Upgrading Your Look With Colored Contact Lenses? Here’s What You Need to Know About Them

Upgrading Your Look With Colored Contact Lenses? Here's What You Need to Know About Them

Many people use colored contact lenses daily to elevate their looks. Wearing realistic colored contacts allows for self-expression, helping you to communicate your personality and mood on any given day. If you’ve always wanted blue eyes, for example, we’ve noted that blue contact lenses come in various shades and patterns you can experiment with. And since such lenses can enhance or completely change your eye color, they can help you feel even more stylish and confident.

However, before you purchase a pair and put them on, you must know a few things to ensure eye safety. After all, contacts sit directly on your eyes for long periods, so you’ll need to take extra precautions.

Here’s what you need to know about colored contact lenses.

There are various types of colored contact lenses available

Just like how prescription contact lenses come in soft, hard, disposable, and monthly variants, there are different types of colored contacts you can choose from. While all of them are made to change your eye color, they are available in different tints: visibility, enhancement, and opaque.

The first pertains to a relatively faint tint that minimally affects your eye color to supplement it. Enhancement tints, meanwhile, have solid but see-through tints that bring out your eyes’ natural color. Finally, opaque tints drastically change your eye color with their non-transparent color. Knowing these differences among colored contacts means you can buy the best pair for achieving the desired appearance you want.

Colored contacts are safe to use

You may have encountered horror stories about colored contacts, especially those used around Halloween. Don’t fret: you aren’t at risk of issues like eye injury and vision loss, yourself. All you need to do is know safe places and ways to procure and use colored contacts. Contacts that weren’t approved for distribution may injure your eyes due to their low quality while mishandling them can cause infections and abrasions, leading to irritation.

You can easily avoid this by buying contacts from reliable FDA-approved brands, such as AIR OPTIX and DAILIES COLORS. This guarantees that experts deem them safe for wear. You must also know how to put contacts in to minimize injuries. Simply maintain eye contact through a mirror, balance the lens on your finger, and pull down your lower eyelid. Then, allow the lower edge of your eye to come in contact with the lens before tilting it upward for proper application. Knowing these steps means you can use your colored contacts as fashion accessories without risking your eye health.

You’ll need a prescription to get colored contact lenses

Although you want to wear colored contacts for fashionable reasons, it’s important to note that they’re still considered medical devices under the law. That’s why prescription colored contacts come in variants both with and without vision correction capabilities. You need a doctor’s go-ahead even if you’re already buying a pair from FDA-approved brands, like Colorblends and FreshLook, solely for aesthetic purposes and even if you already have perfect vision.

Fortunately, getting a prescription for decorative contact lenses is as simple as visiting your eye doctor for an exam. They will determine what shape, grade, and type of contact lenses are best for you and give you a prescription that includes the brand’s name, lens measurements, and expiration date. You can use this prescription to buy colored contacts both in-store and online. By doing so, you’ll avoid accidentally purchasing uncomfortable, unfitting, and potentially harmful lenses.

You shouldn’t sleep in colored contacts

Although colored contact lenses are safe and can be worn for long hours, sleeping while wearing them is a big no. There’s no use in doing so, as no one will be able to appreciate them. Moreover, sleeping in contacts makes you prone to several side effects. Most notably, doing so can prevent oxygen from reaching the cornea, damaging epithelial cells that protect its surface and support the tear film. Infection can also occur when bacteria trapped under the contacts start to grow. You may experience uncomfortable bacterial keratitis that can only be treated by antibiotics. To avoid this, remove your colored contacts before sleeping. You can place a note on your bedside table or bathroom mirror to remind yourself to do so every night.

Wearing colored contacts is a great way to express your unique style. To start using them safely, remember this information for a safe and enjoyable experience.


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