What is the Cheapest Spectrum Package?

What is the Cheapest Spectrum Package?

What is the Cheapest Spectrum Package?

Spectrum is cable internet, TV, and phone service provider that offers multiple packages and deals at very reasonable prices. Customers have all the options open in front of them such as what speed are they looking for, the kind of channels that they want, should there be any premium channels or not, whether they want to include the phone or not, and much more. Additionally, no-contract options make Spectrum a better option than many other providers as they require long term contracts and service agreements so that the customers cannot switch or if they do, they will have to pay a cancellation cost.

The only thing that holds many customers back is that the services are available only in selected areas of over 41 states and they are not able to get the services. Otherwise, reliability, service quality, economical pricing, and service features are one of the best. Let’s move forward and look into details of the cheapest Charter Spectrum packages that are offered to customers.

Cheapest Spectrum Packages

Spectrum offers various plans for internet, TV, and phone services whether you are looking to get them in a bundle or you are looking to get just TV or internet services. To make it easier, we will go over these packages one by one such as the cheapest internet plan, TV plan, and TV & internet bundle.

Spectrum’s Cheapest Internet Package

If you are looking to get internet services and Spectrum is the option you have shortlisted, you are on the right track to get faster internet services at economical prices. Spectrum mainly offers three plans for internet services known as Standard, Ultra, and Gig service plans. Among these plans, Spectrum Standard is the cheapest internet package offered by Spectrum that starts from $44.99 per month when bundled (this price may vary based on the promotion going on in your area). With this plan, you will get a download speed of up to 200 Mbps which is a great speed for households with 3-5 people. This speed can support buffer-free streaming, online classes, working from home, and playing games.

The best part is that, despite being the cheapest Spectrum plan, Standard internet offers the same features as Ultra and Gig internet. Customers get a free internet modem along with truly unlimited data. With Spectrum, there are no caps on your data, and your speeds are never slowed down just because you have used a significant amount of data. Along with that, customers also get access to a network of Wi-Fi hotspots which is available in almost every major territory. So, Spectrum customers never really disconnect from the internet.

Cheapest TV Package with Spectrum

Just like internet packages, Spectrum also offers three plans for its TV services; Spectrum Select, Silver, and Gold with Select being the most economical plan. Without making it super expensive, Spectrum offers a solid channel lineup with these plans. Customers can get 125+, 175+, and more than 200 channels respectively.

If we look at TV Select, it costs $44.99 per month and offers channels such as ABC, CNBC, FOX, ESPN, Discovery, Comedy Central, Bravo, CSPAN, Hallmark, Lifetime, Disney, Cartoon Network, and much more. The extensive channel lineup covers almost all categories and makes it possible for customers to get access to their favorite category. It does not matter whether you are a sports fan, a movies fan, or you like to watch the wildlife growing, you would get to see that.

Along with all these channels, Spectrum also offers thousands of on-demand options for
customers which can be watched whenever they want. Additonally, TV Select customers also get access to the free Spectrum TV app that allows them to watch their favorite shows, without being bound to sitting in front of a tv. Other features such as DVR service is optional and customers can opt-in if they would like to get that.

Cheapest Internet and TV bundle

For those who are looking to get a bundle for internet and TV and are evaluating which one is going to be the cheapest for them, Spectrum double play select would be the answer to your question. With this bundle offer, Spectrum merges the most economical TV plan which is TV Select, and the most Economical internet plan which is Spectrum Standard Internet. As a result, customers have the cheapest internet and TV bundle. Service features such as the number of channels, download speeds, free modem, free TV app, and many others are combined as well.

The price for this bundle starts from $89.98 per month with a bundle discount of $5.
In case this is not what you want, you can also get Spectrum TV streaming service and bundle up with Spectrum Internet. That can be a great match of services and would save you more than $20 every month. However, that might result in loss of features such as the on-demand options or removal of many channels from your channel lineup because streaming service offers a limited number of channels.


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