9 Best iMovie Alternatives Video Editor Software

9 Best iMovie Alternatives Video Editor Software

iMovie is described as ‘With best iMovie Alternative for Windows, iOS and macOS, you can enjoy your videos like never before. It’s effortless to browse your clips and create Hollywood-style trailers and stunning 4K-resolution movies. You can even start editing on iPhone or iPad, when complete on your Mac’ and it is a well-known app in the Video and Movies category. There are more than 100 alternatives to iMovie for various platforms, programs like imovie including Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and iPad. 

Because this video editor is available to Mac users, those who need to edit a video on a PC usually see iMovie alternatives for Windows. It cannot be used to enhance clips on Windows PCs.

If you’re looking for the Windows equivalent of best imovie alternative, find out this list, which includes software for both beginner and experienced video editors.

These iMovie Alternatives video editor software are ideal replacements for iMovie because they are easy to use and have similar features. iMovie alternative for pc is well-known to all Mac users because it comes pre-installed with the operating system. You can use this best service to manage your videos, colour grade them, and add audio tracks and voiceovers.

IMovie supports 4K and HEVC formats. Furthermore, this video editing software for Mac includes storyboard-based movie-making tools that are easy to use even for beginners.

9 Best iMovie Alternatives Video Editor Software for Windows, iOS, and macOS


9 iMovie Alternatives Video Editor Software

EaseUS Video Editor software 30 different file formats for import, including MP3, MP4, AAC, WAV, etc. The app allows you to edit videos taken with your phone, GoPro, or another digital camera.

Aside from basic imovie multicam Video Editor software EaseUS features like cropping and rotation, softwares like imovie it also includes advanced options like video conversion, subtitles, and effects.


  • Pros of EaseUS video editor iMovie alternative for Windows
  • A vast array of effects and transitions
  • A good selection of overlays
  • Predefined video formats
  • Thirty formats are supported.
  • Text graphics are excellent.


  • A hefty cost
  • Resolution is Full HD

The following are the main features of EaseUS Video Editor:

  • Option for text-to-speech
  • Video speed can be adjusted, and there are 50 different effects to choose from.
  • Drag-and-drop capabilities
  • Combine musical tools
  • Cut, split, and crop

EaseUS is similar to iMovie for Windows in that it provides users to add videos, audio, text, different effects, and transitions to the timeline. Clips can also be merged and mixed. Before editing your video, you can select one of the preset formats.

By dragging and dropping long clips onto the timeline, you can split them and add transition effects to make them shorter. The duration of most effects, transitions, and overlays is the only thing that can be changed. Nonetheless, the overlay selection is quite diverse; you can even find unusual cartoon graphics.

Color levels, speed, brightness, and other essential parameters can be experimented with by the user. Following the video has done prepared, you can customize your file by adjusting the bitrate and encoders.

Adobe Premiere Rush

9 iMovie Alternatives Video Editor Software

Adobe Premiere Rush is the best Windows iMovie Alternative that offers more features. You can process multiple audio and video tracks and use motion graphics templates to animate the footage. This applications like imovie cross-platform video editor is what you want if you want to process and share your videos quickly.


  • Pros of adobe premiere rush iMovie alternative for Windows
  • All devices are synchronised.
  • Templates for Motion Graphics
  • Keyboard shortcuts for easy navigation
  • Timeline with magnets
  • Compatible with multiple tracks


  • There are no transition effects.

The following are the main Adobe Premiere Rush features:

  • Automatic Reframing
  • Adjusts exposure and contrast.
  • Optional presets
  • Tools for audio editing
  • Separation of audio
  • Pre-installed soundtracks

Adobe Premiere Rush allows you to use up to four video tracks and three audio tracks simultaneously. You will be able to see the content as soon as it is added. This software, unlike iMovie, provides more straightforward options for moving and trimming clips.

While iMovie adds fade transitions to every clip by default, Rush allows you to add your changes, making it easy to sync video and audio. Adobe’s software includes nearly 37 pre-installed titles that you can customize to meet your specific needs.

It is possible to move and rotate videos, experiment with fonts, edit colours, and adjust other parameters. You can work from a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet. Furthermore, even if you switch to a different device, you can resume editing from where you left off.


9 iMovie Alternatives Video Editor Software

Movavi Video Editor Plus is fully free-download video software that will help you turn your ideas into engaging videos fast and efficiently. Create great challenge videos with slow motion, reverse, and different special effects. Utilize the ready-made intros, animated titles, and thematic stickers to liven up your vlog. Use chroma key to edit the background in your videos to anything from a solid color to outer space. Will your videos a creative boost with Movavi’s Mac movie editor.

Don’t you know how to edit videos on a Mac? Fortunately, there’s no want to see – the simple drag-and-drop interface makes it feasible to start editing videos on your MacBook or any additional Apple computer right away. Store your movies in MOV, AVI, MP4, or any other format cooperative with macOS.

Download Movavi’s video-editing software for Mac. Use fast and easy movie making video editor.

Adobe Premiere Pro 2

9 iMovie Alternatives Video Editor Software

You can trim videos in a variety of ways with Adobe Premiere Pro. It is also possible to edit a video while it is playing.

In addition to essential functions similar to iMovie, Pro allows you to work with layers and effects such as keying, chroma-keying, colourizing options, and transforming.


  • Pros of adobe premiere pro iMovie alternative for Windows
  • There are various types of timeline editing.
  • Syncing with other Adobe products
  • Layers of adjustment
  • Third-party plug-ins can be linked.
  • Excellent tool for stabilisation.


  • There are no animated title templates.

Adobe Premiere Pro’s main features are as follows:

  • Several effects
  • Option for warp stabilisation
  • Editing with multiple cameras
  • Color masked
  • Audio is combined.
  • Option for collaboration

When comparing Premiere Rush and Pro, the latter is a professional-level iMovie Windows alternative. You can use Premiere Pro to apply transitions, add effects to your video, and stabilize footage.

You get tools for adjusting smoothness and scaling automatically. You can adjust white balance, contrast, highlights, shadows, exposure, and other settings just like in iMovie. Furthermore, all parameters can be edit in keyframes. You can also use third-party plug-ins to enhance a video or modify it with other Adobe software.


9 iMovie Alternatives Video Editor Software

Wondershare Filmora is one of the top best video editing software with excellent features that compares to other competing video editing Softwares. Many video editing programs claimed to offer professional results; Filmora is a rare consumer-level tool that delivers.


  • Easy to use
  • Free demo
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Free add-ons
  • Clean transitions


  • Stiff default settings
  • Fixed FPS timeline
  • Memory usage

Main Filmora Features and tools:

  • Filmora also has a different timeline feature that blends many instances of a clip to create an completely new track.

If you’re starting with video editing or need a simple video clips, music and text, apply effects and take a professional-looking home movie in few minutes.

3. Shotcut

9 iMovie Alternatives Video Editor Software

Shotcut is an entirely free Windows movie maker that allows you to cut and rotate video clips. Many effects can find you improve your videos, such as wipe transitions, blending modes, video filters, and titles.


  • Pros of shortcut iMovie alternative for Windows
  • Supports a broad assortment of formats and is completely free.
  • Excellent audio and video effects
  • Completely adjustable filters
  • A wide range of text functions is available.


  • There are no ready-made profiles for devices.

The following are the main shortcut features:

  • The effect of a picture-in-a-picture
  • The Rutt-Etra-Izer filter is used to create 3D effects.
  • Filter stabilization GPU processing 3D text chroma key

Shotcut is an entirely free iMovie alternative for Windows that includes both basic and advanced editing tools. You can create many audio and video tracks.

You can neatly merge multiple clips by using the snapping tool. Shotcut distinguishes itself from similar services by offering a wide range of fully customizable video and audio filters.

There are unique adjustment sliders that allow beginners to create the desired effects. Text functions are equally interesting, as you can work with static or animated text by employing classic video styles or animations.


When you want to cut your video without losing quality, Lightworks is an excellent iMovie alternative for Windows. The software has been improved to allow for faster video export and rendering. Almost every platform supports it.


  • Pros of Lightworks iMovie for Windows
  • Supports professional formats
  • Video editing in 5K resolution
  • Keyframing Direct YouTube sharing Various effects and tracks


  • Extremely high system specifications
  • Unusual user interface

Lightworks’ main characteristics are as follows:

  • Color correction and blend modes
  • Effects of rendering
  • Chroma key colour LUTs
  • Boris FX Plug-ins is a collection of effects plugins created by Boris FX.
  • Editing with multiple cameras

Most video, audio, and image formats are supported by Lightworks, including professional formats such as Apple ProRes, RED, R3D, and Cinema DNG. You can work with these videos up to 5K in resolution.

You can export and upload up to 720p HD videos to YouTube. Lightworks includes a multi-camera mode and several powerful editing features that allow you to add real-time effects and titles.

The “Mark and park” feature in Lightworks has greatly simplified adding In and Out points. In addition, this video editor includes a fully-featured GPU-accelerated three-way colour corrector and a green screen keyer. It also allows you to make your titles. Labels can be edit, as well as fonts and colours. 

Corel VideoStudio

You can get tools for multi-camera editing, motion tracking, and video masking by downloading Corel VideoStudio. This video editor, like iMovie, supports 4K resolution. It is also capable of editing 360-degree videos.


  • Pros of corel videostudio iMovie for Windows
  • 50 songs
  • 4K and 360-degree videos are supported.
  • Sorting tools with built-in LUTs
  • Editing with multiple cameras


  • There are no tagging options.

The following are the main Corel VideoStudio features:

  • Transitions in Stop-motion Animation
  • Audio editing with a picture-in-picture effect
  • Highlight
  • Color Grading on a Reel

This video editing software for Windows has recently been updated with the Highlight Reel tool, colour wheels for hue grading, and enhanced slip, slide, stretch, and roll editing features.

Furthermore, the software includes over 30 LUTs that will help you improve any video. Any effect can be fine-tuned on your own. You can work with higher to 50 tracks. The capture mode of the software enables you to record videos with a connected camera, scan a DV source, including import clips from digital storage or mobile devices.

Using the search field, you can find the newly added videos. You can also sort your videos based on specific criteria.

CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLink PowerDirector enables you to create an engaging digital movie complete with transitions, effects, and titles.

This video editing software for PC includes design tools that can be customised, such as the Picture-in-Picture effect. In addition, users can enhance videos with animated objects.


  • Pros of a CyberLink PowerDirector iMovie alternative for Windows
  • Rendering at high speeds
  • Several effects
  • Edits 360-degree videos
  • Editing with multiple cameras
  • 3D and 4K resolutions are supported.


  • Less user-friendly than iMovie

The following are the main features of CyberLink PowerDirector:

  • Masking tools for professionals
  • Controls via keyframes
  • Titles for motion graphics
  • Templates for animated draughts
  • Vector shapes that can be changed
  • Motion tracking on a frame-by-frame basis

You can create transitions and menu designs and edit 360-degree videos with CyberLink PowerDirector. In addition, the video editor allows you to create masks, titles, and themes.

Using ready-made templates, you can create animated graphics and titles. This video stabilization software is compatible with 4K video. You can also preview the result without lowering the resolution.

Install imovie on Windows’ iMovie Alternatives comes with predefined sizes for sharing videos on social media. You can easily create a professional video using geometric transition effects.

PowerDirector includes audio cleaning tools for high-end sound.  It also has a voice recognition option for subtitles, further customized to eliminate manual typing.

This platform also allows you to share directly on YouTube and Facebook. After you’ve finished editing, you can upload your file on social media or save it to your device.


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