10 FileLinked Alternatives for downloading APK files in bulk

10 FileLinked Alternatives for downloading APK files in bulk

FileLinked is one of the best solutions for downloading several files at once on your Android device. Users who download several files from cloud storage will find the practical application. You may also use it to create and share your file collection with other users. It employs codes that allow others to access your creations. However, the application is no longer available and is no longer working correctly. The good news is that several FileLinked alternatives are available for bulk APK files.

Finding the best FileLinked Alternatives is difficult since some apps are unsafe and most have not been extensively embraced. However, several FileLinked clones provide the same functionality and interface. The filelinked codes advantage is that most of these alternatives allow you to download APK files in bulk.

Top 10 FileLinked Alternates

FileLinked is a standard method for sharing files on a filelinked firestick, an Android TV box, and an Android smartphone filelinked download. Its popularity stems from the simplicity with which users may install Filelinked Apk. If you like FileLinked, here are the top 10 apps to try:

1. APKHere

APKHere is a software filelinked alternative where you can find the best Android apps. One advantage of the service is that it provides apps in a foreign language. So, if you desire German, Russian, Chinese, or English APKs, you may get them free on APKHere.

APKHere provides access to APK files that are unavailable in the Google Play Store or your country. It has a download management system that lets you to download apps and games straight to your smartphone. The platform’s applications are all safe.

2. APKMirror

APKMirror is a community where users may download free APK files. It is the best platform for acquiring any Android application, including those with geo-restrictions. The app also includes an archive of popular applications, descriptions, and changelogs. This allows you to revert to an earlier version if the current one isn’t working.

APKMirror is a secure site for downloading APK files. All uploads are personally vetted and approved. Users may only share free applications using the app. That means you won’t have to pay anything to use it, and you won’t find any premium apps.

3. ACMarket

Because it contains thousands of unauthorized Android applications and customizations, ACMarket is the best alternative to FileLinked. The app is best with all Android versions, including the most recent Android 11. You may also use it without rooting your device, which works well on both Windows and Mac OSX.

ACMarket provides access to thousands of third-party Android applications. It uses a primary interface similar to FileLinked to ensure that you acquire the APK files you require quickly. Furthermore, the app is safe and provides active assistance to all users. You can download many applications quickly, mainly if you use a VPN.

4. APK Downloader 

APK Downloader is an best app that allows you to download any applications accessible on the Google Play Store. All the apps available on the spot are safe to download, install, and use on any Android smartphone. Although the app uses Google Play for data, you may avoid using Google Play entirely and solely use APK Downloader to retrieve your files.

The UI of APK Downloader is easy to use. It manages all apps by category to make it easy to access an application. Furthermore, you may use its search function to find any app, free or paid. Finally, you may contact the support staff if you have an option while using the platform.

5. APKPure

For downloading APK files, APKPure is the best alternative platform to FileLinked. APKPure allows you to download, install, and update Android apps and games that are not accessible in your country. Furthermore, the software offers a safer, better, and faster option to obtain an application for your Android device.

All downloads on APKPure are available immediately and do not require the installation of any additional extensions. You may also download prior versions of your favourite apps. APKPure is also safe because it does not host any apps with questionable origins.

6. APKTime

APKTime provides the best platform for downloading streaming apps. If FileLinked isn’t working on your device, you may use APKTime to download apps that let you view or download TV shows and movies. It also provides instructions for each app featured on its platform, including downloading and installing it. APKTime hosts applications not available in official app stores like Google Play. It also curates some apps you may download from other sources rather than the platform itself. All APK files are available for free.

7. Blackmart Alpha

Blackmart Alpha is a free app that lets you download premium and paid apps and games for your Android device. The application is the best FileLinked replacement since it does not limit the number of APK files you can download. One advantage of using Blackmart Alpha is its many applications and games.

The Blackmart Alpha apps are from the Google Play Store, those that aren’t, and APK files from various alternative application stores. Furthermore, you do not need to create an account to utilize Blackmart Alpha. All downloads are direct, and APKs may be obtained using the built-in search engine.

8. F-Droid

F-Droid is an app that includes a collection of free and open-source software applications. All applications are for Android platforms, which include smartphones and Android TVs. F-Droid is simple to use, and being an installable app, it keeps track of all your app updates, particularly those installed through the platform.

F-Droid is a secure app that is similar to FileLinked. The platform goes to great lengths to verify that everything in its repository is safe to install. In addition, users that submit applications create them from the source code, and the F-Droid inspects the source code for any privacy or security vulnerabilities. FileLinked is no longer functional.

9. AppLinked

Alternatives to FileLinked. FileLinked’s clone is AppLinked. It is the best FileLinked for Windows solution for downloading large quantities of APK files.

Furthermore, the app works effectively to make installing applications on your Android device as simple as possible. It also lets you establish your app store and share the name or username with other users worldwide. AppLinked is safe to use since it checks the applications that developers upload. All files are instantly available and require less time to download.

10. Aptoide

Aptoide is a software marketplace application that allows you to install mobile apps for the Android operating system. Aptoide, unlike the other FileLinked Alternatives on our list, does not have a centralised storage. Instead, each user is in charge of their store.

Aptoide has the advantage of being free. It does not need you to register to access its services. It also has a vast collection of over 300,000 Android applications, allowing you to obtain rapid upgrades whenever they become available. Another advantage of the Aptoide app is the ability to revert to prior versions of your favourite apps.

Unfortunately, this means you can’t use the application to download many APK files at once. Consider utilising FileLinked alternatives in such situation. Downloader, Aptoide TV, AppLinked, APKTime, ACMarket, and APKPure are among them. Some of these applications are FileLinked clones, which means they have the same functions and features and operate on all Android systems. 

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