ExtraMovies: Download and Watch 2023 Full HD Movies

ExtraMovies: Download and Watch 2023 Full HD Movies

The latest releases of Hollywood, Bollywood, cartoon, and South Indian films and web series may be found on the pirate website Extramovies. It mostly leaks Netflix movies, Korean dramas, and dual audio films. These kinds of pirate websites hamper the efforts of the film business. As a result, the government continues to prohibit them. Nevertheless, most internet users use proxies to access pirated websites since watching their favorite movies for free is a simple method. Extramovie offers instant movie searches. Streaming or downloading movies or TV shows from Extramovies is strictly prohibited. Most internet users, however, are lured to Extamovies because it offers free access to South Indian, Bollywood, and Hollywood films, as well as cartoon and Hollywood films.

What Is Extra movies?

Extramovies, a pirated portal, provides movie links for Hollywood, Punjabi, and Marathi movies and web series. It provides South Indian films in 720p or 1080p quality, new Hollywood films in dual audio (English and Hindi), the latest Bollywood films, and Indian movies.


Biking is the current realm of extra movies. Furthermore, since it is illegal to provide copyrighted content, the site URL may change at any moment. On the other hand, Extra Movies enables users to watch action movies, 300MB movies, and movies with an age limit. Most films and TV episodes on this illegal site come from India. Extramovies continually refreshes its collection with high-quality films and television series that users demand to build its user base. Its official website also has a tutorial page that guides clients to the films or web series they choose.


The official Telegram account for this website is ExtraMovies. Ammo. It contains all the information on the most current Extra films released. They also provided users with a download link for a newly released movie. The Extra Movie Telegram account has almost 30k followers.


There is no official app for additional movies since enjoying copyrighted content is not permitted on any official platforms, including the Google Play Store, App Store, and Microsoft Store. As a result, you cannot download the Extramovie app on your intelligent devices.

Listed below are a few ExtraMovies features:

  • Large content library: ExtraMovies has many films and TV shows from Bollywood, Hollywood, and regional companies.
  • Simple user interface: ExtraMovies is simple to use. You may look for films and TV series by title, genre, or year of release.
  • ExtraMovies has high-quality streaming: Movies and TV shows are available in HD or 4K resolution.

Extramovies, is it free?

It is indeed free. You do not need to pay Extramovies. You may download free films and web series on any device.

How can I get Extramovies.com movie downloads?

Extramovies provides downloadable films. Pics. You can see a movie or a nice chuckle on the Internet. Telugu movies may be downloaded. Some games may be unavailable due to licensing limitations. They will, however, have others shortly. You’ll find what you’re looking for since the Internet is filled with films. What comes next? Get Telugu movies as soon as possible.

  • First, go to the Extra Movies page.
  • Search the webpage for the movie you wish to download.
  • Click on the movie.
  • Then, select a format and click download.
  • Your movie will soon begin to download.
  • The movie must be preserved.
  • You may watch films on your mobile device.



Movies on ExtraMovies

  • ExtraMovies Movies
  • New Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Films Free Download (2023) Newest Hindi Hollywood Download free Hindi short films.
  • New South Indian Hindi Dubbed Films (2023) for Free Download
  • Get the free Hindi Web series.
  • Bollywood Films Bollywood Movies, Extramovies Download Short Hindi Films for Free
  • Extra movies 2023’s most current South Hindi Dubbed Movie size and quality:

Extramovies is it permitted in India?

No, Extramovies is a website that provides free movie downloads. This means that you may watch any movie for free on your computer, smartphone, or tablet by simply downloading it. However, the content of these films is not legally accessible through Extramovies.

Many torrent files may be found on Extramovies and links to websites where you can watch whole films for free! You may download new movies directly from the Chrome browser without installing additional software on your PC or Mac.

Alternatives of Extramovies:

Sure! Here are several ExtraMovies10 alternatives to consider. This website is well-known for selling pirated films and television shows. Please be informed that I do not promote or advise using such websites since it is immoral and against the law. The following Alternatives are listed only for informational purposes:

  • 123movies
  • Putlocker
  • Time for Popcorn
  • FMovies
  • YesMovies
  • GoMovies
  • SolarMovie
  • WatchSeries
  • Movie4k
  • PrimeWire
  • CouchTuner
  • Free TV Project
  • Youify TV
  • Vumoo
  • (Reliable streaming service) Tubi TV

Remember that accessing copyrighted content without the proper authorization is illegal and may result in legal consequences. Choosing trustworthy streaming services that aid content providers and provide free access to movies and television programs is usually recommended.


Additional Films’ Features:

ExtraMovies, an unlicensed site, allows users to download free films and TV programs. It has a big selection of films and television series, including both new releases and old classics. ExtraMovies also includes the following features:

ExtraMovies has an easy-to-use design that makes it simple to use and browse. Users may explore for films and TV series by title, genre, or actor. There are many video quality options: ExtraMovies offers a variety of video quality choices, including 480p, 720p, and 1080p. The best video quality for each user’s requirements is available for choosing. Streaming and downloading options: ExtraMovies offers both download and streaming alternatives. Users may watch or download films and TV shows on their devices for offline viewing. No need to sign up: ExtraMovies users may download or watch films and TV episodes without registering.

Because ExtraMovies is an unlawful website, it poses several concerns. These hazards include the following:

Copyright infringement: Streaming or downloading unauthorized content on ExtraMovies is prohibited.

Malware and viruses: ExtraMovies websites usually include malware and viruses. Your computer may be damaged, or these malware and viruses may steal your data. You risk facing legal action if you are caught downloading or streaming illegal content from ExtraMovies.

Because of these circumstances, avoiding ExtraMovies and other authorized services is essential. Some genuine streaming services provide many films and TV programs without the risk of malware, viruses, or legal ramifications.

Here are some methods for utilizing a proxy server to unblock Extramovies:

Open a web browser. In the address box, type the chosen proxy server address. In the port number field, provide the proxy server’s port number. Choose “Connect” from the drop-down option. Extramovies should be accessible at this time. If you cannot view extra movies, consider using a VPN. Your internet traffic is encrypted and transmitted to a server in another nation by a VPN provider. Your ISP will need help to track your internet activity.

You can utilize some of the VPN services listed below:

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • VPN by CyberGhost
  • VPN Surfshark
  • (PIA) Private Internet Access

Legality of ExtraMovies:

ExtraMovies is a website that provides stolen material such as movies, television episodes, and web series. The website publishes protected content online without the owners’ permission. Most nations consider this illegal, including the United States, Canada, and the European Union.

You may face legal consequences if you are found downloading or posting infringing content on ExtraMovies. In the United States, you risk a fine of up to $250,000 for each copyrighted piece of content you download or post. You also risk earning a 5-year jail sentence.

In Canada, the penalties for copyright infringement are similar to those in the United States. Fines in the European Union vary by nation but may exceed €100,000 per copyrighted work.

It’s important to remember that even if you escape being caught by the cops, using ExtraMovies may still be risky. When you download from ExtraMovies, you risk being infected with malware. Malware may steal your personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers. It may also damage your computer.


Latest Update on ExtraMovies 2023

Here are some of the most recent ExtraMovies 2023 updates:

The Indian government has taken down the website to combat piracy. Website often changes its domain name to circumvent the government’s restrictions. The website has been accused of spreading viruses and malware. The website has been chastised for its poor-quality content.

Despite these challenges, ExtraMovies remains one of the most popular websites for downloading illegal films and television shows. The website’s popularity is most likely a result of the volume and accessibility of its free content.

If you’re considering using ExtraMovies, be aware of the risks. Downloading pirated content is prohibited in most nations, and it may result in legal consequences. Downloading files from ExtraMovies might also expose you to viruses and malware.

Viewing films and television shows lawfully is simple. Choose a streaming service like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video if you want a secure and approved method to watch your favorite content. ExtraMovies, a free Internet streaming service, has many films and TV programs. Users in India and other Asian countries commonly choose it.


Pros and Cons of Extramovies


  • An accessible website
  • Provides HD content


  • A small amount of content
  • Mostly Hindi-language films and television shows
  • Ads that interrupt


ExtraMovies.pics is your website if you want to download new films or stay up with the latest releases! You have a wide selection of films, so you’re sure to find something you like. Furthermore, downloading movies from ExtraMovies.pics is secure and simple, so get started now.

ExtraMovies, is it legal?

ExtraMovies are not permitted in most countries. In most nations, it is a website that provides illegal content to download or watch online. If ExtraMovies are found, they may result in legal consequences.

Can I trust ExtraMovies?

ExtraMovies.com is not a secure website. Malware and other malicious applications are housed there. If you download anything from ExtraMovies, you risk downloading malware on your computer.

What are some ExtraMovies Alternatives?

ExtraMovies has a slew of real competitors. Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu are some popular options. These sites provide a large range of movies and TV series that are all legal to watch.

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