowling club, there will always be something going on.

Finding a Tenpin Bowling Club

Tenpin bowling clubs are located all around the country. To find one near you, the easiest way is to simply go online and do a search.

Let’s say you live in Lidcombe or somewhere in Sydney’s Western Suburbs. Just search for terms like the following to locate a bowling club near you:

Join a bowling club today.

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