How to I on Roku my Android TV?

Activate TVOne

How to I on Roku: TV One is a whole entertainment package that is available to you whenever and whenever you want it. It is an American cable channel from Urban One that is available nationally in the United States via streaming services. Lifestyle series, documentaries, movies, and comedies are among TV One’s entertainment contents. Behind-the-scenes snippets and other relevant contents of the series are also available for streaming in addition to the series you watch on TV One. In addition, you may watch Original programming, concerts, and comparable acts on TV One on Roku.

This software is free to use with your TV Provider Credentials and works with most TV providers, including Spectrum, Xfinity, and Verizon. This tutorial will walk you through the TVOne installation and activation process tvone activate.

How to on Streaming Devices and Smart TV

1. Open the TVOne app on your Roku or Android TV and write down the Activation Code on the TV screen.

2. Open a browser on your smartphone or PC and go to the TVOne Activation Website (

3. Enter your TVOne Activation Code and TV Service Provider.

4. Click the Submit button and input your Provider’s login information.

5. Finally, the TVOne app will be launched on your Roku or Android TV.

6. Open the TVOne app on your smartphone and watch your favorite TV shows.

How to Download Channel on Roku

Connect the Roku to WiFi before proceeding with the procedures.

1. Operate the remote to press the Home button.

2. On the home screen, wipe the Streaming Channels option.

3. Continue to the next screen and browse the Search Channels.

4. In the search box, type TVOne.

5. From the search results, choose the TVOne app.

6. Select Add Channel to begin installing the app on Roku.

8. After installation, use the app and record the TVOne activation code.

9. From a browser on your PC, go to the activation page ( and enter the code to complete the activation.

How to Install on Android TV

1. Connect your Android TV to the Internet and turn it on.

2. Tap the Apps tab.

3. Then, Google Play Store and choose the Search option.

4. In the Play Store, look for the TVOne app.

5. Choose the TVOne app from the search results.

6. Then, on your Android TV, select the Install option to download the TVOne app.

7. Launch the app after installation and note the code.8. Go to the TVOne Activation page ( and input the code to get the app to work on your TV.

How to Watch TV One Without a Cable on Roku

You may access the TV One channel on Roku without a cable using the following streaming service.

1. The DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream on Roku is a well-known American service provider that offers appealing bundles. You may watch TV One on DirecTV Stream with its various bundles. If you already have a DirecTV Stream subscription, just search for TV One. The plans for DirecTV Stream with TV One are as follows:

  • Entertainment: More than 90 channels are available for $69.99 a month.
  • Option: More than 120 channels for $89.99 per month.
  • Ultimate: $104.99 per month for over 130 channels.
  • Premier: $149.99 per month for over 140 channels.

2. Philo DirecTV Stream

The TV One channel is accessible via the Philo on Roku subscription, which costs $25 per month. You will have no trouble getting this channel since Philo is a low-cost streaming service. In addition, as part of their membership plan, you will get a 7-day free trial as well as access to 50+ cable TV channels such as MSNBC, MTV, Paramount Plus, TLC, and others. Screen Mirroring is a Philo Alternative Method.

On Android devices, you may watch TV One via the official app. You may also mirror your devices on Roku and watch TV One. To do so, you must activate screen mirroring on Roku.

1. Begin by attaching the Roku device to your TV’s HDMI connection. Connect to a reliable Wi-Fi network as well.

2. Next, choose the Settings option from the home page’s sidebar.

Select the System option from the options menu.

4. From the menu, choose the Screen mirroring option.

The Screen Mirroring Mode option should be selected.

Finally, from the menu, select the Prompt option. By choosing the prompt option, Roku will always request you to authorize screen mirroring.

TV One Screen Mirroring with Android Smartphone

We should now use our iPhones to screen-mirror the TV One app on Roku.

1. First, connect your Android phone to the same Wi-Fi network as your Roku. Screen mirroring is now available between these two devices.

2. Navigate to the Google Play Store and search for TV One. Choose TV One app from the search results.

3. Click on the Install button. When the installation is complete, launch the app.

4. Log in to the app using your credentials. Close the app now.

5. Swipe up and down on the screen of your Android smartphone. This closes the Notification Panel.

6. Tap on Cast in the Notification Panel.
Select Cast.

Choose your Roku device right now.

7. After that, launch the TV One app and choose any programme to watch on your streaming device.

Screen Mirror TV One iOS Smartphone

Make sure to enable AirPlay on Roku and then proceed as follows:

Connect your iOS smartphone and Roku device to the same Wi-Fi network at first.

2. Launch the App Store on your iOS device.

3. Look for and install the TV One app.

4. Next, open the Control Centre and tap on Screen Mirroring.
Select Screen Mirroring.

Choose your Roku device after that.

Launch the TV One app and sign in.

Finally, choose your favorites and watch them on your streaming device.

Wrapping Up

The TV One app not only provides an updated library but also several valuable functions. It allows you to make your own watchlists so you never miss out on your favorite material. Additionally, stay up to speed on the schedules of current and forthcoming apps and movies. Love That Girl, ATL Homicide, Here We Go Again, and Fatal Attraction are among the TVOne shows worth watching. Aside from this, you may watch news and sports on TV One. You now understand why TV One is the ideal entertainment bundle for you. Never miss out on entertainment again with TV One on Roku.


1. Can I install TVOne on Firestick?

No, TVOne does not appear on the Amazon App Store.

2. How do I stream TVOne without cable?

Philo allows you to watch TVOne without a cable subscription. After downloading the app on your smartphone, you must activate Philo to watch TVOne.


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