10 Best Control PC Apps From Android In 2022

10 Best Control PC Apps From Android In 2022

Android is the most popular mobile OS because of its flexibility and customizable features. It comes from Linux, and Android is an open-source OS that allows you to enjoy unlimited apps. We will today discuss some best apps to control PC from Android. Some apps are available on the Google Play Store that allows you to control PC from Android easily control pc from phone.

Controlling PC from Android is a fantastic feature, and many users want to enjoy it. But finding an app is important; many apps claim they give users the facility to control PC from Android. However, mostly, their claims are fake. Let’s have a look at highviolet list of apps to control your system via Android remote control pc.

In this article, we’ll go through some of the best Android apps for controlling your PC from your Android device.

10 Best Control PC Apps From Android In 2022

These apps also feature screen-sharing capabilities, allowing you to have complete control over your desktop or laptop. So, let’s take a look at the top Android apps for controlling your computer control pc how to update apps.

1. Chrome Remote Control

Best Control PC Apps Chrome Remote Control

Chrome Remote Control is a simple method to connect to your home or office computer from afar. Chrome Remote Control must have pc apps is easier to use than other PC control tools, and it’s fast, easy, and free. With Chrome Remote Control, you may connect to your PC or your Android or iOS device in a variety of ways control pc from iphone.

Users must download power apps and set up the Chrome Remote Control on their Chrome browser and smartphone in order to control their PC from an Android device control pc game. Users can effortlessly manage the PC screen from their smartphone once the devices are linked. It is one of the Best Apps To Control PC From Android.

2. Teamviewer for Remote Control

Best Control PC Apps Teamviewer for Remote Control

TeamViewer is a popular remote access application for Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS. The beautiful thing about TeamViewer is that it doesn’t require both devices to be connected to the same WiFi network to begin a remote session how to control pc from phone.

Open the app on both devices and share the User ID and Password to access the distant device. TeamViewer must have pc apps may also be used to control Android from an iOS device, Windows from an iOS device, and so on.

3. Unified Remote

Best Control PC Apps Unified Remote

Unified Remote is one of the greatest Android apps for managing a computer. The Unified Remote is more beneficial because it can control the system via Bluetooth or WiFi.

It converts your Android phone into a WiFi or BlueTooth universal remote control for PC once it’s installed. It works with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux computers, and the server setup is simple. Unified Remote’s complete edition includes 90+ remotes, the ability to create custom remotes, IR and NFC actions, Android wear compatibility, and more free apps.

4. PC Remote

Best Control PC Apps PC Remote

Before utilizing the PC Remote, you must first install the PC Remote Receiver on your computer. Connect the mobile app to the PC receiver once it’s been installed. You can play various PC games, transfer data between devices, and access your PC’s functions once you’re connected. Overall, PC Remote is one of the Best Apps to Control PC from Android.

5. KiwiMote

Best Control PC Apps KiwiMote

KiwiMote is unique in that it allows users to operate their PCs through WiFi from their Android devices. KiwiMote must have pc apps, on the other hand, requires the installation of Java on your PC. Kiwimote is also accessible for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs, which is a huge plus. That means you can use Android to control Windows, Linux, and Mac computers.

6. VNC Viewer

VNC Viewer

It’s one of the most outstanding remote control-based Android apps for controlling PCs from Android devices. VNC Viewer’s best feature is that it allows users to view their PC screens remotely. Not only that, but VNC Viewer also has backup and sync capabilities, as well as a Bluetooth keyboard.

7. Splashtop Personal

Splashtop Personal can be the ideal choice for you if you’re looking for the easiest, fastest, and most secure remote desktop program for your Android smartphone. What’s more, guess what? Splashtop Personal must have pc apps allows customers to utilize an Android handset to access their Windows workstations. Another feature of Splashtop Personal is that it will enable you to broadcast high-resolution, real-time video and audio through your computer’s webcam.

8. Remote Link

Remote Link

The app pc apps free download has all the features you’d expect from a remote access app. The program transforms your Android phone or tablet into a PC remote control over WiFi or Bluetooth. It turns your phone’s screen into a wireless trackpad for controlling your computer. It has a touchpad remote, keyboard remote, presentation remote, media remote, and other unique features.

9. DroidMote


Users may operate Android, Linux, Windows, and Chrome OS devices from the comfort of their couch with DroidMote. Users must install the server-client on the other smartphone to start a remote session using DroidMote. The app isn’t well-known, yet it’s one of the best Android apps for controlling your PC.

10. Microsoft Remote Desktop


Microsoft’s Distant Desktop 8 is a program that allows you to connect to a remote PC or virtual app. Remote Desktop 8, unlike the others, does not operate with Linux or macOS. It is only compatible with Windows operating systems such as Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP, etc chromecast pc apps.

The only disadvantage of Remote Desktop 8 is that it is quite challenging to set up. Your computer must be configured to accept remote connection requests from an Android device. Microsoft Remote Desktop also allows you to broadcast high-definition video and music.

Conclusion: Best Apps To Control PC From Android

These are the most refined Android apps for controlling your PC from your smartphone. If you know of any additional apps similar to these, please let us know in the comments section below. I hope you found this helpful material! Please share it with your friends as well.


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