CocoDoc – Best Free PDF Editor Online

CocoDoc - Best Free PDF Editor Online

CocoDoc – Best Free PDF Editor Online

Free PDF editors are the best because they allow you to edit PDF online without having to pay for that service. They are especially helpful when you are working on a budget. When people have PDF documents, in most cases they have to convert them into a different format if they need to edit them or change an image in them.

With the best PDF editor online, you do not have to convert your PDF for editing or pay for the commonly used expensive software.

PDF documents are great for people whether you are a student or a business person. One of the advantages of using PDF documents is that they do not change their content no matter what program one uses to open them or the device that you use to open them.

If you deal with extremely sensitive documents that may be misinterpreted in case of format change, then PDF is the best format for your documents. There are not so many online PDF editors in the market. One of the most reliable PDF editors is the CocoDoc PDF Editor.

CocoDoc PDF Editor

This PDF editor makes editing PF very easy and efficient. It allows you to edit and fine-tune all your PDF documents without much hassle and you can access all the editing elements from a single PDF toolbar.

If you use PDF documents for your business, managing your workflow and collaboration among your colleagues is made easy by CocoDoc PDF editor. The editor also avails all the features required for auditing, storage, and collaboration.

With this PDF editor, you can style your PDF and bring out a clean stylish document without needing too much technical knowledge. The editor has templates that make PDF editing easy and beautiful.

With the CocoDoc PDF editor, you can tailor the PDF document that you want. Switch between the different landscapes, colors, logos, highlights, and much more. With CocoDoc PDF editor, the security of your document is enhanced through encryption.

This PDF editing tool gives you a simple user interface that makes it easy for you to add both texts and images to your PDF documents. You can e-sign your documents using this editor and also, highlight and comment on the information available on the PDF documents.

Some other features of this PDF editing tool are the features that allow you to convert your PDF document into another different format that is easy to edit such as word and Powerpoint. Also, it allows you to save space on your device by merging the individual documents into a single file.

This PDF editing tool is cloud-based meaning that you can access it from any document by browsing the CococDoc website. Try it for free on Windows. The program gives you easy access to a lot of helpful features, eg, the stamp option that helps you mark the document as either approved or expired.

This program comes with an inbuilt Optical Character Recognition (OCR). So if you have a photocopied document, this software will still allow you to edit the document. The program also allows you to reformat the text of a document and also convert it into fonts that are not necessarily loaded on your computer.

This platform can be used to either merge or split individual PDF files. However, with using this free PDF editor, you will require to have the pro version otherwise a small watermark will appear on the documents.

With CocoDoc – Best Free PDF Editor Online, you can either edit online or download a desktop application.

The online version is free to use. With the online version, you can add freehand notes or add clickable URL links to your documents.

However, you cannot upload documents that are more than 10MB. However, that should not worry you because space is enough unless you want to edit a book-length document.

Finally, you do not have to go through the hassle of converting your PDF into a word document for editing. You can choose from any of the above best free PDF editors online.

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