How to Fix Your iPhone Microphone not working

How to Fix Your iPhone Microphone not working

Fix Sometimes you would be trying hard to have a conversation, and the microphone on your iPhone might not work. It might be frustrating whether the other person can’t hear you, fuzzy calls. Or Apple iphone Siri not understanding commands. Let’s discuss how to fix your Apple iPhone microphone that isn’t working.

All iPhone and iOS versions and models are affected by these patches.

  • iphone 7
  • iphone 8
  • iphone 12
  • iphone 12 pro max
  • iphone 13
  • iphone 13 pro
  • iphone 13 pro max
  • iphone 11 pro max
  • iphone 14
  • iphone xr
  • iphone se

Causes of the Unresponsive iPhone Microphone

There are numerous potential causes for the iPhone microphone to malfunction. The iOS may not be up to date, there may be a Bluetooth or app issue, iphone microphone not working or the microphone may be blocked or interfered with and not functioning correctly. Typically, the solution to a problem only discloses the actual problem iphone microphone settings.

How to Fix a Non-Working iPhone Microphone

To identify the issue and restore functionality to your iPhone, follow these troubleshooting instructions in the order provided.

How to Fix Your iPhone Microphone Isn't Working: Complete Guide!

  1. Restart the iPhone. Glitches with the microphone can be fixed by restarting an iPhone.
  2. Look for closed doors. There are at least three microphones on every iPhone. Ensure nothing is covering, blocking, or obstructing the bottom, front, or rear microphone holes.
  3. Remove the case or screen protector. Your screen protector or case may interfere with the microphone even if it isn’t covering any microphone apertures. Check to see if the problem goes away by removing the case.
  4. Unplug all extras. If the microphone isn’t working, unplug all connected peripherals (such as Bluetooth headsets, earphones, and headphones) and try using the device again.
  5. Try a different headset when the microphone malfunctions, faulty or inexpensive headsets are frequently blamed. See if switching to new earbuds or a headset fixes the problem.
  6. Restart messaging programs. Close the app files on iphone and reopen it if the microphone isn’t working with some programs like WhatsApp and Skype.
  7. Permit apps to use your microphone. Make sure the app has access to the microphone before using it if you use WhatsApp or Skype. To view all the apps that have requested access to the microphone, navigate to Settings > Privacy >Microphone. Verify that microphone access is enabled for the application giving you trouble.
  8. Wipe the microphone slits. Examine the microphone apertures for lint or dust buildup. If so, gently brush the opening with a dry, clean toothbrush.

Important: Avoid shooting compressed air into a microphone opening up close; doing so could harm the device.

  1. Test the microphones. Identifying or ruling out issues with a particular microphone is possible by doing individual microphone tests.
  • Primary microphone: From the iPhone’s home screen, launch the Voice Memos app. To record your voice, tap the Record icon. Playback the recording after stopping it. Your voice will be audible if the main microphone is functioning.
  • Open the Camera app on your iPhone’s home screen to access the front microphone. Tap the selfie view icon after selecting the Video option (camera). To record your voice, tap the record symbol. Stop recording and open the Photos app when you’re ready to see the video. The front microphone is operational if you can hear yourself speaking.
  • Open the Camera app on your iPhone’s home screen to access the back microphone. To record your voice, select the Video option and then hit the record symbol. (It ought to be visible normally.) Turn off the recording. To view the video, open the Photos app. The back microphone is operational if you can hear yourself speaking.
  • Continue with the next steps if a microphone isn’t working as expected.
  1. iOS updates. Occasionally, an outdated Updating the iPhone’s iOS can solve the issue if iOS is the cause of the microphone not functioning properly. Go to Settings > General > Software Update to look for and install the most recent updates to see if iOS is up to date.

Important Fix Your iPhone Microphone: Faults in iOS releases can occasionally cause hardware issues. Call Apple iPhone support if your iPhone’s microphone ceased functioning properly after an update, or learn how to downgrade iOS without losing data.

  1. Reset everything to default. A microphone may stop operating as a result of unanticipated configuration changes. Resetting the iPhone to its default settings can help you address this problem. Although completing a reset doesn’t delete any data (other than Wi-Fi passwords), you should back up your iPhone first in case you decide you want to restore your previous settings.

Warning: Selecting this option will erase all of your data from the phone, including contacts, apps, images, music, credit or debit cards, and more. Avoid selecting this option.

  1. Speak with Apple support. Make an appointment with Apple if everything else fails. Iphone screen repair near me Apple will investigate the problem or replace the device if your iPhone is still covered under warranty. You could also bring the iPhone in for service, iphone se 2022 which will either be free or cost you money, depending on how extended your warranty is.



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