12 Best Gas Apps for Finding cheapest gas station near me

12 Best Gas Apps for Finding cheapest gas station near me

These best gas price apps for Android and iOS will help you find cheaper gas no matter where you are. Have you ever loaded up your car with gas and then noticed cheaper gas at another station? It’s always aggravating when this happens, but it’s entirely avoidable cheaper gas.

Gas price comparison apps are fantastic for ensuring that you always find the cheapest gas app. Sure, you save money on, gas tracking app, but you also save time by not traveling about seeking cheap gas. We’ve full compiled a list of the best Android and iOS gas price apps to help you compare gas prices and search for the cheapest gas to fill up the free gas app.

The 12 Best Apps for Finding Cheap Gas

1. Drivvo

 Best Gas Apps for Finding cheapest gas station near me

Options for adding a new entry to the drivvo app. Page with additional options for the drivvo app. The drivvo app’s where to refuel page displays gas stations and prices. The best Drivvo app can help you find the cheapest gas near you, no matter where you are. Gas prices in your immediate vicinity will be displayed on an easy-to-read map.

This best gas price app can do plenty better than seeing you cheap gas. You can add your vehicles, watch your costs and fuel usage, and measure the regularity of your car services. Drivvo cheaper gas will assist you in keeping your car in good condition while saving you gas money.

Drivvo for Android | iOS (Available Free)

2.  Waze

Best Gas Apps for Finding cheapest gas station near me

Initial configuration of the Waze app. Filtering options for gas stations in the Waze app. The Waze app’s gas stations page lists nearby gas stations and their prices.

Waze can help you find the best cheap gas along your route. You may use the search option to find gas stations, and all of them around you will appear on the map with their logo. The price of gas, the distance to the gas station, and the date the gas price was last updated are all displayed.

But it isn’t all. Waze is a full-featured navigation app that will show you the best route to your destination. Other app users can notify other users about traffic, car accidents, police traps, construction delays, and other people. Then, when it’s the moment to hit the road, you’ll know what to predict.

Waze also has an exciting Carpool feature. You can save period and money while also helping the environment. Waze Carpool allows you to carpool with people who will be doing the same or similar route as you.

“Waze can help me find inexpensive gas?” you wonder. That’s right, and the top-rated Google-owned crowdsourced navigation app can point you in the direction of the lower gas station.

Like Gas Guru, Waze lets you specify your preferred gas stations (and even the type of gas) and sort by price or brand.

Then Waze will show you the best route to take to get there. Waze is great for road trips because it shows you how far each gas station is from your way and the Waze gas price of gas at that location. You can also save money on “Waze-only” deals if you drive to one of their partner gas stations.

Waze for Android | (Free) iOS

3. GasBuddy

Best Gas Apps for Finding cheapest gas station near me

Cashback offers gasbuddy card review from many businesses on the GasBuddy app. The GasBuddy app allows you to select the sort of fuel you require. Gasbuddy displays nearby gas stations, prices, and customer reviews.

GasBuddy is one of the top best apps for finding cheap gas to fill up your car gas buddy com app.
You can also filter by the sort of gas you’re looking for, which is something that few other apps offer.
So, gas buddy tracker if you’re only watching for diesel fuel cheapest gas station near me, your search will only show gas stations that sell diesel fuel.

When you look free gasbuddy app at the gas stations around you, you can see the gas price, when the cost was last updated, how far the station is from you, and reviews for that gas station gasbuddy app for iphone. Because GasBuddy has many daily users, the gas prices are often updated every several hours.

Aside from finding the cheapest gas, GasBuddy may also help you save money in other ways.
You can obtain a free GasBuddy card, which will help you save money at the pump.
Furthermore, GasBuddy collaborates with other shops to provide you with cash-back deals best gas station.

GasBuddy for Android | iOS is available for download (Free)

4. Fuelio

Best Gas Apps for Finding cheapest gas station near me

The fuelio app displays nearby gas stations on a map. The fuelio app displays local gas stations and prices in a list format gas app.

Fuelio is another excellent diesel gas station finder all-in-one choice for finding cheaper gas as well as tracking your mileage, services, gas usage, and other details. When you add your car to the app, you’ll be able to see an overview of your mileage and gas expenses at any time find cheap gas near me.

When looking for a gas station, you can find a map view and a list view. Once you’ve tightened down the area where you want to acquire gas, it’s a good idea to switch to the list view. You can view the gas prices for all of the cheap gas station in the area, as well as their distance from you, on that page.

You can also save favourite gas stations near you that you frequent. You can also examine how much you regularly pay for gas at your favourite gas station, compare it to others, and possibly choose a new favourite by doing so.

Fuelio is exclusively available for Android phones and tablets.

Download Fuelio for Android (Free)

5. MapQuest

 Best Gas Apps for Finding cheapest gas station near me

The mapquest app cheapest gas price near me displays nearby gas stations in a map view. The mapquest app page displays nearby gas stations and their prices in a list format.

MapQuest, one of the internet’s oldest mapping companies, is still in business.
While you won’t be able to print instructions from this company any more, they’re still a helpful resource when you’re on the road.

MapQuest is a best navigation app comparable to Waze or Google Maps that you may use as your immediate mode of transportation around town. You might also use it solely for its excellent feature of comparing gas prices mapquest gas mileage.

MapQuest can help you find activities to do, new places to eat, and hotels to stay in while you’re on the road, in addition to navigation and cheap gas best gasoline stations. In addition, if your car breaks down, you can call for on-demand roadside help. It is free to contact roadside help, but you must pay for any required services. Nonetheless, it’s a handy thing to have.

MapQuest for Android | MapQuest for iOS (Free)

6. iExit

The iexit app displays gas stations, restaurants, hotels, and other amenities at each exit on I-30. Access page for iexit purchase gas price Iexit i-30 exit 3 information displaying food and fuel best gasoline stations.

The iExit app is ideal for road trips or individuals who spend a lot of time on the highway.
You won’t be able to find any gas price information just anywhere. This cheaper gas app will tell you what gas, food, hotels, and other amenities are available near specific highway exits.

You must spend $1.99 in the app to view gas prices. Otherwise, you’ll be able to see which gas stations are available at each exit and how far they are from you, but you won’t be able to compare gas prices gasoline prices near me.

The $1.99 fee for gas price access is well worth it if you routinely take road travels.
If you’re searching for a gas comparison app for everyday usage, one of the options listed above would be a better fit.

iExit Interstate Exit Guide for Android | iOS is available for download (Free, in-app purchases available) Begin saving money on gas today.

There’s no logic to pay for gas when apps help you find the best deal. Consider how considerably money you could save! It may not appear much to find a best gas station where a gallon of gas costs $0.20 cheaper than anywhere else, but it will add up over time. And, on occasion, you may discover a wider price disparity that will save you much more money.

If you need to save more money on car repairs, try doing some simple car repairs yourself with the help of several beautiful apps and websites.

7. Gas Guru

Gas Guru, like GasBuddy, shows low gas prices from the Oil Price Information Service, which means its prices are up to current.

They even offer the most recent price update, so you can tell whether the gas station will still have that price.

Gas Guru, which Yellow Pages own, helps you find the best nearest pump with the very best prices and then keep it to your favourite locations, so you can always go back to it if you return to that particular spot.

On Slant.com, this feature was why people selected Gas Guru over GasBuddy.
The community preferred Gas Guru in a poll on their website, but it didn’t win by much, making both of them solid options for saving money at the pump.

The app also allows you reach the price of gas near your house, work, or other favourite destinations to find the best prices, which is quite cool!

8. Dash

Dash, like Waze, was not designed expressly to save you gas, but it does have a feature that can guide you where to find inexpensive gas best. The app is designed for drivers who desire a better grasp of how their engine works and their driving habits to save fuel.

Dash was designed to turn your car into a “smart car,” allowing you to monitor how many kilometres you’ve travelled as well as any engine problems.

The app shows your driving habits, which may help you save more money on gas by revealing why your gas may not last as long as you’d like. It also shows additional aspects that may impact your fuel consumption.

To utilise the app, you must first acquire a choice of sensors for your car, ranging from $10 to $99. You must also have a car model manufactured in 1996 or after, so you are out of luck if you drive an antique car.

The app monitors your car’s data and analyses it for you, providing you with a report on what’s wrong as well as an estimate of how much it may cost to repair. Dash can inform your friends and relatives if you are in an accident.

9. AAA TripTik® Planner

The AAA app has a feature called TripTik® Planner. It assists you in planning a road trip, lets you plot excursions with up to 20 stops, shows you the best areas to stop for gas, and helps an efficient route.

They have over 85,000 gas stations in their database and provide you with up-to-date gas prices so you can choose. You do not want to be a member to use TripTik®, but you must join to access the entire app.

10. GEICO Mobile

Geico, a car insurance business, has an app that helps you find the best gas prices in your area.
Prices are displayed in real time, and Geico relies on oil price information from the Oil Price Information Service.

You may find nearby gas stations by visiting their website or downloading their app and finding the feature for the gas price locator.

11. GetUpside

GetUpside is a money-saving gass app that helps you find the best deals on various products other than gas. Using the gass app, you can save up to 25% per gallon on gas in MD, VA, DC, NY, and FL.

It also has new and unique cash back offers and operates somewhat differently from the other apps on this list. If you provide your phone number, the app will SMS you an offer at a nearby gas station.

Upside will let you cash back via PayPal or a check if you fill up your tank with a credit or debit card and then take a picture of your receipt. Save up to 35% at restaurants and 15% at grocery stores close to your home.

12.  RoadAhead Highway Exit Finder Gas Apps

This app helps your driving world based on your next exit, which might be useful if you’re on a road trip or in the middle of your commute and don’t know what’s around you.

It looks for gas, food, and housing, to name a few things, and even categorises them based on ratings, prices, and distance from the exit.

RoadAhead is useful for finding cheap gas prices because it allows you to compare prices at stations near the next exit and those kilometers away. It also optimises your trips to include grocery stores, which is useful if you want to look for both gas and groceries simultaneously.

Because the keyword is “ahead,” the app only shows you what’s coming up, rather than what you’ve previously past (watch out, Google Maps!).

6 Ways to Save Money on Gas

Not only can finding inexpensive gas help you save money, but you can also take steps to make your car as fuel-efficient as potential.

1. Check Your Tire Pressure

Check your tyre pressure once every few months, especially before a lengthy road trip Best Gas Apps. Fortunately, many cars will notify you if the pressure is not at a specified level. Regardless, you should check it to ensure they are not too flat. Fuel efficiency suffers as a result.

2. Do Not Use Your Car as a Storage Facility

Reduce the number of items in your trunk. The more gas you waste, the heavier your car is. If you still have those hefty snow chains in your trunk in the summer, you’re wasting gas, so take them out and decrease the load.

3. Be mindful of Idling

Keep an eye on how much time you’re idling. We’ve all been in that situation. You’re in your car, picking up a buddy and idling for 10 minutes outside her house Best Gas Apps.

Be aware of such occasions. Turn off the engine if you’re sitting in your car and not moving. Even if it’s winter and you’re attempting to warm up your engine, be mindful of how long you’re doing it and avoid excessive idling.

4. When travelling long distances, use cruise control.

If your car has it, try utilising cruise control more frequently. After all, it’s a computer, not your foot, that’s directing your speed. Cruise control maintains a consistent pace, saving fuel because you are not continually speeding up or slowing down. According to Edmunds, employing cruise control on long trips can save you up to 7%.

5. Do Not Drive Aggressively

Driving fast and accelerating or stopping abruptly costs fuel, so slow down and be aware of how you’re manoeuvring around town.

According to FuelEconomy.gov, you may save 15 to 30 percent on the highway and 10 to 40 percent in stop-and-go traffic. Furthermore, Best Gas Apps no one appreciates the person weaving in and out of traffic as if his life depended on it.

6. Think about converting to a hybrid vehicle.

If you become overly concerned with fuel efficiency, consider switching to an electric or hybrid car. According to Edmunds, a Prius now gets 52 miles per gallon and will cost roughly $959 per year to load up if you drive 15,000 miles per year.

I drove a 2005 model Prius for many years and was ecstatic about the gas mileage I was obtaining (and the money I was saving). Because the gas tank was only nine gallons, each fill-up cost about $30. This might save you considerably more money if you drive frequently or as a side hustle.


Taking the time to research the best gas prices in your area might find you save money and improve your financial situation. These Gas apps can help you make the best gas prices. Better take it a level further by making your car as fuel-efficient as feasible.

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