Various Stages of Video Production to Boost Your Branding Efforts

Various Stages of Video Production to Boost Your Branding Efforts

Various Stages of Video Production to Boost Your Branding Efforts

According to recent statistics, 72% of Australian businesses have mentioned videos have increased their conversions. Video marketing is one of the powerful digital marketing tools that can increase conversions by 80%. If you want to increase brand awareness, you need to invest in video marketing. Here we have discussed various stages of video production to boost your branding efforts.

Understanding Video Production Process

According to Monster & Bear Video Production Australia, the process varies based on budget, effort, timeline, content, and style. These are fundamental building blocks of video production that are common amongst video production companies.

Phase – I – Pre-Production

It is all about preparation and setting up the stage for video production. During this stage, the company conducts research, plans, and problem-solving to make the video project successful. The pre-production phase can be divided into

● Fact-Finding

It involves bringing the video production team and your business stakeholders together to discuss the video’s purpose, strategy, and goals. During this initial meeting, the client communicates essential business information like target audience, branding, and the tone and feel need for the video piece.

● Pre-Production Meeting

The meeting is attended by the primary person who is managing video marketing and the video producer. Ensure you finalize essential things like location, identifying the characters, and setting the timeline for the project.

● Shoot Preparation

The video production manager ensures the script has been reviewed and approved, the schedule is finalized, characters are vetted, locations confirmed, and interview questions discussed.

According to Monster Bear video production Australia, the country offers some of the best locations to film your corporate video production. Some of the locations you can consider are

● The Sydney Opera House
● Sydney Botanical Garden
● Sydney CBD
● The Historic Rocks Precinct
● Manly Beach or Bondi Beach
● Sydney’s Parks.

Phase- II – Production

The production phase involves capturing all visuals and ideas for the product. If you have any vision or ideas that need to be part of the final product, communicate them to the video producer before the end of the phase.

Phase III- Post Production

After the end of the 2 nd phase, the video producer initiates the final stage of video production. In this phase, you will see video producer and editor starting their work. The production team starts the process of organizing, planning, and editing the actual video footage. The post-production phase includes

● Video editing
● Music selection
● Reviews/approvals
● Logging the interviews
● Producing the final story
● Final Delivery

After the video’s final delivery, the marketer can create a video marketing strategy to distribute the video content through different channels to increase brand awareness.

Now that you know the in and out of the video production process let's understand how it boosts your branding efforts.

How Video Production Boosts Your Branding Efforts?

According to recent statistics, Australia is home to 2,065,523 small businesses. The statistics show small businesses employ 44% of the Australian workforce and account for 35% of the country’s GDP.


As per the latest population data, Australia’s population stood at 25,687,041 in June 2020. Video marketing has a broad reach and can help your business reach a large customer base. Leading research indicates human brain processes visuals 60, 0000 times faster than text. It means Australian consumers are more likely to absorb and respond to video stimuli than text.

When you distribute these videos through different marketing channels and websites, it automatically attracts consumers’ attention to your brand and people will be keen to visit your website.

Showcase Your Business

According to Australian Social Media statistics, 21% of Australians have active social media accounts. The report also states 55% of leading millennials use YouTube. If you are creating videos, you need to post them on your social media accounts and video sharing portals to showcase your business to prospective customers.

Exhibit Your Product

When people come to your website, they have a keen interest in your product and the services you offer. The visitor may be in the research stage, so it is the right time to share more details of your product. Videos are a great tool to show how your product works to build customers’ confidence in your product.

Promote Your Brand

Every business has a brand image that is perceived by its customers. Videos can be used to promote a positive brand image. For example, you can share your brand values through videos that help build positive brand perception.
To sum up, undoubtedly, video marketing is one of the newest and powerful additions to the business promotion toolbox. It can be useful to attract new customers and maintain current customers.


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