Top 9 Best PDF Converters to Word Apps In 2023

Top 9 Best PDF Converters to Word Apps In 2022

Convert PDFs and scanned files for free into editable Microsoft Office DOC & DOCX files. Here is our top selection for you.

Have you always needed to edit a PDF document?

In this article, we will introduce you to the best applications for converting PDF to WORD, as well as online converter tools to convert you make your adjustments. The best Portable Document Format (PDF) was created to make it easier to transfer documents and files among numerous devices.

The best PDF converters goal is to create a raw, compressed version of the original file that is impossible to modify when transferred from one device to another. This is his incredibly effective objective.

However, in addition to the convenience of file transfer, file owners face various disadvantages. Although PDF allows for rapid and agile document transfer, it does not allow document modification. User tries to correct details in the PDF file, they will be unable to do so.

Fortunately, there is no want to be concerned about this issue because there are tools specifically developed to solve it. You may find many PDF to Word converters on Google, each with its unique style of assisting you with file conversion.

Editable word documents with non-editable PDFs

1. Adobe

Best PDF Converters to Word Apps

Adobe PDF to Word Converter. As the creator of the PDF format, there is no better online PDF converter to convert PDF than Adobe. Adobe gives an easy and comprehensive interface that quickly converts any PDF file.

The editable file you receive is a replica of the original, with no missing text, alignment, or margins. The conversion procedure is also simple. Click the “Choose Files” button on the site or drag and drop the files to convert.

Adobe begins the conversion process automatically when you pick the file. Your editable Word file will be stored on your device in your chosen folder. Try the Premium edition to convert Microsoft 365 files, rotate or split PDF files, or copy HTML, TXT, and other formats to PDF.


  • Convert PDFs to documents quickly.
  • Drag and drop capabilities
  • PDFs may be split and rotated.
  • Convert HTML, TXT, and other file formats to PDF.

Conclusion: Adobe is a complete PDF to Word converter. The fact that it excels at this duty adds to our recommendation.

Price: 7-day free trial, $9 per month for the Basic plan, $14 per month for the Professional plan.

2. EasePDF

Best PDF Converters to Word Apps

EasePDF allows you to convert PDF to Word online. EasyPDF is one of the world’s greatest PDF converters. EasePDF is a powerful tool for converting PDF to practically any other format. All PDF files may be converted here with ease.

Batch conversion between PDF and Word is easy and more efficient for anyone who wants to edit PDF documents. Online PDF converters can provide advanced PDF compression, editing, and merging features. A rich function menu and a self-explanatory and succinct interface show you how to use it rapidly.

EasePDF offers the benefit of preventing the disclosure of all downloaded files due to its robust 256-bit SSL encryption.


  • Online batch converts to PDF, Word, Excel, and more formats.
  • For rapid downloading, drag & drop capability is employed.
  • PDF editing, rotation, and merging are all possible.
  • Watermarking and signing PDFs are features.
  • SSL encryption with 256-bit key

Conclusion: EasePDF performs an excellent job of merging and maximizing practically all important and PDF-related solid capabilities.

Furthermore, the tool’s exceedingly simple approach will make you fall in love with it. These elements should entice you to give it a go.

The price:

  • Monthly subscription: $4.95
  • Annual subscription: $3,33 per month ($39,95 one-time payment per year)
  • Every 24 hours, you may also find two free assignments.

3. WorkinTool

Best PDF Converters to Word Apps

WorkinTool can convert PDF to Word. WorkinTool is a fully featured desktop PDF converter. It includes an easy-to-use UI and straightforward navigation. With a few mouse clicks, you can read PDF files, combine them, convert, split, compress them, and do other files with PDF files. It works with both macOS and Windows.


  • It can convert PDF to a variety of different file formats.
  • It can split and combine PDF files.
  • Pages in PDF files can be deleted.
  • You may add or remove watermarks from your documents.
  • It can compress PDFs while maintaining their quality.

Verdict: With this all-in-one desktop tool, you may add or remove watermarks, split or combine PDF files, convert PDF to and from other formats, and much more. Its simple interface and easy navigation make it even more enticing to consumers.

The cost is nothing.

4. Ashampoo® PDF Pro 2

Best PDF Converters to Word Apps

Pdf to word converter. It is a Ashampoo® PDF software that allows you to manage and edit PDF documents. It is a complete solution compatible with Windows 10, 8, and 7. It will create you in creating correctly sized documents that can be viewed on any device.


  • Ashampoo® PDF Pro 2 supports PDF to Word conversion.
  • It allows you to create and modify interactive forms and compare two PDF files side by side.
  • It contains a snapshot capability that allows you to capture the PDF accurately.
  • It enables you to find and replace colors in documents.
  • Ashampoo® PDF Pro 2 is a comprehensive solution for editing and managing PDF documents.
  • It supports PDF to Word conversion.
  • Its updated toolbar, menu layout, and relevant toolbar icons make it easier to use.

The cost of Ashampoo® PDF Pro 2 is $29.99. (one-time payment). It may be used on three systems at home, but just one license is required for business use. You may try the tool for free by downloading it.

5. Smallpdf

Smallpdf lives true to its name by offering a simple yet powerful tool for converting PDF files into documents. You may drag and drop any PDF file you wish to convert using the simple drag-and-drop capabilities. Document processing does not affect quality, and the user may quickly acquire a high-quality final product.

Smallpdf’s ability to do cloud modifications may be its most appealing feature. Smallpdf is top powered by many cloud servers that need to convert PDF files to Word files. It also has a stringent privacy policy to keep your files safe and secure.


  • Conversion is quick and easy.
  • Drag and drop capabilities
  • Conversion of Clouds
  • It works on all platforms without a hitch.

Conclusion: Smallpdf has an excellent user interface for fast converting PDF files to Word files.

This tool is worth investigating because of the extra cloud conversion capability and its dedication to customer privacy.

The cost is $12 per month with a seven-day free trial.

6. Free PDF Converter

Don’t be misled by its unassuming appearance; Free PDF Converter has amassed a sizable user following thanks to its simple yet effective PDF processing skills. The online PDF converters tool uses a tried-and-true two-step algorithm to convert PDF to Word or any other format.

However, its best advantage is that it safeguards the user’s files or documents. PDF Converter protects your files with 256-bit SSL encryption. Furthermore, once your work is completed, it deletes your files from its database.


  • Quick PDF compression and conversion.
  • SSL encryption of 256 bits
  • PDFs can be merged and split.
  • PDF Rotation

Conclusion: PDF Converter is more powerful, more robust, and offers a method for demonstrating its performance. It can easily handle PDF editor conversion, compression, and other processing jobs, so it’s worth a look.

The cost is $6 per month, $50 per year, and $99 for life.

7. PDF2Go

PDF2Go is the best online PDF converter for PDF to text since it not only converts your PDF files but also lets you have a variety of handy processing options that you can use at your leisure.

Converting PDF to Word is easy. Upload the file, pick the output format, and the file will be converted without page errors. In addition, the tool leverages OCR to make modifications directly to scanned documents.

In addition to the best features listed above, this tool is great for splitting and merging PDFs, compressing them to the right size, and fixing, optimizing, and rotating PDFs.

Conclusion: PDF2Go has many features for anyone who wants to interact effortlessly with PDFs. The verbatim PDF conversion process is practically perfect. It’s worth a shot.


  • PDF Processing Flexibility
  • Conversion of PDF
  • Compression of PDF
  • PDF Split and Merged
  • Price: Free version, 5,50 euros per month, 44 euros per year.

8. iLovePDF

Online pdf to word converter applications. ILovePDF is a great online PDF converters tool that lives up to its superior aesthetics and offers a very robust PDF manipulating tool.

This tool can convert PDF files to editable Word files. The two-step method only requires you to select the files and the format to be converted and then wait for the result. PDF may be converted to various formats, including JPEG, Powerpoint, and Excel, in addition to Word. ILovePDF can do PDF merging, PDF compression, and splitting in addition to conversion.

Conclusion: iLovePDF is a fantastic freeware tool for conversion.

You may not only convert PDF files to any format you choose, but you can also execute various additional processing activities easily.

The cost is nothing.

9. Nitro Pdf

Best PDF Converters to Word

Online pdf to word converter applications. Many internet users are wary about sharing or downloading online documents for any reason, let alone converting them. When converting files, Nitro PDF to Word Converter provides you more peace of mind.

To do this, our online PDF converter delivers the converted file immediately to your email address rather than storing it on your machine. You must upload the necessary files, select the output format, input the email address where you want the files delivered, and wait for the processed work to be delivered. This tool’s free version is accessible for 14 days. You may, however, upgrade to more extensive features by paying the price.


  • Risk-free file conversion
  • Conversion to Word, PowerPoint, and Excel formats.
  • Compatible with all devices

Verdict: This tool is great for skeptical people who want peace of mind. We don’t recommend it for casual users because it takes a long time.

Price: 14-day free trial, $127.20 one-time charge


We have completed our selection of the top 9 PDF converters. We hope that this article has assisted you in locating the best program to convert and edit your PDFs without difficulty. Although other PDF converters are available online, these are the finest. 


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