How To Download Photos and Stories from Instagram with 4K Stogram

If you discover yourself constantly scrolling through your Instagram feed until 1 AM within the morning, then you’d be one among the one billion active users of the platform. you’ll find almost anyone on there – from celebrities, politicians, to big brands and individual influencers. apart from photo inspirations, you’ll now shop there, too.

But while Instagram works best on our phones, it doesn’t do so well on desktops. Plus, you’d sometimes desire you’re jumping through hoops just to save lots of your favorite photos.

What if there was a far better thanks to download photos, Stories, and videos from Instagram?

Introducing 4K Stogram

4K Stogram maybe a FREE desktop Instagram client that permits you to download photos, accounts, hashtags, and locations straight from Instagram. It’s multilingual and cross-platform, making it an excellent choice for Windows, macOS, and Linux users.

With just a couple of clicks, you can:

.download photos, videos, and Stories from accounts you follow
.import/export your own photo library; and
.get information on photos like comments and tags.

Whether your work requires the utilization of the platform or you’re just hooked into Instagram, you’ll fall crazy with 4K Stogram’s quick interface and user-friendly features.

Right now you’ll think that you simply don’t need it. But if you employ Instagram tons, or you’re curious about making the foremost out of the visual platform, then this app would make a tremendous companion. For people that have many photos on Instagram as an example, use 4K Stogram to make backups for your photo library. you’ll never be too careful!

For photography lovers, you can’t have an excessive amount of an honest thing. 4K Stogram will allow you to automatically download all the newest photos from all the accounts you follow (available with a Premium license). Imagine having the ability to access those picturesque landscapes and cityscapes offline.

Benefits of Using 4K Stogram

4K Stogram is one among those belongings you didn’t think you’d need in your life – until you employ it and you wondered how you could’ve managed without one!

One of the simplest things about this desktop Instagram client is that it can assist you to flick through Instagram even without an account. this is often particularly useful for people who want to explore inspiring photos from their favorite content creators but refuse to check-in for the app.

For those working in digital marketing, check-in for Premium services will allow you to automatically download the newest photos from the accounts you follow, also as get the captions from the pictures. this may are available handy for your next online social media strategy.

How To Use 4K Stogram

How To Download Photos and Stories from Instagram with 4K Stogram

As mentioned, 4K Stogram is liberal to download and use with basic features. In 3 easy steps, you’ll get the foremost out of Instagram in no time flat. Here’s how:

.First, download 4K Stogram from
.Second, follow the instructions for installation. Launch the app.
.Third, log in together with your Instagram credentials and begin downloading content. you’ll skip this step if you don’t want to backup your data, otherwise, you just want to browse the location.

And that’s it!

Once you’ve finished the setup (with or without logging into your Instagram account), use the search bar to seem for accounts, hashtags, or locations to download photos from. If you’re on a basic or FREE account, you’ll only download photos and video posts. Upgrading to Premium will offer you access to Stories and Highlights.

You can find more customization preferences on the Advanced Download Options located right next to the Subscribe button. Here, you’ll pick what quite content to download (i.e. photos, videos, Stories), also as select dates from which to download images from.

Clicking the Subscribe button will automatically download the newest photos from the account you chose . for free of charge users, you’ll have two (2) subscriptions and save 200 posts per day. To reset the subscription and download images from other accounts, simply attend Edit and prefer to Remove All Subscriptions. Doing this may not reset the 200 per day photo limit.

You can stop/pause the download at any time. Just click on the ‘x’ icon at the highest right of the app window and it’ll change to a cycle icon. Click it to resume. there’ll be a counter next to the Instagram account name so you’ll view what percentage images are saved into your desktop folder.

Pretty neat, right? These are just the essential features. subscribe to their Premium services to urge more, plus NO ads for uninterrupted downloads.

Photography fans should avail of the private license for a one-time payment of $9.95. This includes a license for up to three computers, 10 subscriptions, and unlimited downloads on Stories and photos. If you’re a social media manager or digital marketer, it’s recommended that you simply get the professional license to avail of auto-update features, unlimited subscriptions, and therefore the ability to export captions. All this for less than a one-time fee of $30!

To Wrap Up

How To Download Photos and Stories from Instagram with 4K Stogram

While Instagram is popular now, there’s no stopping this photo and video sharing app from becoming even bigger within the coming years. In fact, by 2023, it’s estimated to grow into 125.5 million active users within the U.S. alone. You don’t want to be out of the loop. But at an equivalent time, you don’t want to feel overwhelmed with such a lot of awesome content.

With 4K Stogram, you’ll quickly and simply sort through the clutter. Use its basic features to capture only what you would like to ascertain, and upgrade to its premium services to urge more of the great stuff from your favorite content creators.

Download 4K Stogram today and obtain the complete Instagram experience!

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