How to Watch Mnet: Free Watching, Download etc in 2023

How to Watch Mnet: Free Watching, Download etc in 2023

Mnet is a Korean music channel that is available on cable television in the Republic of Korea, as well as on SKY PerfecTV! and other Korean music channels. We will introduce numerous ways to watch Mnet in this article, including TV viewing, free viewing, and downloading.

Mnet is a Korean music channel that is available on cable television in the Republic of Korea, as well as on SKY PerfecTV! and other channels in Korea and Japan. Mnet in Korea and Mnet in Japan are the two channels. The Japanese Mnet channel is a Japanese subscription channel that mostly airs programes that were originally shown on Mnet in Korea, as opposed to real-time apps in Korea.

M Countdown is also shown live in Japan and Korea at the same time, so you can watch it in real time on TV or on your smartphone, and you can also take it on TV. We will introduce numerous ways to watch mnet plus in this article, including TV watching, free watching, and downloading.

How to Watch the Mnet Smart Channel for Bulletproof Youth League

You may watch Mnet Smart’s premium plan for free on SKY PerfecTV! s Mnet single channel (the one that costs 2,300 yen).

Mnet Smart can be viewed on cellphones and PCs and has more channels than Mnet in Japan. You may also watch Mnet in live time in Korea. (Of course, the music show “M Countdown” is accessible as well.)

What’s the trick to watching Mnet for free?

You may watch Mnet for free in two ways.

Mnet on YouTube Watching on U-NEXT (only for U-NEXT customers)

Because none of these approaches allows for real-time viewing, they are only advised for individuals who do not need it. Mnet is being seen on YouTube. Mnet is linked with four YouTube channels in total.

Mnet’s YouTube channels are shown below.

JCOM offers Mnet as well.

Mnet may be viewed in the same manner on JCOM. Optional service costs 2,300 yen (excluding tax). Mnet smart is available at no extra cost to existing Mnet HD customers on J:COM TV.

K-POP Channel on Mnet

Basically, if you merely want to listen to K-Pop songs, Mnet K-Pop Channel or M2 Channel are sufficient……Although not in real time, watching Mnet’s music programes for free is a great value!
Mnet is available on U-NEXT.

You don’t have to travel all the way to YouTube to watch if you’re a U-NEXT user. Furthermore, U-NEXT subscribers may watch MnetSmart at the same fee as before. Mnet and MnetSmart provide distinct services, although MnetSmart unquestionably offers more channels. In addition, U-NEXT is appealing since both Mnet and MnetSmart may be viewed for free.

Downloading and watching Mnet


MNET videos are difficult to capture and store because the programes delivered by MNET are protected by DRM and copy protection. When you download MNET programes, you can hear the sound, but the screen often turns dark and you are unable to download.

The programe advised in this article, on the other hand, is a downloader that can already remove DRM protection. MNET recording and downloading will be completely successful with these programes.

In this article, we propose the StreamGaGa Downloader, which can save MNET videos as MP4/MKV files with up to 3240p and an AAC 2.0 audio track, and is the most powerful MNET downloader with no viewing time restriction. In an offline environment, you may watch whenever and wherever you choose. You may download and store many MNET videos at once using the batch download tool.

Please click here for additional details.

Why not sample one U-NEXT if you aren’t already using it and want to watch dramas and other videos?

There is no need to sign a contract or follow any other processes that were provided at the outset, and you may now use it for free throughout the 31-day free trial period.

The Official Mnet Website’s Steps to Download Videos

Step 1: Download and install the StreamGaGa downloader for your computer’s operating system.

Step 2: After installing StreamGaGa Downloader on your PC, run it. Click “Home” in the top left corner of the screen.

Step 3: Copy and paste the official Mnet website URL ( into the top address bar.

Step 4: The download screen will display once you play the video. You may choose the download format, quality, subtitles, and so forth. Check the items that apply to your situation.

Step 5: A download box for Mnet will display; click “Download Now” to begin downloading Mnet. Click “Add to Queue” to add several Mnet videos to the job if you wish to download them all at once. Then click “Start All” to begin downloading your preferred NHK Plus videos.

Step 6: The progress of the Mnet download will be shown. When the download is finished, click “Download” in the title’s left sidebar.

Obtaining videos from the Mnet YouTube channel

Step 1: Open StreamGaGa and go to YouTube.

Step 2: Type “Mnet” into the top-right search bar.

Step 3: Play the video you wish to download to bring up the download installation screen.

Step 4: Choose the kind of download you want and hit the “Download” button. (Music may also be downloaded separately.)


We have discussed the numerous ways to watch Mnet (Mnet) in this post, including TV watching, free streaming, and download viewing. Please visit our site to learn how to watch or download various streaming plan distribution options.

  • I’m watching Mnet on TV. Mnet may be viewed on SKY PerfecTV, for example.
  • (J:COM, Hikari TV, CATV, and Mnet smart)
  • Monthly Mnet charge for SKY PerfecTV: 2,300 yen (excluding tax) + 390 yen (excluding tax) basic fee = 2,690 yen (excluding tax). Choose 5 is not an option.

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