SweatCoin: All about the app that delivers you to walk

SweatCoin: All about the app that delivers you to walk

SweatCoin app promises being paid to walk.

Is it a scam?

Here is our comprehensive guide. SweatCoin (SWC) —

Thanks to the Internet, it is feasible to earn money working from home. You may have heard of the several websites that allow you to earn money and make ends meet. In addition to these sites, SweatCoin is an application that requires you to do nothing but walk to be paid.

To keep healthy, experts recommend taking around 10 steps every day. Walking has also been promoted in recent years to reduce pollution associated with mobility. Similarly, the new Sweat Coin application offers us a reward for walking a certain distance.

The iOS and Android apps offer to pay us in cryptocurrency for the steps we do each day. Although the application is popular worldwide, with many great reviews on the Play store, it is prudent to understand how it works before using it.

Let’s look closely at SweatCoin’s operation, views, dependability, hazards, and payment.

What is Sweatcoin?

Sweatcoin is an iPhone and Android application developed in the United Kingdom in 2016 that pays users to walk. The goal is to get them to work out.

The app is free from Google Play and the Apple App Store. It may be readily loaded and launched on most Android and Apple smartphones. Sweat Coin’s concept is straightforward. Users’ journeys are converted into currencies. These may be spent on the different brands with whom Sweatcoin has collaborations. For example, yoga courses, iPhones, and Uber races are available. The app also lets you donate to charity.

Sweatcoin records movements using GPS data from the smartphone, but it also utilizes an accelerometer to verify that users do not cheat while driving. The app seems to operate in the background, but it warns that this might waste a lot of battery power.

Sweatcoin is now free and quite popular, as seen by its numerous favorable ratings in the Apple and Android app stores, which heightens our interest in this application.

Sweat Coin App: We convert your efforts into sweatcoins, which you can use to spend goods and services. Walk, Earn, Spend, and Repeat.

How does the app work?

This free application is built on a straightforward concept. You will be paid based on the distance traveled. You will get around one SC for every 1000 steps you take.

This virtual currency will be kept in a separate wallet. The monies amassed can then be converted into coupons or merchandise. Prices might vary significantly depending on your budget and the availability of flash sales. Prizes can include discount vouchers and subscriptions from partner stores, cash payouts via Paypal, etc.

Of course, not all of these bonuses are created equal. The iPhone XS, for example, costs roughly 20 SC. Following registration, you will start with the free version of Sweatcoin, dubbed the “Mover.” This version lets you earn up to 5 SWC (Sweatcoins) daily, or 150 SWC per month.

Sweatcoin also has four different variants. However, they are not free:

“Shaker” (costs $4.75 per month) lets you earn up to 10 SWC daily, or $300 per month; “Quaker” (costs $20 per month) will enable you to earn up to 15 SWC per day, or 450 monthly; “Breaker” (costs $30 per month) will enable you to earn up to 20 SWC daily or 600 monthly; “Trouble Maker” is now in development and will be available soon.

Sweatcoin operates on a freemium concept, in which you start with the “Mover” (free plan) and then upgrade if you don’t mind paying. The premium Sweatcoin apps feature more steps than the free plan.

Withdraw funds from SweatCoin

You can convert your coins into rewards if there are no direct means to withdraw money from Sweatcoin. However, rewards that provide you money paid to PayPal or Amazon are uncommon. As a result, you cannot convert Sweatcoins into euros immediately.

However, you may spend your tokens to get PayPal money, Amazon gift cards, vouchers, and so on. Given the number of transactions possible, 1 cryptocurrency token is equivalent to 0,008 euros.

How much Sweatcoins can you earn?

1k SWC is equivalent to 20k steps. To put it another track, if you truly want to win 1k SWC, you must walk for 15 km (9,3 miles) three years in a row!

Do you think that’s plausible?

Most likely not…

In addition, after reading other Sweatcoin online, I discovered that this fitness app occasionally inaccurately estimates how much money you should earn based on your walking steps.

Don’t think of SWCs as money, in my opinion. It’s about bonus points rather than money. As a result, Sweatcoin serves as a platform and marketing tool for a variety of promotions. Also, you can’t truly “cash out” what you’ve won! Sweatcoin recommends that you spend your SWC earned on its marketplace.

How can I earn more SWC?

Refer your relatives or friends to earn additional Sweatcoins. The better people you refer, the more money you earn and the more additional PayPal vouchers you may earn. Sweatcoins are often used to get discounts at partner stores.

Referrals receive 5 Sweatcoins and a bonus when they sign up using the referral link. Aside from money, the prizes include iPhones, transfers, gift vouchers, PayPal, and other items. To withdraw money, you must have at least 3 euros. You have to walk a lot to obtain a lot of sweat corners.

To acquire the iPhone X as a gift, you need 20 Sweatcoins, which equals a total of 000 million steps. To obtain the iPhone X, you must often wear your workout outfit.

What is the catch with Sweatcoin?

Sweatcoin calculates your steps every time you walk outside. The total number of steps will be calculated and converted into money (but it is digital money). The Sweatcoin trap is, therefore, as follows: you do not receive cash but rather Sweatcoins (aka SWC).

One thousand steps are worth around 0.95 SWC. The distance traveled is not displayed in the Sweatcoin app. It simply displays steps, so if you’re serious about monitoring, I usually recommend investing in an activity tracker. Nothing extravagant is required. However, a basic Garmin would be excellent.

Information and privacy

Sweatcoin users get paid to walk?

If we accept this question at its value, the answer is no, and we are paid for granting them access to our data. The Sweatcoin App requests a lot of information, including our first and last names.

  • Our phone contacts.
  • Our GPS location is always available.
  • Our phone call history.
  • Our images and videos.
  • Our wireless network.
  • Our phone’s status and the websites we browse

In sum, the app is a significant breach of privacy. Sweatcoin may resell this information, as stated in its Privacy Policy. Once you sign up, unsubscribing becomes a big effort. We had to email Sweatcoin for the corporation to erase our information.

There was no immediate answer.

How much money did I make using SweatCoin?

One of my steps this year was to walk at least 5 miles daily. That’s when I downloaded Sweatcoin to motivate me to complete my goal. I’ve averaged roughly 7 steps every day so far this year. As of this writing, I had collected 602,66 Sweatcoins and was doing 7 steps every day on average. Depending on when I cash out, it’s worth $30 or $8.

So, how worth are my 602.66 Sweatcoins?

Indeed, there are two ways to convert Sweatcoin into PayPal money, and each of these offers Sweatcoin a distinct worth. So, if I liked to cash out my Sweatcoins immediately, I would save up 3 Sweatcoins that I could redeem for $650 cash via PayPal.

If you split $50 by 50 Sweatcoins, each Sweatcoin is worth around $3. I gain $602,66 if I multiply my 650 Sweatcoins by $0,0137. So, if I plan to cash out my Sweatcoins within the next year, you might argue that I made $8,26 in a few months with Sweatcoins.

In complement to the 3 Sweatcoins for $650 choice, there is now the option to exchange 50 Sweatcoins for $20. If you split $1,000 by one Sweatcoin, each Sweatcoin is worth around $1,000. I receive $20 if I multiply my 1 Sweatcoin by $000

So, if I plan to wait some years before paying out my Sweatcoins – or if I just become much more active than I am now – you can claim that I made $30,13 in a few months with Sweatcoins.

Sweatcoin’s revolutionary free walk concept has won over many people. First, it’s beneficial for your health, and second, you’ll get something back, if not a lot of money. The app works as long as your GPS is turned on and the app is running in the background.

Granted, it depletes the battery somewhat, but there’s nothing to lose by giving it a shot. You may exchange your Sweatcoins tokens for an item of your choosing at the same price on the partner’s website.

In essence, Sweatcoin is a revolutionary application that encourages you to walk in exchange for vouchers, coupons, or money. The main issue is that far too much personal information is collected during registration. Getting a gift like the iPhone X requires time and patience.

Advantages and disadvantages

SweatCoin Advantages

  • It’s a novel approach to tracking your daily steps while putting you in a fun mood.
  • The concept and mission are fantastic since they urge people to walk more.
  • You may use your steps to get discounts and your SWC to donate to crowdfunding initiatives.
  • Sweatcoin features a basic user interface that makes it simple to browse.

However, these are the app’s drawbacks:

  • They appear to try everything possible to limit the user’s movements.
  • Its algorithm has several errors.
  • The things in their product area may be inexpensive, but they conceal delivery expenses.
  • Every time you buy something, you must complete a lot of registrations.
  • There are just a few rewards.
  • Sweatcoin is highly worth it, in my opinion.
  • I obtain paid to do something I would do otherwise – walk.
  • You can make a lot of money strolling.
  • You can be paid to walk using Sweatcoin, believe it or not.

This, in my opinion, makes the Sweatcoin app incredibly beneficial, but be careful; in most cases, these applications end up closing down quickly, so don’t make this app your primary source of money. 

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