What Do We Know About Cast Tom Hardy’s Arrival in Venom 3?

What Do We Know About Cast Tom Hardy's Arrival in Venom 3?

Is Venom 3 on its way? Tom Hardy will allegedly reprise his role as Venom in a third movie. Many others are hoping he will incorporate Tom Holland’s much-rumored appearance as Spider-Man or bring the comic book anti-hero into the MCU.

Not many facts concerning this movie have been confirmed. Still, keep in that Venom started in one of Spider-Man: No Way Home’s post-credits scenes, as he journeyed to a distant dimension and actually leave a part of himself behind, sparking speculation that a new enemy was on the way.

The second Venom movie, Let There Be Carnage, reintroduced Tom Hardy and brought Eddie Brock to the point where he encounters an assassin named Cletus Kasady, played by Woody Harrelson, who eventually transforms into Carnage and causes everything. This story’s two main characters are in a few challenges.

The sequel grossed more than $200 million in the United States and got a 5.9-star rating on IMDb; while not the highest rating (the maximum is 10), it left viewers wanting to know more of the character. And any plans to officially connect it up with the MCU or allow MCU characters to cross over into their realm.

What is Venom 3 about?

Hardy did not offer any other information about what we would see in the next movie, but based on what transpired in the Spider-Man: No Way Home clip, we can make two predictions. Hardy finally returned to reality, but he left something crucial behind.

The first is that, given that the multiverse is open, Spider-Man may travel back to Eddie Brock’s planet for whatever reason. Still, the second is leaving a portion of himself in an other reality. He must return to face a new opponent and sow devastation.

However, it is also plausible that it is a distinct narrative unrelated to it, based on material from the comic in which the character appears.

According to Collider, Sony plans to extend their villain world, beginning with a Kraven the Hunter movie starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson. We also don’t rule out the likelihood that the project will include other characters that are part of their vision.


Only Tom Hardy, who also writes, has been announced (according to IMDb), although Michelle Williams will most likely play Anne Weying.

Tom Holland has stated that he and producer Amy Pascal had explored the prospect of his character appearing in future Venom films. This might be the movie where that happens, especially because it may be Tom Hardy’s final performance.

When Will Venom 3 Be Available?

There is no set release date for the third picture, but Tom Hardy, who has previously acted in Taboo and Peaky Blinders, has announced that he will return as the role and is currently in pre-production.

Confirmation came via an Instagram post (which was quickly removed), in which Hardy uploaded a footage from the first Venom film and stated that he was already working on Venom 3 (which he dubbed V3).



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