How to Send Instagram Voice Recording?

How to Send Instagram Voice Recording?

Instagram was founded in 2010 and is among the most used social media platforms all over the world. On the site, where photos and videos can be shared free of charge, many innovations have been updated for Instagram users since the year it was opened. One of these features, which provides great convenience to Instagram lovers, is the ability to send Instagram voice recordings via DM, that is, a private message.

The feature of sending voice recordings via Instagram DM has become active with the new update published in December 2018. This feature, which was brought with the new update, has provided great convenience for all Instagram users who are busy but do not have the opportunity to write or cannot write. At the same time, in terms of the convenience provided by this feature, the company that owns the Instagram application has also achieved a great increase in its user base.

How Does the Instagram Voice Recording Application Work?

Sending an Instagram voice message is similar to sending a voice message in the Whatsapp application, and it is very easy to use. Although the user profiles on Instagram are generally young people, this feature has enabled middle-aged and old people to use Instagram more actively.

Sending DM voice messages, especially for those who have difficulty typing with the keyboard, has increased the activity time of users on Instagram. With the direct message, that is, the private message feature, the use of Instagram has become even more enjoyable for most people.

Sending a voice recording on Instagram is as follows;

  1. In order to send an Instagram voice recording, firstly, after entering the user account, click on the DM section.
  2. Then, the person to whom the voice recording is to be sent on Instagram should be selected.
  3. Then there should be the microphone icon located under the writing part.
  4. The desired things should be said by holding down the microphone sign.
  5. When finished speaking what is to be conveyed, the microphone icon should be removed.
  6. Thus, the recorded Instagram voice message is instantly transmitted to the desired person.

The method of sending an Instagram voice recording and sending a voice message via Whatsapp is the same, but there is a difference in one point. While the voice messages sent via Whatsapp are recorded via the microphone, they can be listened to and sent later, if desired, while in Instagram, this process transmits a message as soon as the hand is removed from the microphone after recording, and you cannot listen to what you are saying.

Photo and video sharing platform Instagram has made a big breakthrough in the field of direct messaging with its voice recording feature. This privilege, which has been activated with the update, works seamlessly, compatible with all IOS and Android systems. This feature, which transmits the voice messages of Instagram users recorded as soon as they press the microphone button, to the other party as soon as the button is removed, has made private messages even more useful.

If you cannot be sure of sending the recorded messages by pressing and holding the microphone icon on Instagram, it is possible to delete the recorded voice message without sending it, by directing the finger to the trash to delete or re-record it. The fact that Instagram members send messages to each other in audio file format has also been one of the features that provide a great convenience for car users who want to send emergency messages via Instagram.

The voice messaging feature, which is highly appreciated by Instagram users, allows members to send voice messages to each other during private chats, and this feature can be easily used in Instagram group chats.

How to Listen to Instagram Voice Recording?

Sending Instagram voice messages is very easy, and at the same time, listening to voice messages is a very practical method. To listen to the received messages or sent messages, it is sufficient to press the play button in the private message section. Another feature of Instagram voice messages is the absence of downloading incoming messages to devices. In this context, every incoming or sent message is only recorded in the direct message section and must be listened to only here.

What are the Features of the Instagram Voice Recording Application?

While the Instagram voice recording application provides voice messages via private messages, there is no limitation for these voice messages sent to the other party. Any number of voice messages can be sent to any Instagram user. Unlimited voice messaging is also free of charge, and this feature can be used free of charge. Sending voice messages via direct message is unfortunately not available on desktop computers yet.

In Instagram voice messages, there is no time limit for sending voice recordings. As many voice messages as desired are transmitted to the other party in the desired time. In addition, the desired contacts can be selected or blocked for voice messaging with DM settings. In the Instagram voice messaging method, one-time audio recordings are not possible, and it is necessary to create multiple listening audio recordings.

To use the Instagram voicemail feature most efficiently, it is always necessary to make sure that the Instagram application is in its most up-to-date state. In addition, the microphone feature of the smartphone, tablet, or other devices used must be turned on. In cases where these are not fulfilled, it is not possible to use voice messages in private messaging.

Therefore, it is necessary to allow the application to access the microphone on all devices using Instagram. In this, microphone permission should be given by entering the application section of the devices’ settings.

In the direct message section of the Instagram application, in addition to sending voice messages, there is also the sending of voice messages with a camera, that is, video. To send a video message, it is necessary to enter the Instagram message box and press the camera button. In this way, it is possible to talk to the desired people on Instagram one-to-one, video, and voice.

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How to Send an Instagram Voice Message

In earlier times, the Instagram app was a social media platform used only for sharing photos and videos. However, this application, which has managed to improve itself over time, has also brought a new version for you to message. Now, however; On Instagram, you can both message and share your photos and videos, as well as send voice messages and make video calls. The Instagram voice recording option will allow you to message your relatives more practically. However, the voice messages you send also have a certain duration. You cannot send a voice message longer than 1 minute to the other party. For this reason, it would be better for you to send what you are going to tell or say in a few parts.

As the Internet continues to evolve at a rapid pace, the importance of voice messaging features has grown more and more. To keep up with the new technology era, Instagram did not fail to bring many technological features to its platform. Instagram, which provides both image search, audio recording, and photo or video sending options to its users, has also succeeded in making its users very satisfied thanks to these features.

How to Send a Voice Message on Instagram?

Where are Instagram voice recordings recorded by many different users who have just started using Instagram and cannot benefit from these features? He is researching it. If you want to send a voice message via Instagram; You need to click on the DM section where your message box is and enter the chat page of the person you want to send a voice message to. In this section, there is a microphone symbol at the bottom of the place where you write a message. It is possible to send the voice message by pressing and holding this microphone. If you think you said something wrong in the voicemail and you stopped sending it; You can block the sending of the voicemail by pushing it to the trash. However, it is useful to know that while sending a voice message, you cannot send a message to the other party at the same time.

How to Activate the Instagram Voice Recording Option?

I can’t listen to Instagram voicemail or Instagram audio recording won’t open if you have complaints such as; You probably haven’t enabled this feature. Instagram has shared the voice recording feature it has developed as a result of long efforts with all its users. All users using the Instagram application; can benefit from this newly developed feature as they wish. However, if the voicemail option does not appear for you yet or it does not become active, you may not have updated your Instagram application. If you are facing this kind of problem, you can try updating the app again first. If you were not successful in this way, you can delete the Instagram Application from your phone and download it back to your phone. The Instagram app you redownloaded is the latest updated version of Instagram. If you still cannot view the voicemail feature, You may be facing a problem with your phone. It will be possible to solve this problem by going to the authorized service of your phone.


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