Top 20 Best Watch Blogs to Follow in 2020

Top 20 Best Watch Blogs to Follow in 2020

Top 20 Best Watch Blogs to Follow in 2020

On the occasion of his birthday or Valentine’s Day or if you simply want to make him happy, a connected watch is an idea not to be ruled out.

Most of the smartwatch models that exist on the market today are pretty much unisex with different sizes and customizable features, which makes them perfect for women.

Nevertheless, we all know that a woman places a lot of demands on choosing a smartwatch. Indeed, she often wants the smartwatch to be compatible with her clothing style while perfectly meeting her functional needs.

If you are planning to gift a woman with a smartwatch , take all these features into account and more importantly, go for watches that come in different sizes as women generally have relatively small wrists compared to men. Note that smartwatches with a large thickness might fit small wrists. However, these models can be inconvenient and appear awkward.

The criteria to take into account before choosing a smartwatch for women

Are you thinking of giving your loved one, your mother, your sister or even a friend a beautiful smartwatch? The first question you need to ask yourself is this: what is the ideal watch that matches your personality?

A hybrid watch or a real smartwatch?

A hybrid smartwatch is a smartwatch that looks like a regular watch. However, it has almost all the functionality of a connected watch.

However, a fully-fledged connected watch has all the necessary features. This allows the user to have an optimal experience while using it. This one is able to do a whole multitude of tasks. From managing calls to completing mobile payments, a smartwatch can do it all.

Note that a hybrid smartwatch with a colorful touchscreen often has a low battery life, but luckily there are techniques for saving battery life.This is not the case for a real smartwatch. This, in addition to its great ability to help you in everyday life, allows you to limit the use of your smartphone thanks to its intelligence.

Depending on the criteria set out below, you can choose the model your loved one needs in their daily life.

NB: Whatever model you choose, make sure that the watch is compatible with the user’s smartphone.

Take into account the characteristics of the smartwatch

Whatever type of connected watch you choose as a gift, take into account its main characteristics. It would also be necessary to evaluate the battery life or the features offered. There is nothing more frustrating than having a watch “dead” in the middle of the day since the battery has not held up.

So that the one who receives it has a smile on their face by having a connected watch , also think about the quality of the display of this one. Note that a perfect watch for women should have an AMOLED screen, or a high-end LED screen. AMOLED screens are also the best choice in terms of battery life.

Added to that, they are very aesthetic. In addition, some smartwatches specially designed for women offer functions that are exclusive to each gender. These models offer in particular the possibility of following one’s menstruation and also a diet for weight loss. Thus, orient your choice according to the habits of the one who will receive the watch.

Connected watch models to offer to a woman

  • Diamond Smarwatch for Women

Equipped with a color Oled touch screen, this sports connected watch for women can help your loved one in their daily life. Also, it has many features that may be essential for a woman to stay healthy. In addition, this watch can also be worn during a sports activity, as it is available with a tracker functionality and a sport mode. Made from excellent quality magnetic tape, it is comfortable and has a unique design.

  • Unisex multifunction smartwatch

Thanks to its functionality allowing to assess the state of health of the one who wears it, this unisex multifunction connected watch will make a perfect accessory for the one to whom you are going to give the gift. With excellent battery life, this smartwatch will play the role of an assistant.

Unisex, this magnificent connected watch is as ideal for a man as it is for a woman. You can buy two in different colors. So you and your partner will wear the same model. You will be able to do activities together, including hiking, walking, etc.

Apart from these two models, we still have many more for men and women. Browse our store and choose the model that you like or that is likely to please your loved one.

In short, if you are thinking of giving a smartwatch to a woman, think about both the design and the general characteristics. Note that our watches are distinguished by their quality and unique design as well as their functionality that meets current technological standards.

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