Watches and their Importance in Men’s Dressing

Watches and their Importance in Men’s Dressing

Watches and their Importance in Men’s Dressing

As my elders used to say that a man’s personality can be easily judged by three things in general, number one is his shoes, the other is how he smells and his hairstyle and the third one is what kind of watch he is wearing.

Simply speaking watch is one of those that a person notices as soon as you enter a room, lets say that you are wearing a sports watch then you might be an athlete, but if you are wearing a sober titanium watch you could be a businessman.

Watches are a very integral part of a men’s personality nowadays even the interviewer’s look at your watch to get a better idea about your personality type. There are many watch companies that are selling good watches like the Patek Philippe Calatrava.

Psychologists say that a person who wears a watch is more organized and sophisticated than a person who doesn’t. as the modernization, people have stopped wearing watches because of the fact that they can see the time on their phones.

But the personality of a person is simply just incomplete without a nice watch on his wrist. But while wearing a must you must carefully think about your clothes your watch design and colour must synchronize with the clothes.

For example, you must wear a watch that is silver or black in colour that gives a metallic look at a business meeting. But if you are at a party in informal attire you should wear a watch with leather straps as it looks good with the jeans and shirt.

Nowadays everything is getting digital so the android watches that are available in the market are selling like hotcakes. Everyone is crazy about them as they can call anyone or even mail a document.

These watches are capable of all the things an android cell phone does like setting alarms, meeting reminders, sending emails video calling as well as internet browsing but still, a good old-fashioned mechanical watch looks way better than these smartwatches.

If you like trendy fashion watches then you can go with world-famous designers like the Emporio Armani or Hugo boss and Gucci as well. They offer funky and bright strap designs and colours that make you different from the rest of the crowd.

Some people are also a big fan of the old-fashioned pocket watches. If you haven’t heard of then let me tell you these are pocket-size round mechanical watches that are attached with the chain and kept in the pocket.

Watches are also considered a sign of quality and maturity in a man. According to research conducted by yours truly JSTOR the watches shows the quality and worth of a man as well as a woman.

Watches make you look intelligent. Many psychologists say that women and men are attracted physically toward those who like to wear bracelets and watches.


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