How to Download YouTube Videos app to watch videos offline

How to Download YouTube Videos app to watch videos offline in 2021

Owing to our handpicked selection of applications download youtube videos that can do precisely that, owning a library of downloaded videos with a Youtube Videos downloader is super simple.

It’s a beautiful alternative to use it on your iPhone 13 when you’re in a location where there’s no 5G or Wi-Fi signal, like on a train, an aircraft, or during your commute to work.

While YouTube Premium lets you how to download YouTube videos, it only saves them within the app, but the list under allows you to save and publish them to whatever app you want.

How to Download Youtube Videos on a Windows PC

1. Get 4K Video Downloader

download Youtube videos

Begin by installing the new 4K Video Downloader on your Windows PC to save YouTube videos. This multi-functional program is free and can download entire playlists and also 360-degree and 3D videos. When it’s finished, check the ‘Launch’ box and select ‘Finish.’

2. Copy and paste the video URL

download Youtube videos

Open the browser, navigate the YouTube video you wish to download, and copy the URL from the search box. Then, in the 4K Video Downloader, go to the top left and select the green ‘Paste Link’ icon.

The software will gather video information and present you with several quality alternatives. These will vary based on the original video’s resolution; however, if 4K is available, the software can save YouTube videos in that format.

3. Choose the quality and format

download Youtube videos

You may use a Download YouTube Videos 4K Video Downloader to download entire YouTube videos or simply the audio. Select your favorite option from the left-hand drop-down menu, then pick a format from the right-hand menu. For our videos, we recommend MP4 because it provides a nice mix of quality and file size, plus it works on almost every device.

Then decide on your quality. We recommend selecting the maximum resolution for playback on your TV or PC, but keep in mind that it will take much longer and require more space. Fortunately, you can see how much storage it will need by looking at the predicted file size on the left.

Using the ‘Browse’ button at the bottom, you can also pick where to save the video. Click ‘Download’ when you’re finished.

4. Download the YouTube video

You should now be able to download the YouTube video. If the uploader’s channel has other videos, 4K Video Downloader will ask if you also want to download those. It may simultaneously download up to 24 videos.

You may find the video in the specified folder after it has finished downloading, or right-click it in the 4K Video Downloader and click ‘Play.’ The video will remain in this listing unless you choose to delete it, even if you quit and restart the app unless you change the settings.

5. Try Smart Mode

Check out Smart Mode if you frequently download YoutTube videos in an identical format. This stores and loads your download selections automatically. When you click the lightbulb icon in the upper right, a URL will be downloaded instantaneously with the last settings you were using the next time you input it into a 4K Video Downloader.

Download Youtube Videos on an android device

1. Install TubeMate

TubeMate is among the most popular tools for downloading Youtube clips to Android smartphones, and for the apparent reason: it’s effortless to use save youtube videos and offers only the functionality you require.

Because the TubeMate downloader isn’t available on the Play Store, you’ll first have to enable your Android device’s ability to install and run a program from another source. Be careful when you enable this setting since you’ll want to ensure you only download programs you know are secure.

Go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Security.’ To turn this option on, scroll down and click the toggle next to ‘Unknown sources.’ Now go to the TubeMate YouTube Downloader website on your Android device and choose one of the authorized sites to download it from youtube movies downloader.

2. Choose a video to download

If you see a caution about downloading APK files, click ‘OK’ to proceed. Run TubeMate after it has downloaded and hit ‘Install,’ then ‘Open.’ After that, you’ll be told the permissions the video downloader requires to function. Allow download YoutTube videos it to proceed if you’re ready, and the app will launch.

TubeMate has a black background, similar to the original YouTube Android app. Find a video and start watching it, then hit the red ‘Download’ icon in the bottom right corner.

3. Download the video

Following that, you’ll see download YoutTube videos a list of options. There are video and audio types to choose from and many quality and resolution settings for each. If you have a high-end gadget, go ahead and download the highest-resolution versions, but keep in mind that the greater the resolution, the larger the file: if you don’t have much space available on your phone or tablet, download YoutTube videos will quickly fill it up.

Click the red ‘Download’ button once more when you’re satisfied. The clip will download in the back while you usually use your phone, though downloading videos consumes a lot of battery life and may cause your battery to run out sooner.

You can also download Youtube clips later by adding them to a queue. This is useful if you’re currently utilizing 4G and want to save download youtube videos to pc enormous files when you have Wi-Fi.

4. Download Youtube Videos on an iPhone

How to download Youtube videos on iphone based on the Apple OS you’re using, the procedure of downloading Youtube videos differs slightly. You’ll need our first approach if you’re download a youtube video using iOS on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and our second way if you’re using download youtube video OS X or macOS on a Mac.

On iOS, the solution is to download Documents, a clever small app. It’s mostly a file manager, but it can also download YouTube videos. The procedure is a touch fiddly, but it’s still simple.

To begin, open the YouTube app for iOS or Safari and search for the video you wish to download. Select the ‘Share’ icon, then ‘Copy Link’ once you’ve located it.

Open Documents and look for the tiny compass at the lower right of the screen, the web browser symbol. Go to by tapping on that. Paste the YouTube clip’s URL into the large input box, select your preferred quality options, and the download videos from youtube video will begin to download.

When it’s done, go to the Documents’ downloads area and slide it over to ‘Photos > Camera Roll’ to make it accessible from outside the download videos from Youtube Documents5 software.

5. Download Youtube Videos on a Mac

There are a plethora download youtube video to computer of alternatives on a Mac, but MacX YouTube Downloader is among the most straightforward. You can download numerous clips at once by simply adding the link and selecting the quality settings download youtube videos mac.

Continue reading to discover further about video formats and quality options for YouTube video downloads.


1. Is it legal to download a YouTube video?

The use of third-party programs to download YouTube videos is very much against YouTube’s terms and conditions, which specify that users can only stream videos straight from the company’s servers. Until Youtube downloader iphone you have permission from the owner, the video is in the public sphere, or you own it, downloading YouTube videos exposes you to the risk of copyright violation.

YouTube does, however, provide specific methods for downloading videos via its online service and its applications. We’ll show you how to accomplish that and walk you through the other iPhone, Android, Mac, and PC alternatives in this guide.

2. How do I use YouTube Premium to download videos?

If you have a YouTube Premium account, you will be able to download stuff to watch offline without the use of third-party software. Using YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube Gaming apps, Youtube download app you can achieve this. Remember that you might only watch the videos you’ve downloaded using the application download YoutTube videos; you can’t transfer the video file to another device or stream it with a different player.

Begin watching YoutTube videos, select a quality option by tapping the ‘Download’ icon beneath the player. You can find the video in your Collection or Account page after it has successfully downloaded from YouTube.

You must be logged in to play download Youtube videos, and you won’t be capable of responding to them with comments or likes if you’re playing them offline.

3. In what formats can I save YouTube videos?

You usually have a choice of file types how do you download when downloading video applications. MP4, 3GP, AVI, and MOV are the most prevalent; the format and quality parameters you choose will determine how much you can stream your movie on and how nice it is.

3GP is the file type to use if you don’t care about video quality. It’s excellent for small-screen devices and terrible for anything else, but the contents are small, essential on older phones that don’t have much onboard space or memory expansion options.

For other gadgets, MOV is Apple’s video format. It is compatible with all Macs, Microsoft, and AVI with all PCs, and MP4 is the video version of MP3 and almost everything. We recommend using MP4 for optimum compatibility.

What would the video quality be like?

The video quality is the next thing you’ll have to make. You’ll be given an option of YoutTube video sources if you download using a download YoutTube videos service like ClipConverter — a technique described on the preceding page of this article. This is due to YouTube’s ability to stream in various formats, ranging from 3GP for older phones to 1080p high quality for large HD monitors.

Aside from download Youtube video 3GP, your computer, smartphone, or tablet has four resolution options: 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p. The issue is to strike a compromise between quality and file size: unless you’re streaming on a huge screen, you can usually do without 1080p resolution unless you have a lot of spare storage.

Unless you have limitless storage capacity, Youtube download link selecting the lowest quality of the video you can accept on the device you’ll be watching the video on is typically the trade-off.

If you’re downloading a video with music, it doesn’t matter what video resolution you choose because the soundtrack is the same bitrate whether you select 480p or 1080p. Since YouTube’s audio and video channels are distinct, changing the YoutTube video quality does not affect the soundtrack quality.

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