Ontiva is intended for converting videos to high-quality formats such as mp3, mp4. The technology that is used to change the video in the browser. There is no need to download or install any software, plug-ins, or become a member. Search for the video title, then select the appropriate result and format. The main benefit of using this site is that users can do limitless downloads and conversions for free.

Ontiva software allows you to download and convert YouTube videos safely and securely.
Ontiva does not reveal your personal information unless otherwise mentioned. Ontiva does not do this to keep your data or store your data, so users must utilize our platform comfortably.



Online YouTube video converter platform that is simple to use: You can quickly access all of the content on your landing page without any additional stress or assistance.
This is a detailed platform that even a newcomer to the internet can use.
Nothing is elaborate or lavish about the web page design.

Unlimited downloads and conversions: If your device has enough capacity, Ontiva can manage an infinite number of downloads and file conversions.
The platform now has records suggesting that over 7.5 million files have been converted and continuously counted. The combined size of these data surpassed 344 terabytes. Want to add downloads and conversions to your growing list?

Free of charge:
The fact that there is no price for using the Ontiva internet platform distinguishes it from other file-sharing sites. You stroll straight to your job without needing to pay to get it done.
This is where Ontiva software outperforms other platforms.
They believe that the best things in life should be available for free.

Speed: By downloading and converting files from YouTube to MP3 and other formats at breakneck speeds, the platform saves you time. Its charm is that it is simple to measure and is appropriate for Internet newcomers. Some websites even go so far as to redirect to numerous pages.
This can be aggravating, incredibly, if the aim was never fulfilled, but Ontiva did not.
Ontiva saves you time and downloads your files in seconds before you can say, “Jack Robinson!”
Here! It was completed!

Simple Procedure: Another significant aspect of Ontiva is that you are not required to complete the registration process. You are not required to comply with email requirements, fill out document forms, or meet a single criteria or request.
Ontiva considers you to be anonymous when the job is finished and deletes all data from the server. This anonymous feature does not violate any laws.


1- Find a video: On YouTube, click the page’s title where the MP3 video you wish to recover is placed. Ctrl + C is the keyboard shortcut for copying. Visit Ontiva.

2- Enter the URL: Now, in the Ontiva address bar, paste the copied URL of the YouTube video.
Or Ctrl + V to paste the video title into the field displayed on the screen.
Enter or click the magnifying glass.

3- YouTube to MP3 / MP4: This service converts the related video to MP3 or MP4 format.
Next to the first video, click the download button.
Click the MP3 Download button.

When the files have been converted and are ready for download, click the Ready to download button. This will result in the creation of an MP3 file on your computer.
You are free to listen as much as you like. Even if you are not connected to the Internet, you can listen to MP3 files on your computer, tablet, smartphone, or other device. AudioMP3 is one such high-quality service.



Troubleshoot issues caused by a lack of network connectivity:
A stable network connection is required to recreate music and video online.
But, with Ontiva YouTube Converter, you can overcome this obstacle.
This implies that the state of your network will not affect your streaming experience.
After all, you may download YouTube music in MP3 format and listen to it offline.

High-speed YouTube video download:
Streaming YouTube Music online consumes a significant amount of time spent storing and uploading songs. You won’t have to waste time downloading videos if you use Ontiva YouTube Converter to transfer YouTube Music to MP3 offline.
Furthermore, Ontiva YouTube Converter does a rapid analysis of YouTube videos and MP3 files.

Offline viewing of videos or music:
If you want to listen to unsaved music offline, this Ontiva YouTube Converter is useful.
Users can download their favorite music offline if they do not have access to the Internet.

Make a favorite playlist:

With Ontiva, you can make new playlists, so you don’t have to look for your favorite soundtrack.


The majority of YouTube videos are copyrighted, and there are no sites or programs in the store that can convert youtube to mp3 format. Because MP3 lacks a lossless technique, it removes difficult-to-hear song information and reduces file size, resulting in poor sound quality.
As a result, converting a YouTube music video to mp3 will result in relatively low sound quality.

MP3 extensions are more susceptible to virus attacks, which might severely harm your machine. The mp3 audio quality is also affected by the compression/conversion software used in the process. Music piracy arises due to the availability of free or low-cost versions of mp3 files (identical audio) on the Internet. MP3 conversion also impedes the monetary flow of deposits to artists whose videos are not copyrighted.

When these videos are converted to mp3 format, the user agrees to listen to the mp3 files rather than returning to watch the videos on that artist’s channel.

As a result, the number of views has dropped dramatically, and it is now the artist’s primary source of income. As you can see, the contemporary mp3 extension has its faults, but it appears that doing so is necessary for someone to achieve another breakthrough in this technological arena.


Ontiva YouTube Converter enables an endless amount of downloads and conversions due to the unlimited technology, but at a cost, Ontiva decided to offer free download and conversion services.
Users are not required to log onto our platform or pay any hidden costs.
This converter gadget offers outstanding format selections and additional filters, making it an excellent video and audio format utility.

Ontiva is a company profile.

Ontiva is a well-designed website that allows you to download YouTube MP3 songs without downloading or registering any additional software.
With this converter, you can listen to your favorite music whenever you want.
Users can use it to convert YouTube video files to mp3 format.
Visit http://ontiva.com for additional details.


The ONTIVA MP3 YOUTUBE CONVERTER? is simple to use.
Users can copy the YouTube video address from the address bar and paste it into the Ontiva software.

Then select one of the conversion options, such as Mp3 or Mp4.
Click Convert to convert the video to your preferred format and then download it.

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