The Question Is, Can Dogs Eat Broccoli

The Question Is, Can Dogs Eat Broccoli

The Question Is, Can Dogs Eat Broccoli

Is it too much to ask to want the best for our pets, to take care of our animals the best way we know how? Is this not the basic responsibility of any caregiver? Many people have different views on how they believe this is best done, and each to their own as my granny used to say, but there are fundamental foundation points to keep you on track.

We can’t simply give our furry family members everything and anything we like or even more so that they want without thinking about its nutritional value if any. In the same way in which we try to live a more active, fitter lifestyle with good nutrition and practices, so should we offer this same quality of life to our pets?

There is always time to do a bit of research, a deeper look into what the practice entails, we are constantly on our phones and computers ‘surfing’ the web and browsing, if this can be done for your animal’s needs in mind, win-win.


We always try to add vegetables into fussy kids’ meals in new and innovative ways (well I do anyway) and this keeps me not only creative in the kitchen, but they enjoy trying new recipes and are unaware that they are filling their little bodies with wholesome and nutritious vegetables.

Cannabis Sativa (read about it here is a plant from nature, grown around the globe, and manufactured and produced into a large variety of products giving us something for everyone. Add this to freshly grown broccoli and your pet will be ‘happy as Larry’ as the old saying goes.

This practice is easily extended to our dogs or animals, in general, and what some may think is an overwhelming topic to delve into knowing that the natural ingredient that is increasing in popularity daily, comes from the marijuana family, it doesn’t need to be.

What pet owners around the world have noticed is that not only is CBD versatile enough to add to all recipes and baked or cooked meals, but it has a significant list of health properties, this alone makes it worth a try.

Creating some bone-shaped broccoli treats that are infused with CBD that has been soaked on top, this winning combination will have your pup seizing the day with his new lease on life.

This being said, like with all things, everything in moderation is key, and which is where we answer the question on everyone’s mind, can my dog eat broccoli, and I am pleased to say, yes, but with guidance. Too much of a good thing can end up being a bad thing, and even more so when we refer to the green tree-like vegetable we all love.

Dogs Eat Broccoli

Two parts.

There are two main components if you look at a broccoli head, the hard, fibrous stalk which is great when cut up into small pieces and given raw or cooked (steamed or roasted are also options and makes for easier digestion), and then the florets.

Both parts are safe to eat in any form, but you need to keep an eye on how much of the floret section you are giving or adding into their diet as it contains a toxin given off by the molecules known as Isothiocyanate.

This toxin can cause severe side effects if too much broccoli is ingested, symptoms such as nausea, gas and bloating, and extreme diarrhea are all signs to look out for, and if not cautious it can even lead to death. Take a moment to read more about the effects of this vegetable in dogs if you click here and be well-versed in all things broccoli-related when it comes to your canine.

Organic and natural.

Using plants naturally found in nature for your diet, implementing vegetables grown free from harsh chemicals and pesticides is one step closer to a better quality of life, for you and your pet. Too many times the off-the-shelf products contain large quantities of preservatives or flavorings and a packaging label that has unpronounceable ingredient names, who knows what we are giving to our animals.

Thankfully, budding chefs and stay-at-home moms are getting creative in the kitchen, baking up storms flavored with the fresh aroma of the green vegetable, biscuits that look too good to be true sprinkled with chunks of broccoli, and every family member gets to enjoy its nutritional value. If you have green fingers and can grow your own even better.

Top 3 Positives in broccoli nutritional value.

  • The genetic makeup of the veg comprises 90% water, protein, and around 5% carbs. With little to almost no fat, it is a great addition to any meal, even more so when paired with fatty meats.
  • A great source for healthy fiber, while it isn’t as much as you may think, the fiber content is sufficient to promote a healthy digestive tract and movement of the gut. This regulates digestion and prevents diseases.
  • It offers a large variety of essential minerals and nutrients each with a specific purpose, ranging from normal cell growth, bone health, and heart disease prevention. These vitamins are important for a well-maintained immune system and especially vitamin K1 which is responsible for blood clotting.

Who knew that a humble vegetable could offer us so many nutrients, health benefits and all the while catering to all the family?


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